Buddha Purnima 2023 in India: Friday, 5 May 2023

India is a country where various festivals are celebrated throughout the whole year. Among various festivals celebrated, Buddha Purnima is yet another festival celebrated every year with the same enthusiasm. Buddha Purnima is one of the chief celebrations that is observed throughout the Vaishak month. Buddha Purnima indicates the birth centennial of Lord Siddhartha Gautama, who following matured into Lord Gautam Buddha. Lord Buddha's God idols and figurines are worshipped on this auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima.

Buddha Purnima 2021: History, Significance, Rituals & Gifts
As per the Vedic writings, Lord Buddha is an embodiment of Lord Vishnu, and he arrived on the earth to explain the note of non-violence and kindness towards all existing creations. According to the Hindu almanac, Buddha Jayanti is observed in the period of Vaisakh month and especially on the full moon day that is also called Purnima. As per the Gregorian schedule, Buddha Purnima is observed someday in April or May month. Buddha Purnima is likewise recognized as Vesak or Buddha Jayanti too. Nevertheless, the Buddha Purnima day is commemorated beyond the world with loads of enthusiasm.
We now know when the festival takes place so now, let us learn about the history of Buddha Purnima.


Although the day and period of Lord Buddha’s origin and mortality are unlikely, theories are that he existed within the 6th and 4th eras Before Christ. Lord Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha in Lumbini, in the South Asian country, Nepal. According to inscriptions, he was prophesized to mature as a noble king or a famous savant, much ere his birth. Grown-up with regal indulgence, Prince Siddhartha was outlasted shielded from the difficulties of civilized life till he entered his late 20s. Simultaneous encountering illness, old life, and dying, the 29-year-old prince selected to abandon his magnificent manor and started to set out on a journey to obtain an explanation for the reason behind all the suffering.

Beyond the following several years, he examined much different education but could not find freedom until one evening he performed profound meditation and was awakened with all the responses that he had been endeavoring to find out. This is exactly how at the life period of 35 years, Siddharth Gautam matured into the Lord Buddha or the Awoken One. For the remainder of his lifetime, he addressed the Dharma to guide other characters onward the path of Enlightenment. Gautam Buddha took his last breath at the age of 80 years in Kushinagar, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.

It is also said that all the 3 significant landmarks in the life of Gautam Buddha were his birth, knowledge, and redemption which fall on the alike day of every year. Owing to this event, the day carries enormous significance in Buddhism culture. The determination to commemorate Lord Buddha’s birth centenary on the 1st full moon day of Vaisakh month was guided by the World Fellowship of Buddhists in the month of May in the year 1960.

The significance of this festival mainly is that how Lord Buddha left his easy life, just to find the answers to his questions. Buddha Purnima is named so in India because this promising day befalls on the full moon day (Purnima). On the full moon day of Vaishakh month, the lunar month matches the month of April or May. In India, Lord Buddha is regarded as the 8th embodiment of Lord Vishnu. It is considered that Lord Buddha attained awareness and nirvana also known as salvation on the very same day.

Siddharth Gautam was the son of Suddhodhan, the monarch of Lumbini, and was a successor to the kingship. He experienced a very easy youth as a sovereign of the kingdom. As he matured, the handsome growing prince got wedded to Princess Yashodhara while however at a young age. Siddharth soon became a father and his experience resembled complete till one day, while he was traveling in his magnificent chariot, he came across an old man, a suffering person, a lifeless body, and a hermit. This was the 1st time when he observed worldly objections and difficulties.

He realized whereby old age was the concluding stage of the life cycle and how sleep is the last truth. Observing the severe existence left Siddharth genuinely distressed and this is when he determined to abandon his state and people. He was merely 29-years old when he explored out to find responses to his inquiries about life. One evening, when everyone in the royal family was sleeping, the young prince abandoned the well-being of his roof and stepped out in his journey to seek continuous revelation.


In India, Buddha Purnima is observed by spending a visit to public Viharas, where Buddhists recognize a greater than normal and full-length Buddhist sutra, which is comparable to a duty. People are normally clothed in white attire The Buddhists cease consuming non-vegetarian food. Kheer is recognized as one of the most promising porridge on this day.

The figure of Lord Buddha is installed in a container loaded with liquid and adorned with blossoms. Characters tour synagogues to symbolize this Buddha Purnima day as an absolute and new commencement. Although there is no particular food that is served except kheer or liquid porridge. Nevertheless, just vegetarian food is savored on this propitious day. Also, excluding sharp seasonings like onion, garlic, scallions, and chives with few others. The menu may alter with the observance of the festival in various spheres by various followings.


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For Lord Buddha, the revelation wasn't simple to obtain. He practiced the story of an anchorite. In Bodh Gaya, he perched down beneath a tree to begin on an elongated course of meditation and determined not to emanate till he found wisdom. He meditated for 49 days continuously, expressing a body of enlightenment, which was equipped to produce humanity a new belief. Shortly after the awareness, Lord Buddha addressed a minute collection of people who soon converted into his followers. From then on, Lord Buddha graced as a religious educator. After years of pedagogy, he eventually released himself from the series of rebirth and attained liberation.

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