Janmashtami is also known as Gokulashtami is an annual festival celebrated by Hindus at the birth of Lord Krishna who is the eight avatar of Vishnu. The date is tentative and is decided according to the Hindu luni-solar calendar. The months are usually August or September wherein the eighth day of Krishna Paksha in Shraavan is when Krishna was born.

Krishna Janmashtami

A wave of happiness and celebration flows throughout the country at this time. Devotees sing, dance, keep fast, hold vigils, and go to festivals to celebrate this auspicious day. Since Krishna’s birth is said to be that of midnight, devotees go to temple at that hour and celebrate together.

The scenario is one to see. Similar enthusiasm is seen in people’s homes. People buy dresses, make sweets, and tender for Krishna just as if he was a real newborn kid.

If you are one such enthusiast and have a deep devotional love for Krishna, then come and celebrate Janmashtami with eCraftIndia and our selected range of Gifts.

Here are products by eCraftIndia featuring little Krishna, more lovingly known as Laddu Gopal.

Makhan Chor Baal Krishna Showpiece:
Krishna’s love for Makhan (churned butter) is known to everyone. For this very reason, people make butter at home and add mishri (sugar candy) to it and feed it to Kanha.

Golden Bal Gopal having Makhan Showpiece:
What is special about this showpiece is that it features Makhan eating bal Gopal along with the great eternal snake, Vasuki. The golden colour is enough to make a true devotee go awe with its beauty.

Laddu Gopal Key Holder:
We like to have an essence of God in every aspect of our existence and house and thus, eCraftIndia brings to you the Laddu Gopal key holder.

Glowing Bal Gopal – Makhan Chor:
We feel the presence of God everywhere, now we can even see them at night. This radium-filled glowing Bal Gopal will bring happiness to your house like no other.

Lord Krishna Incense Holder Decorative Piece:
Incense cones add a sense of tranquillity and peace in your house. Incense cone holder along with Bal Gopal figurine is the perfect blend to bring calmness in your home.

Wall Hanging of Laddu Gopal:
This beautiful and bright wall hanging featuring Laddu Gopal can be hung to add serenity to your house. Be it a room, house temple or kitchen, it is suitable for every place.

Paper-Mache Wooden Jhula:
Your Ladoo Gopal deserves a new jhula (swing) for his birthday. This beautiful and colourful swing is the most suitable thing to buy this Janmashtami.