As the world is moving on to become more progressive, somehow, at the same time, we are becoming more religious too. In the past few years, the zest with which we celebrate festivals has multiplied.
Also, religious differences tend to have gone down. We celebrate every festival with the same level of enthusiasm and splendour. The next festival we have lined up for the celebration in India in Ganesh Chaturthi.
This festival is celebrated throughout the country with equal pomp and show. This day marks the birth of Lord Ganesh who is the elephant-headed son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva.
Lord Ganesh is the symbol of good fortune, prosperity, and wisdom. He is also worshipped for the attainment of these.
There is much enthusiasm around this festival, and people bring Lord Ganesh’s idols to their homes and worship it. However, not many are able to do it since it takes a lot of care and dedication to carry out this task. Hence, some people resort to other ways of bringing Lord Ganesh to their house.
Since the streets are flooded with people during festive times, people prefer to buy Ganesh murti online in India. We have curated a list of the best places where you will find the best products and Ganesh murti online in India.

1. Lord Ganesha Writing Book

Made of Kadam wood, this multi-coloured Ganesha figurine comes along a wooden chowki. This beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha writing a book can be placed in your shrine or any corner of your house.
Let Lord Ganesha write good fortune for you in his books.
The items beyond this point are for people who desperately wish to bring Lord Ganesha to their house but are unable to do it. The following things will bring Lord Ganesh’s blessings to your home.

2. Lord Ganesha Laminated Golden Foil

These frames are incredibly lightweight as they do not have a glass, which also makes them more durable. This laminated golden foil painting can be a perfect gift as the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi comes closer.

3. Lord Ganesha Showpiece with Chatri

This adorable Lord Ganesha is one of the best Ganesh murti online in India. It is a perfect fit for car dashboard, office desk, computer table, and home temple as its size makes it ideal for every place.

4. Brass Dancing Ganesha Hanging Diya

We all wish for ourselves to be surrounded by the presence of God. This brass dancing Ganesha hanging diya is the perfect item to fulfil your wish to bring Lord Ganesha while adding life to your house. It also works as an impeccable piece of embellishment for the modern home.

5. Decorative Lord Ganesha Showpiece

This piece can make for the perfect gifting item. Brilliant material, beautiful colours, and amazingly stylish, this Lord Ganesha showpiece will add positivity to your house with style.

6.Lord Ganesha Backflow Cone Incense Holder

The thing that we love about going to temples is the positive aura along with the minimalistic fragrance of incense sticks. You can now bring this positive feeling as well as the scent to your house with this cone incense holder which give an illusion of a Smokey waterfall.

7. Lord Ganesha Tea Light Holder

Create a beautiful silhouette of Lord Ganesha on any wall with this beautifully crafted Lord Ganesha tea light holder.

You can place it anywhere and drown in the mesmerising beauty it creates. With the increasing trend of battery-run tea lights, this holder becomes safe enough to be lit overnight for a peaceful aura.

8. Lord Ganesha Water Fountain

The running sound of water along with the embellishment of Lord Ganesha in it is enough to soothe your heart and your guests’ as well.