Special occasions become a lot more special when you have your loved ones near you to celebrate it with you and the cherry on the icing is when there are some gifts involved too! After all, who doesn’t enjoy getting gifts – but many a times, it is choosing the gift that seems to be the biggest task of all. There are so many people who love gifting, however, it is the choosing the appropriate gift that confounds many – they are never sure what is the ideal gift, but when you have eCraftIndia by your side, you have little to worry about, because this is where you can buy unique gifts online!

Gifting Made Easy - Gifts For Everyone at eCraftIndia

At eCraftIndia, we consider ourselves somewhat experts at gifts – we have an extensive collection of items that are carefully curated to amaze even the most discerning shopper. No matter what the occasion, if you are looking for a gift, chances are that you will find something absolutely awesome here!

Now, let’s say you have an occasion coming up and you want to pick out the perfect gift, you can either fret and frown or you could simply come to eCraftIndia and allow us to help you choose the perfect gift!

  • Weddings: A wedding is so much more than just two people promising to spend their lives together; it is literally the start of a new life together. In the past, the two people might have lived in separate homes, with their distinct tastes and styles of decorating their interiors, but when you get married, it’s a marriage of all that too! If you are shopping for a newly married couple, it would make sense to pick something that they will be able to use in their new home that they will create together. Kitchen and dining products are always a sensible choice, because, for a newly married couple, there will always be need for things they can use in their kitchen. There are decorative trays and platters and incredibly designed masala dabbas to choose from. Another good idea is high quality bedspreads, because this is something that will be used on a daily basis and you can never have enough bedspreads. In case they are moving into a brand new house, why not consider a brand new mandir to go with it? You can look at ones that sit on a platform or ones that can be wall mounted, and then they can place their choice of idols or pictures inside. Alternately, they could use the mandir as a decorative piece too.

  • Birthday: The one day in the year when you are the centre of all attention has to be your birthday and what would a birthday be, without the fanfare and the gifts! Because at eCraftIndia you can buy Indian handicrafts items that are unique and absolutely stunning, this would also be a really good place for you to choose birthday gifts for your loved ones. Depending on the person, you can choose from a range of options – does this loved one enjoy driving, why not get them something they can keep on their car dashboard, like a cute little Ganesha. Is the birthday girl someone who likes slightly whimsical things, then a wall hanging with strings of bells and hand crafted peacocks or turtles, which can be hung on doors or windows. If your cousin is the type of constantly misplaces their keys, how about gifting them a lovely keyholder on this birthday? There is an incredible collection of idols and figurines, wall hangings, and paintings to choose from here too.

  • Anniversary: Every year that a married couple completes with each other is a reason to celebrate because this is proof that their love has deepened and their bond has become stronger. While there are those who celebrate each anniversary with much aplomb, there are those who prefer to keep the festivities on the down low. It doesn’t matter which category your loved ones fall in, chances are that they will most certainly appreciate a thoughtful gift. Should you choose to shop at eCraftIndia, you can find several options – after all, this is one of the best places to find home decoration items online in India. for a home that is shared, there is so much to choose from – how about a pair of hand crafted swans or maybe a Radha and Krishna wall hanging! There are several décor items that anyone will like having in their home – how about a clock that is nothing short of a statement piece. At eCraftIndia, you can find not only adorable table clocks but also stunning wall clocks that can jazz up any space.

  • New house/house warming: A home is so much more than four walls and a ceiling – a home is when a family comes together to make a space their own. This is where they share their joys and sorrows and the one place where they feel safe being themselves – this is why when anyone is moving into their very own home, it is a big deal. If you know someone who is moving into a new home, make sure that you have a wonderful gift ready for them. For instance, a brass urli with intricate carving is perfect for the front room – they can fill it with water and flowers or use it during the pooja days. A toran will be wonderful for their front door, inviting guests as well as good luck into their new home. Choose from beautiful canvas wall paintings that can adorn bare walls and add colour and class to them – whether you want something with a spiritual flair or something that reminds you of nature, there is much to choose from. You could also consider lighted wall hangings, which can bring a space to life and add some mood lighting as well.

  • Every other celebration: And then there could be so many other reasons to celebrate – a new job or someone moving away to a new city, life gives us so many reasons to be joyous and the joy can be doubled with a gift. Let’s say you know a friend who is starting a new job, why not gift them a decorative pen stand that they can keep on their table or perhaps a table clock to tell the time. what if the celebration is for a promotion at work – choose a gift that will encourage to work towards even greater heights. In such a case, a handcrafted brass horse or a bull would be a wonderful choice for them to keep on their desk! If someone you love and care about is moving to another city or country, send a little keepsake with them to remind them of the love you have for them. How about an adorable little Buddha or perhaps a jewellery box in which they can store their accessories with care because these will be easy to carry too.
At eCraftIndia, it is not about what you might find, it is about what all you will definitely find here because there is that much to choose from. Our collections are truly expansive and every item we sell is not only made in India but also handcrafted by talented local artisans and craftspeople who are striving to keep their forms of art and craft alive!