The lives that we lead these days are so hectic and fast paced that we often don’t have time to enjoy the smaller things in life – we might take that occasional holiday, but the moment we return home, you are mostly back to the old grind and whatever we had seen or enjoyed on the holiday is just a part of the memory. Our minds are almost constantly wanting to go back to holiday mode, but alas, it is often not possible; but bringing a little bit of those holiday memories is!
How to Bring A Little Nature Right Into Your Home
For most people, a holiday means going away some place where you can unplug, relax and of course recharge – you would think about going to the beach and soaking in the sun or away to some hidden forest location, where you are surrounded by water fountains. There is something so calming and so soothing about the sound of water and no matter where you are, you will have feel all that stress getting washed away and when you shop at eCraftIndia, it is very easy to bring that lovely trickling water sound into your interiors too!

Wondering how that is possible? Well, here’s a look into how you can bring a little bit of nature (and perhaps a few holiday memories) into your living spaces, by simply shopping at eCraftIndia:

  • Like we suggested that you can always look at water fountains, because one they are easy to install and will fit into pretty much any corner of your home or even office, and second, the gentle sound of water trickling is soothing for almost everyone. Moreover, there are those who suggest that flowing water in the house or work space can bring in good luck and even money. When you are looking at fountain options at eCraftIndia, you will find them aplenty, and choosing something that reminds of you dark rocks or perhaps white sandstone would be a good idea to bring in some nature.
  • At eCraftIndia, we offer some of the most incredible looking figurines and if you want to buy animals & birds figurines to deck up your living room, bedroom, dining area, or even work space, this would be the place for you. There are handcrafted animal and bird figures in brass and metal as well as marble, all of which are also a testament to the talent of local craftspeople and artisans. And these are pieces that truly sturdy and durable as well as extremely beautiful to look at. When you look at them carefully, you will be able to see the nuances of the animals and birds too!
  • What better way to wake up in the morning than to the sounds of chirping birds – well, you can enjoy that adorable cuckoo sound in your own home, every single day, should you choose to pick a cuckoo clock from the house of eCraftIndia. These hand crafted clocks will not only tell you the time but also allow you to enjoy that cuckoo popping out every hour, to fill your room with that chirpy sound!
  • Now while you can wake up to those cuckoo clock sounds, you can also sleep with a little bit of nature – while you can pick up plenty of home decor items online at eCraftIndia, you can also buy some lovely bedsheets, many of which have these pretty floral prints and will remind you the floor of flowers that you saw on your holiday. There are floral patterns, designs with leaves and trees and then there are also options where you can see an entire scenery on a bedspread. Not only are these bedspreads extremely comfortable and made with a high thread count, they are also very beautiful to look at. As a matter of fact, when you see the bedspreads, we are sure that you will immediately feel relaxed and perhaps even be transported to vacation world!
  • Let’s say you are someone who likes beauty with a dash of practicality and don’t want something in your living spaces that does not really serve a purpose, apart from looking pretty. How about some keyholders from eCraftIndia then? These are not only decorated with images of nature, but are also a wonderful way to keep your keys, tags, or even lanyards organised. There is a myriad different options on offer and you can choose ones that work with your interiors or ones that catch your attention the best!
  • At eCraftIndia, we offer you so many options that will allow you to bring nature into your homes and other living spaces – for instance, if you were to look at our collection of beautiful landscape paintings, you will see so many options, some of which are sure to capture your attention. From high mountain peaks, covered with snow to endless paths through tree lined villages, there are several choices for you. Whether you want a serene lotus pond or a sunset scene straight from the heart of the African desert, whether you want a sunset or a sunrise, you will be able to find them all! And then there also the options of sets – this means that rather than just one painting, you can invest in a set of two, three, or more paintings, which you can use on a single wall or in different rooms.
  • Should you be a true animal lover, then you will surely like our collection of animals, birds & fishes paintings – these paintings are made to re-instill a love of nature in you and of course bring a little bit of nature into your living spaces. Animals and birds have this incredible power to invoke a sense of awe in you, while also showcasing this purity and innocence that is often tough to find in the human world. From the glorious galloping horses to the dainty deer, from frolicking butterflies to delightful dolphins, there are so many animals, whose beauty has been captured in our paintings and these are sure to bring nature into your home or office spaces.
  • Just in case you are more of a sensory person, you might enjoy nature in the form of fragrances that take you back to open fields and forests of flowers. At eCraftIndia, we bring to you an exclusive range of scented candles that are sure to whisk you away to a different world altogether. Choose if you want to be a field of lavender or strolling through some strawberry fields; do you prefer the crisp citrus of lemon or the fruity fragrance of apples, because we bring to you all this and more. Whether you want to meditate or want to create a natural ambience of romance, these candles should do the trick of bringing a little bit of nature in!

At eCraftIndia, we aim to give you a home that you want to be within and want to share with your loved ones; by bringing in some elements of nature, you are not only making your home more inviting, you will notice that your overall focus and productivity improve as well. And then there will be all those compliments that you will get from the guests who come to your home and see how you have created that wonderful harmony with nature!