The history of handicrafts in India is as old as the country itself. Not just old, Indian handicrafts are also as diverse as the country.

India is divided into 29 states spread to the north, south, east, west and central. Each of these states has a different tongue and even more distinct culture and heritage.

Cultures and heritages come with unique language, clothes, jewellery, and patterns. All these summed together make up for the different handicrafts that we have today.

The history behind each handicraft item is different and interesting. A very large population of our country is still dependent on making and selling of these handicraft items.

At eCraftIndia, we work diligently to bring such artisans and weavers in contact with people who understand the importance of our heritage. We do so with the hope of bringing about a positive change in their lives.

Our portal, eCraftIndia was made with the purpose of helping these people. So many of our countrymen have forgotten the true beauty and talent that lies in the hands of our artisan brothers.

We have turned to western culture and products while having left behind the ones who we should be appreciating.

In the past decade, more foreigners have shown interest in the Indian handicraft than Indians themselves. But with the help of eCraftIndia, we aspire to bring these handicraft products to each and every household.

Our collection includes all products necessary for a house to look beautiful while at the same time, serving a useful purpose.

Our products in the ‘décor’ category include handicraft items which will help you make your home look effortlessly beautiful. We bring to you products like God and Goddess idols, Buddha figurines, vases and pots, door hangings, clocks, lamps, lanterns, photo frames, all of which are handcrafted.

What’s more, is that we also have handcrafted key holders and nameplates.

Our ‘furnishing’ category will leave you in awe with the superb collection of handicraft bed sheets, pillows, comforters, cushions, and blankets.

We have platters, utility boxes, jewellery boxes, and German silver products which make the best gifts ever.

There is a number of bathroom accessories to choose from on our website.

Our range of clocks and paintings is very famous. We have a different type of clocks and paintings suitable for each room, house, workspace, and kitchen.

eCraftIndia has come up with a special category under which we provide gift products divided under various categories. We believe that each one us can be made happy with a handicraft item, each of which is made with love, care, and patience.