It's great to decorate your home with modest yet excellent stuff. When you discover the proper gateway, the journey to locate the ideal objects for the living room, bedroom, and kitchen gets quite intriguing. A wide variety of goods are available on eCraftIndia for you to discover and utilize to professionally decorate your house. A serving platter set is one of the most useful things you can include in your home's design.
Your home decor items will go nicely with the varied styles and lovely patterns. Everybody enjoys serving food on artistically pleasing and designer serving platters. Thanks to eCraftIndia, you can buy goods with only one click. For diverse serving scenarios, our website offers you fantastic tray designs.

Serving Trays Or Platters

Why do you need a serving tray?

Here are several justifications for why a serving tray ought to be a necessary piece of kitchen gear as well as some advantages of owning one. Here are a few of their top advantages to help you decide if you are unsure whether you should purchase a serving tray or not:
  1. Deliver an outstanding presentation
    When it comes to engaging all five senses in the eating experience, it is true what is said about food presentation and plating. If you spent several hours inside the kitchen preparing a delicious lunch for your dear ones, it would be nothing less of misery if the dishes were not presented beautifully. Nowadays, eating is used for much more than just satiety.
    In terms of the entire experience, the colors, textures, and design are crucial. Nothing improves or organizes food displays like serving bowls and platters. To help you master serving and presentation, they make it easier for you to transport a number of beverages and snacks to the tabletop at once.
  2. Easier Food Transportation
    The simplicity they bring to food transportation is one of the serving tray's most important advantages. After working in the kitchen for several hours, you might not have the energy to carry all the food and drinks for your guests in rounds to the dining table.
    That would save time and effort, transporting several products at once is possible with a serving tray. You can also locate serving trays that meet your needs and expectations quickly thanks to the wide selection available online. The most well-liked alternatives include marble trays, rattan trays, and wooden trays. To further improve the appearance, complement the tray with matching serveware.
  3. Trays Provide Better Hygiene
    Food and cleanliness go together. It's likely that some of the people you've invited won't think it's sanitary to serve food by hand during the event. Additionally, there is a possibility that your hands may not be completely clean and leave stains on the serving utensils. These areas appear filthy, unsanitary, and immoral.
    Serving platters is an easy way to solve this issue. They may simply choose whatever they want without requiring your assistance if you just take the serving tray to a visitor. The practice is quite handy, saves time, and is also very sanitary. Not to mention that cleaning the dishes and flatware will be simpler the fewer stains there are.
  4. Low-Maintenance
    A serving tray requires significantly less upkeep and cleaning than, for example, an expensive china set. These kitchen decor items are fairly robust and simple to clean because they are designed to serve numerous purposes in your kitchen, especially if you pick one made of wood or metal.
    A marble serving tray, however, would need some caution to prevent any damage. They would require more meticulous cleaning than trays made of wood, rattan, or metal. But don't worry, they're also pretty durable and will easily fit into your regular culinary escapades.
  5. Budget-Friendly Kitchen Accessory
    Purchasing serving trays does not have to be expensive. Of course, you don't have to invest hundreds of dollars on high-end goods from upscale shops. You may simply discover a large variety of beautiful serving trays for less money online.
    Although wooden and metal trays have always been used in kitchens, you can now get distinctive marble and rattan trays that appear expensive. Quality trays often last at least a few seasons after purchase. It's also one of the finest expenditures you'll ever make, considering the advantages of using a serving tray.

What to consider while buying serving trays or platters?

Several aspects must be considered when choosing a serving tray. Consider the size of your serving tray. Choose a big tray with lots of space for plates, cups, and glasses if you want to use it regularly to transport food and drinks. Whether you want to transport water jugs, fruit and vegetable bowls, or meat platters, you should choose a wooden serving tray that you find comfortable transporting.
Furthermore, choose a serving tray that complements the design of your room and is vibrant and vivid. The durability of the tray is a further consideration. Make sure the tray can hold the weight of the hot food you are carrying before you put it on top. You definitely don't want to drop the tray and pour food all over yourself or the floor if you can help it.

How do you pick the best tray?

The perplexity comes when you discover exquisite goods in a collection. Even though the price is reasonable, you cannot purchase all of the serving trays at once. There are certain techniques for locating the best set of Decorative Trays for your house. Here's how to nail the task in no time.
Choose a theme
All home décor professionals advise choosing a theme as the first step. Half of the work is done once you've decided on a theme. There won't be any ambiguity at all. For instance, if you decide to decorate your home with a theme of coloured glass, it will be your responsibility to locate the correct shade that goes with your walls and other furnishings.
Find a focal point or a centerpiece.
If you're still perplexed, the easiest approach to start tray buying is with a centerpiece. Anything may serve as a centerpiece. It will be the main point of the room's decor. It can be the items on your tray or the tray itself. For example, if you want to include Decorative Platters Online in your decor theme, make sure your goods complement the theme.
Dimensions of the trays
Not all of the trays are rectangular or oval in form. Exotic designs may now take any shape. Add an abstract form to your shopping list to give your home a new look. The geometric designs and bright colors will be great for modern houses. Once you've decided on a modern décor scheme, you'll come up with some great ideas. That neutral environment will shine even more brilliantly with the addition of a wonderful Decorative Marble Tray.
Minimalist vs. maximalist
A contemporary home focuses on minimalism and maximalist designer products for decor. The neutral wall color complements the simple tone. The chosen motif will not work with heavier or voluptuous décor pieces. Your intention to develop a minimalist theme may be ruined by adding pointless stuff. Keep things basic and straightforward.
Ensure you have enough room to store your lovely trays and other objects if you have decided to be maximalist. Keep excessive ornamental things, such as German Silver Glasses, out of your living area. Purchase maximalist decorative objects that are appropriate for the tray size.

6 Ways to Make Use of a Tray

  1. Curator of Antiques
    Trays are the ideal way to exhibit items you love to gather, such as ceramic bowls, candlesticks, or tiny jars of sea shells, whether they are hidden on a bookshelves or on a showcase on a side table.
  2. Storage in the Dresser
    Because of its modest depth and short edges, a tray is ideal for storing cosmetics, jewelry, or other essentials. To organize objects like lipsticks, beauty brushes, or jewelry, use tiny dishes or jars.
  3. Kitchen Helper
    A well-organized kitchenware item helps the chef to make the most of her cooking time. To quickly prepare your favorite foods, have all of your cooking necessities next to the stove, including olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper grinders.
  4. A Coffee Table for Casual Use
    On your ottoman or sofa, use your tray to make a level surface for tea coffee mugs so you can place a glass, remote, or other objects.
  5. Lovely Planter
    Use potted ivy, herbs, cactus, and other succulents to make a naturally beautiful arrangement if you possess a green thumb. Organizing the presentation on trays promotes order and avoids a disorganized, dispersed appearance. It also makes watering simpler.
  6. Nightstand
    Put books, reading glasses, the TV remote, and other objects in a tray to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere at your place of rest.


What is serveware?
It refers to the apparatus used to serve culinary products. It consists of hotboxes, dessert bowls, serving trays, serving baskets, teapots, and other items that aid in setting the meal out on the table, such as insulated casseroles.

How to use serveware?
At dinner parties, provide your guests a variety of finger foods, appetizers, or chips and dips. Hold a variety of foods such as burgers, breads, meats, and fruit. Lay out cheese slices, a pile of dried fruits, or even mints for after dinner. Vegetables and herbs should be sliced and diced.

How to clean serveware?
You only need to carefully clean your wooden tray by wiping it down with a soft, clean cloth, warm water, and a few drops of light dishwashing solutions. Once finished, leave it where it can receive enough air to dry rather than storing it in a closet.

You may choose from a range of Serveware Online designs at eCraftIndia based on your tastes or the layout of your kitchen. Moreover, you can purchase the finest serveware set as well as the best in terms of durability and endurance online. On the trays, you may store flower plants, cactus, bonsai, and other small plants, as well as spherical stones.

Choose the neutral German silver round platter if you want to add additional color to your decorative objects. To store fruits, select a Wooden Decorative Tray. Metallic trays are ideal for storing books, toiletries, and other items. Search the most attractive set of serving platters online using your ideas.