A wedding is a very important day in the life of any person – you are not only deciding to give up your status of being single, you are promising to continue your life with another person. You are promising them that you will love them, respect them, be with them through thick and thin. And then of course there is the fact that a wedding is not just between two people; it is also the marriage between two families and their coming together as one. A wedding also means a couple starting a new life together, in a new house and when you talk about a new house, there is a lot of work that needs to go into it.
Considering A Wedding Gift Registry Allow eCraftIndia To Help!
When there is a wedding, there are also a lot of gifts and several people are now choosing to buy wedding gifts online; this has become a beloved way to shop because of several reasons:

  • This is perhaps one of the most easiest ways to shop – you can sit in the comfort of your home, while are you on a break at office or even travelling and shop.
  • You get access to some of the largest shopping collections – the online shopping world has exploded in the past few years and more and more brands as well as products are now available online.
  • You can find true gems – while you might not be able to physically go to the craftspeople who create the most stunning and intricate Indian handicraft items, now you can find them all online with ease
  • The online shopping and delivery system has become so refined that you can have gifts delivered to literally any corner of the world now. This means that you can shop from one part of the world and have the items delivered to another!
For years, there were some stereotypical gifts that would be given on weddings – you could expect either cash in an envelope, pots and pans, bone-China tea sets or dinner sets and several lamps that all look pretty much the same. In most cases, these gifts would then be repacked and regifted to someone else, simply because they would feel boring.

A system that has been around in the Western world for a while now is finally entering India and a lot of couples to be are making use of it. The concept known as a wedding registry is actually quite simple – a couple that is about to get married chooses the items that they would like to be gifted and register for them. This list is then shared with the people who are being invited for the wedding and they can choose to buy items from that very list, making each gift useful and one that has already been chosen by the bride and groom to be.

And while the actual concept of a wedding gift registry is yet to come to India in full swing, there are ways that it can be created. At eCraftIndia, we have a huge selection of not just gift items, but also things that would just make sense in the house of a newly married couple. If you are about to get married, you can browse through our website and create a wish list that you can share with the guests you are inviting to your wedding, giving them a chance to buy wedding gifts online for you! In case you are wondering what all to add to your list/wedding registry, here are just some of our ideas:

When you are setting up a new house, you will obviously need objects for the entire house – starting from the front door right to the nooks and crannies of the house and at eCraftIndia, you will find something for every part of your new home:
  • Let’s start at the entrance of the house – there are plenty of torans and door hangings that you can look at. While the torans will offer a more traditional look to your house, you can also look for a slightly more contemporary or whimsical options with the beaded string hangings. Should you want a statement piece for your front door, you could also look for very Victorian looking door knockers. These are all good ideas to add to your wedding registry wish list and would make for interesting design choices too.
  • At eCraftIndia, you will be able to look for and buy home decoration items online that will make your interiors so much more stylish and also add a sense of warmth. There are wall décor pieces galore – from paintings to wall hangings, from figurines to wall clocks; plenty of items to add to your wedding registry wish list. Sensible choices would include items that will not only look pretty but also serve a purpose – so a statement wall clock or a really pretty key holder would be a good thing to put on the list.
  • As a newly married couple, the most personal and private of your spaces will be your bedroom, which is why you will want to decorate it with a lot more care. While you might not be able to buy a bed on eCraftIndia, you can most certainly choose to add some gorgeous bedsheets – pretty as well as practical. People generally tend to look for gifts that can be used in multiple ways, and candles as well as tea light holders fall in that category, which is why you can add both of these to your wedding registry wish list. At eCraftIndia, you will also be able to choose from some really gorgeous indoor water fountains, which can bring a sense of calm and romance into your bedroom!
  • Now that you will be running your own household, you will also have to take charge of the kitchen, and most modern day couples are seeing the kitchen as a shared space too. This means that the woman is no longer necessarily in-charge, both husband and wife cook and clean too! Since the kitchen will be an important part of your day to day life, why not look for some kitchen and dining items online at eCraftIndia too! From wine and champagne glasses to decorative trays to serve a cup of tea, from wooden spice dabbas to sets for mouth fresheners, you will be able to find a lot of items that you will be able to add to your wedding registry wish list.
  • If you or your partner are religious or spiritual, you will want to set up some space in the house for the same – whether you choose to setup a full fledged mandir or simply an image of your spiritual sound of reason, you should be able to locate more than a few options here. Alternately, if you don’t want a mandir, you can always look at the gorgeous diyas, particularly the hanging ones for your home. Some of the urlis that are on offer are also gorgeous and will make for a wonderful addition to your brand new home.
And while there are several pieces that you can choose for your own wedding registry wish list, there are also plenty of options for wedding return gifts – after all, when people are taking the time and effort to send you their love and best wishes in the form of gifts that you have picked for yourself, you would want to send a little thank you as well! From 24K roses to little Buddhas with incense holders, there are so many options for you to gift away too!

So start building your very own wedding registry wish list at eCraftIndia today and share away!