We as Indians are strict believers and followers of Indian mythology, emphasizing gods and goddesses in our daily lives. It has turn out to be the most significant part of a Hindu person’s life. People consider it sacred and pure, and a form of belief in god in their tough times. Amongst many of the gods and goddesses described in Indian mythology, Lord Ganesha holds a special place of sanctity and good luck in people’s life. Before doing or initiating any good work, they consider the idol of Lord Ganesha as a symbol of prosperity and success. Therefore, gifting an idol of Ganesha is always considered to be a very good symbol of love and well-wishing. Buy Ganesha idols online from the online store of “ecraftsindia.com”, where you will find a wide variety of Lord Ganesha idols suitable for gifting.

 Buy Ganesha Idol Online- Effortlessly!

Gift idols of lord Ganesha individually as well as with goddess Lakshmi are always treasured greatly by the people when they receive it. Not only it spreads the aura of positivity and spirituality in the house, offices, and shops but it brings success, prosperity, and good health. In our country, people consider gifting the idol of Lord Ganesha on various occasions and ceremonies of initiation. Gifting the idol of Lord Ganesha is not just a matter of buying and gifting, there are various categories of Ganesha idols that play different roles according to Indian mythology. You can now buy Ganesha idol online for various categories of trunk orientation and material used for manufacturing because many mythological experts share the significance of material used and the importance of its trunk oriented left, right, and towards the chest. Before you buy the Ganesha idol online, it is important to know about the importance of each category of Lord Ganesha’s idol. This is the right place where you will come to know that for what purpose you should buy a particular category of Lord Ganesha’s idol.

Buy Ganesha idol online depending on what kind of ambiance you want to add it in, finding the right posture of lord Ganesha is a task which enhances the purpose of gifting the Lord Ganesha idol to your loved ones. Various postures such as sitting position, dancing position, reclining, etc. Other than choosing the right posture, the orientation of Ganesha’s trunk has importance for keeping it in houses, temples or other places.

Significance of the trunk direction you should know before you buy Ganesha idol online

Based on trunk’s direction, there are three categories of Lord Ganesha’s idol, left sides, right-sided and tilted towards their chest. Each category of Ganesha’s idol has its significance which is necessary to know for us before we think to buy Ganesha Idol Online. 

Left-sided trunk

It is the most common style of Ganesha’s trunk position which is available in the market and can be seen in the houses. This is the most preferable and recommended Ganesha idol for gifting as this trunk direction with a sitting posture of lord Ganesha is considered to rest in the home and bring calmness, happiness along with eradication of Vaastu dosh too for the worshippers. 

Right-sided trunk

This form of Ganesha’s idol is well-worshipped in temples by priests majorly as it is said that this form of Ganesha carries tremendous energy which needs perfect and strict rituals for worshipping which can never be possible at homes. So, before you decide to buy Ganesha Idol Online, just be careful about the posture and trunk direction that it should be of left-sided and in sitting position. 

Straight trunk idol

This form of Ganesha idol has got its trunk as straight, curved from the bottom towards its chest. These are the idols with very special characteristics when compared to the generic form of Lord Ganesha. These kinds of idols are rarely found when you find it in the local market or Buy Ganesha Idol Online.  

Now, it is not only about the trunk but also about the posture which should be considered before you think to Buy Ganesha Idol Online and gift your loved ones. Basically, there are three kinds of common Ganesha postures carved out in an idol- standing, sitting and dancing.

Here we will provide you some points to be considered mandatory before you think to buy Ganesha Idol Online. 

  • Select any idol having left-sided trunk position either you buy it from a shop or you buy Ganesha Idol Online.
  • Left-sided trunks are most suitable for homes, shops as well as offices. 
  • Before you buy Ganesha idol online, always choose sitting position of lord Ganesha’s idol as sitting position is considered to remain in your house/workplace and bring success and prosperity. 
  • One should also keep in mind before choosing the right form of Ganesha idol while you buy Ganesha idol online for worshipping is, the idol which is to be worshipped at homes should not exceed its height more than 18 inches. 
  • Do not prefer dancing posture of Lord Ganesha for keeping it in houses or workplaces because these idols are found perfect for gifting it to artists, dancers, and creative people. So, when you opt to buy Ganesha idol online, this can be a good choice for someone who loves creativity and is an artist.
  • Dancing and other postures of Lord Ganesha’s idol such as reclining, resting, etc. can also be selected when you go to buy Ganesha idol online, as these postures look unique and creative when they are going to be used for décor purpose. 
  • Other creative idols made of lord Ganesha such as a baby Ganesha lying on a banyan tree leaf, Ganesha leaning on a pillow on one of its sides, modern art idol of Lord Ganesha, Natarajan Ganesh, Lord Ganesha playing any musical instrument such as Tabla, etc. are ample of creative Ganesha idol options that you will find while you buy Ganesha idol online. Choosing these options can be proved to be very cool and exciting but always remember that these creatively carved pieces of Lord Ganesha’s idol can be kept only for decoration purposes. These kinds of idols should not be kept in Pooja altars.
  • The most important thing which should be noticed whenever you either buy Ganesha idol online or from the local shops is that- be careful that the Ganesha idol you buy is not broken or scratched. Any kind of a damaged idol of gods and goddesses even purchased for worshipping or decoration, should not be broken or damaged even a little. It is believed that worshipping or keeping a broken idol can bring bad luck to your home. If you have any, you can leave it in a source of running water such as rivers or seas as people mainly do this as a symbol of respect and upcycling of the idols.

These are some important aspects that you should consider before you buy Ganesha idol online or from the local markets for bringing the correct form of energy into your loved one's life and making your gift prosper their lives.