Historically, only religious occasions and lighting purposes have been served by tea light candles. They are becoming standard in the way we decorate our homes. A candle may improve the overall aesthetic of your home in addition to providing a calming and attractive glow. If you utilize tea lights in elegant tea light candle holders, you may increase the beauty of your home's design.
We are here to assist you and ease your search to find gorgeous and simple tea light decorations. The most crucial component of Diwali décor is tea lights, therefore we're going to spend some time and write a few articles discussing different lighting design possibilities.
Tea Light Candle Holders

How to decorate your home with Tea Light holders for the festive season?

Tea light candle holders may be used to add character to your home's decor as you enjoy the celebration of Diwali's unrivaled brightness and upbeat air. The top 9 tea and light candle holders for Diwali decoration items are listed below. They evoke a festive atmosphere and beckon happiness, joy, and plenty. View some of the beautiful online Table Decor Items we have in stock at our eCraftIndia online store.
  • Wall hanging tea light holder-
    Enhance your festivities with a gold diya or decorative item from eCraftIndia to help you make them enjoyable and unforgettable. Your guests' first impression of you will undoubtedly be influenced by these tea light holders. This gorgeous work of art, which is made of metal, will certainly enhance the decor of your house. Particularly during religious holidays and festivals, it is a wonderful present.
  • Wooden tea light holder-
    With the eCraftIndia Wooden Tea Light Candle Stand, which is guaranteed to be liked by everyone, you may liven up the drab and uninteresting atmosphere of your living room. These candle holders, which are elegant and fashionable, will definitely make an impact on your visitors. This gorgeous work of art, which is made of wood, will definitely enhance the decor of your house. When combined with Festive Decor Items, it makes a wonderful present, especially during religious holidays.
  • Ganesha tea light holder-
    Our Multicoloured Metal and Polyresin Lord Ganesha Idol with a Tea Light Candle Holder is so beautifully designed and delicately created that it makes an ideal gift for Relatives, Friends, and Colleagues. Lord Ganesha idols sold by eCraftIndia have an appealing appearance since they are handcrafted. On our online store, you can discover a large selection of these statues and figures with tea light holders. For a variety of events and occasions, this provides the perfect present selection.
  • Handcraft tea light holder-
    Make your festivities enjoyable and unforgettable with eCraftIndia's handmade metal diya or tea light candle holder. Your guests' first impression of you will undoubtedly be influenced by these tea light holders. This gorgeous work of art, which is made of metal, will certainly enhance the decor of your house. Particularly during religious holidays and festivals, it is a wonderful present.
  • Flower tea light holder-
    A magnificent piece of décor will make the ideal Diwali decoration, pooja room decor, or wedding decoration. An exquisite golden flowery tea light holder that has been manually antiqued with flowers as ornamentation.
  • Lord buddha tea light holder-
    Brighten up your drab and lifeless environment with this Lord Buddha Tea light Holder, which comes in a golden tone and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on your guests. A fantastic work of art that one may display in their house is this metal tea light holder. It is also an excellent present for both friends and family. These are the ideal options for a romantic evening at home and may even be placed on the balcony.
  • Peacock tea light holder-
    This Peacock Tea light holder has intricately drawn patterns that enhance its attractiveness. A dash of gold tone was added as a final touch to give it an antique appearance. This tea light holder in a light rustic tone is also designed to make your dinner date with your loved ones extra memorable. It also makes a wonderful present for Diwali, birthdays, or other special occasions.
  • Cage tea light holder-
    Trendy decorative candle holders include those with distinctive patterns that make them excellent festival décor accents. Along with enhancing your holiday decorations, they also assist you in decorating your house and business. The ideal tea light holder for you to have is this one, which is the most distinctive and aesthetically pleasing. Buy Tea Light Holders from eCraftIndia.
  • Shadow tea light holder-
    With the help of scented candles and this Shadow Tea Light Holder, you can liven up the drab and uninteresting atmosphere in your living area. Your guests' first impression of you will undoubtedly be influenced by these tea light holders. This stunning piece of metal art will undoubtedly complement your home décor. It is an excellent present. Using a variety of age-old methods, eCraftIndia painstakingly handcrafts each tea light holder.

Created ideas to decor with tea light holders

  1. There are different tea light candle stand holders which you can use to show on your dining table or living room to give an aesthetic touch.
  2. Use an iron cage tea light holder in line votive on the window sill. It gives the home a positive vibe and a perfect festive look.
  3. You can bring interest to an empty space by lining tea lights votives with deer-shaped handcraft holders on the floor, either down a hallway, in a dark nook, or up a set of stairs.
  4. Set up a soothing wooden tea light holder set on a bathtub board and some live plants near the window for a relaxing ambiance
  5. Set wall hanging sconces tea light holders in your living room or bedroom walls and make your interior decoration perfect for any celebration.


What is a tealight candle?
A candle in a narrow metal or plastic cup is called a tea light because it allows the candle to burn entirely while liquefying. Generally speaking, they are cheap, little, round, and broader than their height.

Where can you use tealight candles?
Tealights are kept in a particular holder when not on a tray; the walls of the holder may be partially transparent or punctured to let light through. Tea light holders are available in a broad variety of designs, colors, and sizes, ranging from little pockets made of glass, metal, ceramic, as well as other materials to bigger, more complex tea light lights.

Are tealights preferable than candles?
Votive candles are larger; tealights are smaller and more convenient. You may put them in almost any place because they are confined within a metal wrapping. Tealight holders are available separately.

How much time do tealights last?
Tea candles typically burn for three hours on their own, and they burn shorter when submerged in water.

How romantic are tea lights?
A romantic mood may be created for your evening with the help of tea light candles, those adorable small pots that provide a delicate glow.

With attractive tea light holders, any concept, aesthetic, or arrangement is conceivable. There is a large selection of handcrafted, environmentally friendly tea light holders available on eCraftIndia that are designed with today's demands in mind. Everything about the holiday season must be distinctive since it is a special time of year. With home decoration items online from our store, you may add a sense of freshness and a vibe that will put everyone in the party spirit.