‘It’s the thought that counts.’ We have heard this a lot many times before. In today’s world, it is even more relevant, as the world has moved to be a materialistic one.

Gifting is pretty easy when choosing something for an outsider. There are hundreds of options available in such cases.

However, it is more difficult to buy a gift for somebody we love. Be it our parents, siblings, grandparents or our partner, thinking of a perfect gift for them becomes a tedious task.

We wish to give these people all the stars that are out there in the sky, and fill their life with happiness. But we get stuck when buying a gift for them.

Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you in buying a gift:

  • Make a List:

Make a list of all the things they love. Their passion, career, likes, everything that gives them happiness should be included. Now in front of each, write a thing that would live up each purpose.

For instance, if the person is a bibliophile, you can buy them a handicraft bookshelf. This way you give them what they love with added details and colours.

  • Take a look at Past Gifts:

I wouldn’t want to be gifted the same thing twice by the person. That would indicate they don’t remember anything about us.

In case you’ve just had a vacation and have captured beautiful pictures there, it would be perfect to gift a picture frame with the picture inside it.

  • Brainstorm their Needs:

There are always things a person will need. All you have to do is start being a good listener. Giving a person something they need is an amazing way of showing your love towards your loved ones.

In case you feel that there are a few things needed, you can put together a basket of all such things. Maybe putting together a handicraft bed sheet along with similar style cushions and pillows will make an amazing gift for newly moved-in people.

  • Gift of health:

Health and happiness are what we wish for them always. So what gift can be better than a dry fruit platter to keep them healthy and glowing.

  • Something that will Remind them of You:

Gift them something that will always be in front of them. Maybe you could be a little teasing and gift them a clock if they are always late. That way, every time they’ll look at the clock, they’ll be reminded of you.