Indian Handicrafts

Handicrafts are ordinarily related to something handmade. Proficient artisans create assets from basic articles solely by their hands and no machine is included. Handicrafts are mainly made out of paper, wood, clay and many more commodities. India is known for its ethnicity.

As far as art and culture are concerned, India highlights amongst the culturally bright country in the world. The country is wealthy enough to own some extremely skilled artisans. The popularity of Indian handicrafts has increased globally because of them. Numerous rural people still make their living from such artistic creations of art.

Buying the right handicraft items online from the right place and gifting it to your relative, a colleague is a correct thing one can do. The wooden handicrafts add up to the kitchen & dining items.

We here bring you a few different types of handicrafts that are found in India:

Paper Handicrafts:
Papercraft is famous among all the age groups. You must have done papercraft in school and you must be still making those cute origami hangings for your kids' room or also for that small corner of your home. Papercraft is mostly associated with Origami, Scrapbooking, Quilling, and Cardmaking.

Clay Handicrafts or Pottery:
Pottery is something that you all must have done while growing up and would have used the clay for making idols and houses out of clay. Pottery has 3 main categories that are earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. Articles made out of ceramic clay are often used for making pots, savings box.

Cane Handicrafts:
Cane handicrafts are used almost on all occasions. Cane handicrafts include baskets, trays, and pieces of furniture. Vellore district in Tamil Nadu is renowned for cane handicrafts in India.

Shell Handicrafts:
Shell handicrafts can be built out of 3 types of shells that are a conch shell, tortoiseshell, and seashell. Shell handicraft has been in demand always. Assorted Kinds of articles like bangles, forks, decorative bowls, spoons, buttons, curtains, chandeliers, table mats, etc. are the outcomes of shell handicrafts. Places located near the sea are famous for Shell handicrafts.

Bone and Horn Handicrafts:

Bone and horn handicrafts are popular for making the handicrafts out of birds and animal figures, which seem genuine and lively. And also, assets like pen stand, ornaments, cigarette cases, table lamps, pepper and salt sets, chess sets, laughing Buddha, and many other articles.

Embroidery Handicrafts:
Embroidery handicraft is the art of decorating fabric with needle and thread. It has been drilled for decades now. Embroidery thread now is manufactured in cotton, rayon, and original yarns and also in regular wool, linen, and silk. Embroidery handicraft has come a great way, both in style and use. It also marks to preserve its entanglement as its reputation remains to grow.

Paintings are something that adds value to your house. It makes that one wall of your room looks more impressive. Paintings have different types too such as Oil painting, Canvas paintings, Wax painting, Enamel painting, Digital painting, etc.

Wood Handicrafts:
Wooden handicrafts consist of wooden utensils, toys, jewellery, lampshades, candle stands, vermillion boxes, jewellery boxes, bangle holders, etc that are made out of wood. Some of the wooden handicrafts are used daily in India.

Here are the top 6 Indian states famous for manufacturing handicraft items:

Kashmir for woollen handicrafts:
Kashmir is famous globally for its shawls and for its prints and finest finish. Jamavar, Pashmina, Shahtoosh are the types of shawls that are famous in Kashmir.

Rajasthan for jewellery, leather, gems, and paintings:
Rajasthan is famous for handmade jewellery, textiles, gems, leather items, paintings, pottery, carpets, and furniture. Rajasthan is the largest handicraft manufacturer state in India.

Saharanpur for Woodworks:
Saharanpur is located in Uttar Pradesh, famous for its wooden handicrafts. They produce wooden handicrafts such as religious idols, furniture, cupboards, tables, trays, artefacts, and wood-carved mirrors. And several miniature wooden toys that include carved key chains, vases, and boxes.

Gujarat for Textile handicrafts and fabrics:
Gujarati designs are known for their heavy mirror works and heavy designs. Gujarat is also famous for its bandhani that is considered one of the finest fabrics in the world.

Assam for Terracotta works:
The Assamese artisans are renowned for crafting terracotta handicrafts with soil, mud, and clay and are highly focused to produce idols.

South India for its carvings, sarees, embroidery work:
Karnataka is notable for Wood Carvings, Stone and Ivory Carvings, and Sandalwood Handicrafts. Kerala is noted for lace garments, embroidery work. Tamil Nadu is identified for Kanjeevaram silk sarees, fine mats, objects made from palm leaves and many more things.

These handicraft items can also be given as wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts. These handicrafts make the best anniversary gifts for parents.