Having a house that they can call their own is everybody’s dream. And the elevated feeling one gets when they finally are able to own a house is out of the world. People throw house warming parties to celebrate their new house.

Since the occasion has called for a celebration, a gift to show your blessings and happiness is vital too. Choosing a gift, however, can be tedious and brain-wrecking.

But we are here to rescue your little heart and give you perfect gifts for a house warming party.

1. Lord Ganesh Showpiece

 Let us also start with the one whose blessings everybody seeks whenever they are about to start something auspicious – Lord Ganesh.

This Lord Ganesh showpiece is a perfect gift when are unable to decide upon anything else.

It shows positivity and is mesmerising to look at.

2. Handcrafted Wall Clock

 One of the top-rated utility gifts of all time is a wall clock. But many wonder how a simple clock can make a good gift. We have the perfect solution to this – gift a clock that makes their wall speak for itself.

This handcrafted ethnic wooden wall clock has appealing colours and elegant design.

 3. Reversible Blanket

 Talking about utility gifts, how can we forget to mention blankets? Everybody uses them and we hope your hosts are no different.

And we get that gifting a blanket can be a cliché. To get you over it, here is a set of 2 floral design reversible AC blankets

4.Antique Show Piece

 Since the house is new, your hosts would want to decorate it with new pieces that are attractive and appealing.

You can add to the beauty of their house by gifting them an antique showpiece to adorn their house.

This brass antique flying house can be put up on a shelf or study table and will make an enticing piece.

5.Monk Incense Holder

 Incense sticks and cones are no more designated only for shrines. People have found a way of inculcating them into their home.

You can give your host a backflow cone incense holder. A backflow cone holder gives the smoke to pass from under the cone, creating an illusion of a Smokey waterfall and leaving the viewers pleased

6.Metal Wall Hanging

 Wall hangings have seen a gradual change from old faced items to ultra-new and are currently standing on an amalgamation of the two.

People prefer to add statement pieces to their home now and you can be a gifter of one such piece.

This lady metal wall hanging will add a zing to your hosts’ new home that was missing on the walls.

7.Canvas Painting

 We are about to end our list with the one we started it– Lord Ganesh. Walls look empty unless it has paintings hung and this set of 5 canvas painting depicting Lord Ganesh in a surreal effect is everything your host was looking for.

Gifts are a depiction of your love and care that you have and feel for the other person. Make sure the things you are gifting are not measured in terms of money, but the feeling and thought behind it.