Indian arts and crafts are proved to be the heart of Indian culture admired by the whole world, for ages. Thousands of years ago, people have lived a life of rich heritage culture and artwork which can be seen in the excavation results found in the Indus valley civilization, the cities Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa were planned out in the most intelligent ways of architecture. In that time, people practised making of metal ornaments, god idols, scripts and many more. The historical records have always kept Indian art culture and handmade articles on the top row of uniqueness and simplicity. It is never behind, in depicting the elegance and royalty when we speak about the art and craftwork of Rajasthan.

Indian culture and crafts work are successful in keeping the ancient culture and tradition in today's era, therefore, nowadays; the trend of buying handmade articles is reaching its peak. These talents of making traditional designs and artwork in paintings, cloth prints, sculpture making, and décor items are possessed mainly by the people of rural areas and tribal communities. People today, of urban communities and all over the world are taking deep interest to buy Indian handicrafts online.

Indian handicrafts are a perfect blend of traditions, beauty and hard work of the arts men.  Gifting each other the handmade articles affluent in signifying our culture and depicting its beauty is considered to be a great way of making our culture breathe and succeeding. Showing love and affection towards our beautiful tradition and flawless creativity, we all want somewhere either in our homes/offices or presenting as a gift to our loved ones, these handicraft items. There are a variety of handicraft items today, available online when you go to buy Indian handicrafts online. Some of the most gracefully designed and brilliantly finished Indian handicrafts are available online at eCraftIndia in the form of

A wide spectrum of handicraft articles
Buy Indian handicrafts online with a wide spectrum of categories available in the material used for the artwork, like articles made of wood, marble, paper-Mache, iron, brass, metal, gunmetal, meenakari and silver. People who are interested to buy Indian handicrafts online are served with a huge range of options made by using the above materials in crafting objects like idols and figurines of god, showpieces, home decorating items, wall clocks, wall décor, etc.

Idols and Figurines
You can choose to buy Indian handicrafts online on the auspicious occasion of something religious happening in your home or your relatives. Finding a perfect gift to embrace your affection and care for them should be a very exquisite feeling and to maintain this feeling, gifting someone a hand-made gift matching to their current requirements and bliss is wonderful more than anything. You can choose to buy Indian handicrafts online such as idols of religious sense or other kinds, harmonizing to the best need of the moment. 

Handcrafted wall clocks
Transforming time into the ancient scenes and artwork of meenakari seems a unique kind of gift to be presented to someone fond of the Rajasthan artwork. You can also choose it to gift someone of a different community as a token of remembrance and identity of our culture. The handcrafted wall clocks are the flawless representation of meenakari work, done on the marble circumference boundary of the clock dial. The peacock designs, Kundan embellishment brings the royal and classy look to the walls of our homes which people admire to a great extent. You can buy Indian handicrafts online as a wall clock other than meenakari work too such as wood-engraved and metal made.

Wood and Marble Artifacts
Arts men in our country are greatly talented in crafting artefacts that can easily please the eyes of the people. In the culture of Udaipur, toys made of wood such as animal figurines, bullock carts, horses, elephants triumphing as a sign of victory, small vehicles, human idols, etc. are created with immense beauty and perfection. Today, people are greatly attracted to these artefacts and buy instantly either to slay them as a traditional showpiece or gifting someone as a symbol of their rich cultural values. Many of the restaurants and places are nowadays created on the theme of historical appearances and cultural tinge which affects the popularity of it amongst the people who find it amazingly different and want to explore. People seeking for such creativity are most welcome to buy Indian handicrafts online at

Handcrafted Home Accents
Indian handicraft isn't untouched in the realm of home and domestic articles such as every kind of traditional design for the objects used in the kitchen as a utensil or as a theme of décor. Buy Indian handicraft online which lets you rediscover the traditional theme of utensils and food making which is becoming very popular these days as a style statement in the homes of many. You will find the meenakari work or Jaipuri designs engraved on the utensils made of steel. A touch of traditionally designed utensils made of brass, copper, gold, and silver is highly practised by the arts men today, as it is loved by most of the people who are not just fond of bringing tradition alive in them but for those also who find it unique and want to make it a style statement, being bored by the use of the monotonous looks of stainless-steel simple-looking utensils. You can opt to buy Indian handicrafts online in this category of utensils too.   

Showpieces and décor items

The Indian handicrafts are also available in a variety of home décor items at in the form of different contemporary wall hangings, key holders, nameplates, masks, photo frames, articles for festivals like handmade diyas and lanterns, Jharokas and even home swings. The advancement in traditional artwork has brought a blend of traditional and modern culture artefacts which is also available in the form of paintings, showpieces, figurines and much more. You can buy Indian handicrafts online available with a wide variety of contemporary categories of handmade artefacts.