Haldi Kumkum, also known as the Haldi Kumkum ritual, is an Indian social occasion when married ladies exchange vermilion powder (kumkum) and turmeric (haldi) as a sign of their marital status and to wish their husband's long life. Haldi kumkum holders come in a variety of elaborate and attractive patterns and are a must-have for each married woman. To bless their marriage, you can purchase this Kumkum holder from eCraftIndia. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Goa are western Indian states where the ritual is popular.
Aadi perukku, also known as the Aadi monsoon festival, is a Hindu Tamil event observed on the 18th of the Tamil month of Adi (mid-July to mid-August). This ritual is performed on a variety of occasions, including Sankranti, Diwali, and Fridays in the month of Shravan. For this auspicious day, eCraftIndia presents to you an assortment of Brass Diyas online.
Haldi Kumkum Ceremony

History of the Haldi Kumkum ceremony

The custom is thought to have begun during the Peshwas' rule when the women of the royal houses would bring their married acquaintances home and present them with pricey presents like saris and jewellery. Women in the home rarely had the opportunity to leave the house while the males were away engaged in conflicts for glory and power.
The haldi kumkum ceremony provided them the chance to do what every woman enjoys: get dressed up, leave the house, meet other women, and connect with them over delectable foods (in this case, kari panha and vatli dal). They even got to leave with a small gift that could be utilised in the kitchen or as personal decoration.
And based on the number of friends and family members somebody could invite and be welcomed in turn, they got to do this more than once. Many women's life would have been busy and joyful during this time because the haldi kunku celebrations start on Sankranti and last far into February.

The importance of performing haldi first:

On the married woman's forehead, haldi (turmeric) is initially administered. There are antibacterial qualities to turmeric. It has the strong, warm hue of the Sun's radiance. Haldi also has the metaphorical power to extinguish harmful energy surrounding a lady, much like the Sun does.

The importance of using Kumkum:

Vermillion powder is another name for kumkum. It may be prepared from either saffron or turmeric. When some diluted with water lime is mixed with dried and ground turmeric, the rich yellow hue of Haldi transforms into the deep crimson hue of Kumkum. Kumkum is a crimson substance. The colour of love, in fact. However, it may be compared figuratively to Mother Earth's fecundity. It gives the woman a boost of good vibes. Women must thus always apply Haldi on other women's foreheads before applying Kumkum.

What are the rituals of the Haldi Kumkum ceremony?

  • On a married woman's forehead, the hostess first applies haldi and then Kumkum. Haldi clears the tension between them, while kumkum pours pleasant energy into their relationship. By applying haldi and kumkum on the guest's forehead, the hostess awakens the goddess that resides dormant within her in the avatar of Durga Devi.
  • The married woman's wrists and clothing are then perfumed by the woman. In doing so, she aspires to win over the heavenly Goddess who lives in every one of her visitors' souls.
  • She follows that by dousing the married woman in rose water. The aroma of rose water cleanses the air and wakes the sleeping goddess power that dwells in every one of her visitors.
  • She then presents her with gift items for haldi kumkum that consists of a shirt piece that has coconut or fruit layered over two areca nuts, two betel leaves, some bangles, and some flowers. All of this is kept by the hostess in her saree's pallu. First, the guest bows graciously to the gift. The guest then takes the gift in both hands and tucks it under her saree's pallu.
  • The ritual itself is straightforward. The recipient and donor of haldi kumkum, however, are both profoundly impacted. With the eCraftIndia selection, you may buy gift items online.
  • In some houses, women repeat chants or sing bhajans or prayers to purify the air.
  • Each lady offers a prayer at the haldi kumkum ritual for her husband's long life as well as for the welfare and success of her family.
  • Then, each and every woman asks the family's elders for their blessing.
All ladies are now given access to snacks, desserts, and beverages. If the haldi kumkum ceremony is held in the month of Chaitra, seasonal fare comprised of fruits and vegetables is offered to every visitor in addition to kairicha Panna (a cool drink prepared from raw mango and jaggery). Give your friends, family, and other loved ones this beautiful Decorative Pooja Thali during the Haldi Kumkum festival to honour their marriage.

How to celebrate the haldi kumkum ceremony at home?

  1. In order to prepare your home for the big day, start with cleaning and decorating.
  2. Depending on when your event is, consider having lunch or an evening snack.
  3. To share around, make absolutely sure you have an overabundance of Til Gud laddoos.
  4. Put together a unique haldi kumkum gift basket that the women may take home.
The coveted item among returns presents is the gift basket. A traditional Haldi-Kumkum hamper is composed of a select few items.
Basket of gifts can include:
  1. A stole, a handkerchief, or a piece of the sari blouse.
  2. Fruit
  3. A rose in red
  4. A coconut
  5. A token present, maybe in the form of jewellery or a useful item.
Women rub the two together on each other's foreheads, sprinkle rosewater on one another, and exchange a range of Haldi Kumkum presents, such as home decor showpieces, throughout the celebration. As an expression of her love and goodwill, the invitee even gives her friends and family Haldi Kumkum return gift ideas, like Wall Hangings.


For the Haldi Kumkum ritual, what should I bring?
  • Haldi (turmeric)
  • Kumkum (vermillion)
  • 2 little bowls (special ones are generally supplied for this, although they aren't required)
  • Flowers bloom
  • Leaves of betel nut
  • The betel nut
  • The coconut
  • Money, candy, jewellery, or little novelty items (optional)
What exactly is Haldi Kumkum?
The auspicious and eagerly anticipated Haldi Kumkum festival follows Makar Sankranti and is one of the first Hindu holidays of the year. It is mostly observed in the western parts of the nation.

Which finger is best for applying kumkum?
The ring finger should always be used while applying tilak on your idol, according to the scriptures. It is highly lucky to apply tilak using the ring finger.

The haldi kumkum ritual is a simple yet profoundly important method to honour a woman's womanhood and divinity. It should come as no surprise that ladies like donning their most beautiful sarees and their favourite jewellery to attend these intimate social events. These haldi kumkum functions emit good energy that seeps into the souls of the participants and is mirrored in their dazzling yet undetectable grins of contentment. If you're looking for Haldi Kumkum gift ideas, you may select from a long variety of home decor items to give to the people you'll be spending this fortunate day with.