Each of us is competing to be the most powerful and successful person in the world today. A happy and prosperous existence depends on having supportive vastu tips for home and workplace and being fed by good energy. Vastu Home Decor Items is crucial here; it has a big impact. Positive surroundings and pleasant vibes have been shown in scientific research to have a significant positive impact on an individual's achievement. Despite the fact that most people blame their stars for their misery, there are other factors at play in your life that make you mentally stressed and unhealthy.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Home & Office's
10 simple vastu suggestions for the house

  1. Vastu advice for front and back doors
    The main door of your house should, according to Vastu Shastra, face north, east, or northeast. As a result, your home will receive the best possible energy. You should face north, east, or northeast as soon as you leave your entrance. Vastu views the door as a gateway to success and personal advancement.
  2. Vastu colour suggestions for your house and health
    You should pick the appropriate colours, according to these. By absorbing these bad energy or vibes, some colours have the power to lessen negativity. These include vivid orange and a hue of yellow that resembles chrome. Use these tips in your house if a particular area constantly appears messy despite regular cleaning. Try using these colours to paint those rooms' walls or try decorating such spaces with wall clocks online, candles, and towels. Try these vastu suggestions for health if a member of your family suffers from depression or is frequently allergic. Make a pillow cover or a bed sheet out of these hues of chrome yellow and vivid orange.
  3. Install indoor plants to enhance Vastu in the house
    It might be really advantageous to keep Feng Shui Items inside the house. For the wellbeing of everyone dwelling there, indoor plants must be kept in both residential and commercial spaces, such as office space in Kolkata, according to vaastu health advice.
  4. Vastu advice for the kitchen at home
    The ideal location is said to be in the kitchen's southeast direction. In accordance with Vastu shastra colour advice for homes, paint this in vivid hues to energise the fire elements. Red and black in any shade should be avoided; instead, choose for hues like yellow, pink, peach, or brown. Ensure that the gas stove or burner is facing southeast. Spice and grain jars should face south or west, while the sink or wash basin should face northeast.
  5. Vastu advice for a bedroom with good energy
    Our personal area for relaxation and renewal is the bedroom. To boost your mental health and sleep quality, use these in the bedroom. It is best to position the bed facing south or west. This will allow your legs to face north or east as you sleep, improving the quality of your sleep. More mental health is also ensured by doing this.
  6. If a wall is bare while entering a unit, either a Shree Yantra or a portrait of Lord Ganesha should be placed there. The barren wall is a symbol of isolation.
  7. If there are high-voltage overhead lines that cross over a house, a plastic pipe filled with lime should be built from one corner to another of the affected region, with at least three feet of space between the ends of the pipe. By doing this, the negative impacts of the energy produced by the overhead wire will be eliminated.
  8. Paintings featuring melancholy situations, such as an old lady sobbing, conflict, or poverty, should not be displayed in a home. It ought to have an image of anything, such a dawn, an ocean, mountains, flowers, or Laughing Buddha Statue.
  9. Check to make sure that worn-out leather shoes aren't scattered throughout the house's marble flooring. Marble is revered as a sacred material. Avoid using marble in the bathroom, toilet, and bedroom if at all feasible. It is essential to establish an open environment in a home church. Make the Puja room out of marble. Ample light and air should be present.
  10. Steer clear of keeping a TV in the bedroom. Instead of the northeast or southwest section of the living room or study, televisions and laptops should be situated in the southeast corner.

Vastu Shastra guidelines for offices

  1. Sitting towards the north, east, or north-east is considered fortunate for business owners, according to home Vastu Shastra, for the office. It is advantageous for financial growth because the sun rises in the east.
  2. To guarantee that marketing and sales professionals are more proactive at work, they should sit in the north-west direction with the seat facing the north-east.
  3. For more wealth, accountants must sit in the south-east corner of the office and face the north-east.
  4. The westernmost cabin in the workplace should be used by business executives. Because it fosters leadership qualities, they ought to face the northeast.
  5. North and northeast are Vastu directions that promote financial success. The deity of riches, Lord Kubera, is in charge of the northern hemisphere. According to Vastu Shastra, water is ruled by the north-east direction and represents a person's financial situation. Try to install a small Indoor Water Fountain. To provide improved financial chances, Ddhannak advises mounting a mirror or a Kuber Yantra on the northern wall of the northern portion of the workplace.
  6. The Vastu for offices forbids the stacking of finished items (for product producers) in front of the workstation, facing northeast, as this causes obstacles. To increase their chances of selling, finished items should be arranged north-west.
  7. A safe should be built in the south-west corner of the workplace and should be used to store important financial papers. Make sure the safe is facing northeast if you want to improve your financial status and overall prosperity.
  8. For first-time guests, the office's greeting room leaves a lasting impression. Therefore, presenting a bouquet of green jade or French lavender flowers on the front desk will infuse the area with optimism and draw prosperity. The entryway to the workplace should include a four-leaf clover plant since it symbolizes luck and wealth.
  9. Business owners should make sure their workstation or table is built of high-quality wood and is rectangular in design. Confusion and tension are facilitated by an asymmetrical glass or metal table with Tortoise Figurines on it in the cabin.
  10. Prevent clutter on your desktops. Lock up all of your documents and books. Arrange papers in order of significance. To remove barriers to financial success, damaged stationery should also be thrown away.

More office vaastu shastra

  • To remove negativity from your working space, hang a cheerful artwork in the east-facing corner. Your employees' productivity will increase as a result of this.
  • You can set up a copper or lead pyramid on the sloped side of your office's floor if the floor slopes south, east, or west. If the slope is to the south-east, you can additionally set three triangular coral stones.
  • The center of the office building should remain vacant, per Vastu Shastra.


What are some ways to fix Vastu flaws?
By using the aforementioned Vastu remedies, you may fix any Vastu flaws.
What belongs in the northeastern corner of a home?
Here is the corner of the deity of riches, therefore fill up any gaps and remove all obstacles.
Where is a house's wealth corner located?
While Feng Shui considers the south-east to be the wealth corner, Vastu considers the north-east to be the wealth corner.
Which sitting position in an office will produce the best results?
For optimal job effectiveness, use an east or northern orientation.
Where in the office should pyramids be kept?
Pyramid placement is an efficient approach to address Vastu flaws. To enhance your interactions with coworkers, put it in your cabin.
Should my desk face the entrance?
Place your workstation away from the door, away from the doorframe.
Which artwork is suitable for an office, according to Vastu?
According to Vastu, greenery symbolizes air. Hang green artwork in the office's east or north walls. The expansion and greater employment chances are attracted by Running Horses paintings that feature green fields or woods.
Everybody takes pride in their houses, working hard and spending money to improve their comfort. Making structural alterations to a basic vastu for home after it has been built is more difficult. The following are some of the self-care methods that may be used to get rid of or decrease the Vastu dosha and improve your quality of life. Based on ancient Indian science and philosophy, these vastu suggestions for a joyful household. These can promote happiness and optimism if followed and put into practice properly. For some vastu tips for home entrance and vastu for office cabin, please visit our blog. With the god idol selection at eCraftIndia, buy ganesha idol online to bring good luck into your home.