We all understand Urli as that one festive decor that we fill with flowers, water & floating diyas, don’t we? But it is much more than that. South India, notably Tamil Nadu and Kerala, is home to the wide-mouthed, shallow, circular vessel known as the Urli. Urlis may be created from a variety of materials, with brass, bronze, and clay is the most common. However, you can also find urlis made of copper, steel, aluminum, stone, and ceramic. Try one of our many different-sized and-shaped pure brass handicraft items.
You may use it as a server, organizer, urli, tray, and many other things. It is a beautifully handcrafted decorative item for your house or business. Urlis can be basic or quite ornamental. Some urlis and table decor items contain elaborate carvings and are adorned with stones. Brides often get urlis from South Indian families, which are filled with more priceless antiques.
Traditional Brass Urlis

Journey of Urli

Urli bowls were initially used in cooking, and in Kerala, a huge urli is also referred to as a "varpu." Since the construction of the container distributes heat uniformly and retains flavors, slow cooking is made possible. Even today, in festival times, urlis are used to prepare meals like payasam and ghee rice, which are both quite popular. The same factors outlined above also apply to the usage of urlis in the creation of Ayurvedic medications. These urli brass are used to make herbal infusions such as massage oils that are allowed to steep for several hours. The urli's wide range of applications makes it only logical that it is linked to wealth and wellness.
An Urli is included in the "Kani" for Vishu, the Malayalam New Year, in part because of this. Brass urlis bowls are not only functional but also highly sought-after design items in Indian houses, particularly those with an antique theme. It is usual to see urlis with water inside of them, and according to Vastu Shastra, this offers amazing advantages. Water is symbolic of the flow of money toward you and is thought to be cooling. As a result, many Indian households feature Hanging Urli water filled and other items like flowers in their doorway.

How to use Urlis in different ways?

Brass Urli Online from eCraftIndia, these handmade, utilitarian ornaments provide a touch of freshness and flare! Through our urlis' hand-beaten surface, the brilliant color of copper may be seen.
1. Float Flowers and Tealights - Floral centerpieces and tealight candles can be floated in the Royal Urlis at dusk to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. It is possible to submerge the flowers whole or just their petals. Put it in the nook, the entrance, or use it as a table centerpiece.
2. Serve Rotis and loaves of bread - You may use the copper Urli to entertain visitors on important occasions. Use it to serve homemade rotis and different types of bread by lining it with linen, butter paper, or a banana leaf. Except for items that are tinned or have a stainless steel liner, wet food shouldn't be placed in copperware.
3. Serve Sweets, Nuts, and other food items - Our elephant-designed brass urli will give your dinnerware a magnificent, regal touch of silver. This is non-toxic, abundant in antimicrobial qualities, and thought to increase immunity. There is a vast variety of food available besides sweets and nuts.
7 Tips to use traditional Brass Urli in home decor
1. Flowers- You have probably seen most of this kind of urli décor. Even five-star hotels and lodges have a sizable brass urli with flowers at their lounges or entries, filled with floating petals or flowers in this popular form of urli decorating. You may add fresh flower urli decoration ideas to your urli in addition to floating flowers in the water. They look nice, have a lovely aroma, and don't make a mess of water. The use of potpourri or dried flowers is an additional choice that is a wonderful way to add aroma to any space.
2.Candles- This is definitely the second-best method to design your urli after flowers. An urli looks lovely with floating tea lights, and you may easily add more flair with flower petals. No problem if you don't have tea lights but have larger pillar candles. For that refined, modest aesthetic, use plain white standing candles together in copper urli. Any color pillar candle can be used, and scented candles are also an option.
3.Plants- Your urli would be perfect as a planter in this situation. Any indoor plant of your choosing may be planted with urli, and they also work well as holders for succulents. Moss can also be used to cover vacant space.
4.Idols- A vintage idol might be one of the simplest methods to design your antique urli. The urli will provide the idol with a lovely base, as well as some height and depth. comparable to a Brass Ganesha Idol 5.With Urli It could be sufficient to just set the idol within the urli if it already has a broad base. If not, you may cover the empty space with flowers. Silk flowers would look nice if you can't find any real ones.
6.Rangoli- You may go one step further by using the flowers and petals in the urli to make your own urli rangoli. While the flowers and petals floating around randomly in the urli look really good on their own. You may incorporate any flowers you choose, as well as numerous kinds of foliage.
7.Manjadee Seeds- The majority of children who grew up in Kerala are familiar with manjaadi seeds or manjaadikuru. If you have a little urli, you may fill it with these vivid red seeds, as their color will stand out beautifully against the shining metal. If you feel that only seeds would be too basic, you may put a little lamp in the center. If you have young children or pets, you might want to steer clear of this, or at the very least, put it out of their reach. As you fill, watch out that the seeds don't spill over the sides.
8.Moss- This combo is really effective! All you require is regular garden moss, which you can get from a local nursery, and the shining brass urli really enhances the vibrant green color. Either moss can be placed within the urli, or a little brass bulb can be placed in the center and left there. It's simple to do this for everyday decor, not only for special occasions.
For urli decoration, we offer Traditional and Antique Brass Urli here at eCraftIndia. The wonderful thing regarding urlis is that they don't simply have to be used with conventional South Indian design. If you want to take the other route, fill your urli with cherry blossoms. Another option is to match your urli with some fortunate bamboo.

Where to place Urli at home?

  • The entrance is a great spot for an Urli since it greets anybody who enters your home. To those who enter, it also often exudes an aura of prosperity and luck. If your Urli is huge, you may either lay it on the floor or use Urli with Stand.
  • You may set it on your console table if you don't need to put it on the floor.
  • Your coffee table is still a good alternative if you don't have a location in your foyer.
  • The pooja room is a natural place for the urli because there are already likely to be flowers and idols there. Because of this, combining the urli with other elements to build a lovely arrangement is simple.
  • A beautiful accent to a bedroom or guest room is urlis with potpourri or dried flowers. However, it still gives color and smell and requires far less upkeep than fresh flowers.
  • To create a quaint area in the garden, use a sizable earthen urli to combine other planters together.


How to clean brass urli?
Combine 1/2 cup vinegar with 1 teaspoon salt, then add sufficient flour to create a paste. 10 minutes after applying the rub, rinse and polish the brass. Avoid using strong chemicals.

How to decorate urli?
According to a person's taste, ideas, and wishes, urulis can be customized and used. Here are some suggestions for adorning the urulis and practical advice for using it.

What is the significance of urli?
For both your house and workplace, urli is a beautiful Vastu component and interior decoration.

You can see that using an urli for something other than cooking opens up a world of possibilities. No matter how many urlis you have, how big or little they are, we are confident you can find a method to highlight their real beauty in your design. Buy Pooja Items Online and display the ornate urli the old-fashioned way by adding water to it, floating organic flowers on top, and adding other decorative items like floating candles. Float some fake flowers for every day Home Decor Items, workplaces, or other living environments. Additionally, this can be given as a present to loved ones.