There used to be a time when each house was painted with flowers, leaves and similar beautiful natural paintings. This can still be found in village homes. But the world took towards the ‘modern’ road, the love for such wall paintings went off-board.
However, though people do not prefer to paint their walls in such a manner, inclination towards Indian culture and handicrafts has soared.
Italian tiles, Arabic carpets have made a significant place in the new era homes, but there is still space for Indian handicrafts.

Keeping in mind how zealously people celebrate Indian festivals such as Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Durga Puja, it can be said that people have not forgotten their roots.
Most handicraft items are sold during such festive times. The exchange of gifts is a common gesture to show value towards the other person.
Not just for gifting purpose, these festivals see an amazing amount of footfall in market areas. People love to decorate their houses and fill their lives with colour.
Beautiful clocks made of different materials, locally printed bed sheets, cushions and bed covers, a variety of platters for dry fruits are among the items most purchased.
God idols and paintings with God and Goddess images are also on the most bought list. The reason for such sales of such items is the love people have towards handicrafts.
However, some people prefer not to go to markets at such times due to the extra rush which leads to more traffic. Longer queues everywhere is also a drawback which makes people avoid going out.
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