When the day is done and you are tired and just want a chance to unwind, it is your bedroom that comes to your rescue – this is the one place where you can be you! This is the one room in the entire house, where you do not need to pretend or even dress up; your bedroom is your only truly private space. Whether you want simple bedroom decorating ideas or you want something really elaborate, where you shop for your home decor is perhaps the most important part.

How To Decorate A Bedroom A Comprehensive Guide

At eCraftIndia, you can find some of the prettiest home décor options and if you are looking to completely renovate or simply rejuvenate your existing bedroom, you should be able to find plenty of really cool options. What is great about shopping at our store is that you can find options that are truly rooted in the traditions of our country as well as objects that are completely modern! This allows you to pick the options that work the best for you or you could always go for a mix and match too – the choice is yours.

However, if you are looking for some really cool ideas on how to decorate a bedroom, we have plenty of them:
  • Start with something that is almost basic – the centre of the bedroom is always the bed and while choosing a really good mattress is of utmost importance, a good night’s sleep is also dependent on the bedsheet you spread. Consider this – if the bedsheet you use is rough and is not soft enough, there is no way you will feel comfortable on it. But when you lie down on a bedsheet that is super soft, has a high thread count and gentle on the skin, you will sleep like a baby. At eCraftIndia, there are so many double bedsheets to choose from, that you might find yourself slightly confused – about which ones to choose and which ones to leave out of your cart! There is actually so much to choose from here; if you want to create a slightly traditional look in your bedroom, you can pick from our Jaipuri print bedsheets or if you want something more modern, you can look for floral or geometric prints.
  • Then there are the walls – perhaps the most important part of any room, because these walls not only offer you the privacy you need, but also a canvas, where you can display so much. If it is your own home, you have the option to paint the walls in colours that you like or get additions like wallpaper or texture. But what do you do when you are in a rental home – you invest in stunning wall decoration for bedroom. When you are shopping at ECraftIndia, you will see that there is a plethora of options to pick from – you can look at metal décor pieces that are incredible examples of the talent of the local craftspeople of India. whether you want something creative or something with a tinge of spiritual, whether you want something that is bright and colourful or something that gives room character as well as some light, we are sure that you will be able to find lots of choices. There are also wall paintings for bedroom that are a wonderful way to add some colour to any room, without having to do much. At eCraftIndia, there are lots of different types of paintings; from spiritual ones to paintings of nature and animals. If you have a large enough bedroom wall, you could even look at investing in a set of two or three paintings.
  • When you are looking on interesting ways of how to decorate bedroom walls, another interesting addition would be a statement clock – after all, you need to know the time when you are in the bedroom; right from the time you wake up, to getting dressed to finally turning in for the night. A clock, especially when well chosen can become not only a décor piece in your bedroom, but also serves the practical purpose. We at eCraftIndia, bring to you a huge range of clocks, which include those with a traditional look to those which are completely modern. Pick a designer wall clock that will add to the charm of your room, while keeping you on time too!
  • At the end of the day, a bedroom is a sacred space that a coupe share; a place where they share their hopes and aspirations and of course their most private moments. This is where you might think a little about romantic bedroom décor, especially on days that mean something to you, like birthdays, anniversaries and of course, Valentine’s Day. To create that romantic mood in your room, lighting would probably be the best idea and at eCraftIndia, you can choose from a collection of lighting options. You can look at diyas with a traditional touch, which can create that ambience of almost divine romance. There are also more modern options such as tealight holders, in which you can place tealight candles and watch the gentle flickering lights within that scatter coloured patterns onto the walls. Another one of the easier light decoration ideas for bedroom that can add some light, warmth and fragrance into your bedroom is by placing some scented candles, perhaps one of the easiest ways to create instant romance.
  • If you are looking to amp up the charm and romance element in your bedroom, you could consider fountains – the gentle trickling sound of the water, the soft lighting all add to the creation of a peaceful atmosphere that is paramount for a bedroom. At eCraftIndia, you can find fountains in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours and you can pick the ones you like the most or suit your décor theme the most. In case you use your bedroom, for your yoga or meditation sessions, the fountain will actually be a helpful addition, because it can create that element of calm too.
  • There are also bedroom accessories that you can choose that add charm and maybe even a little bit pf glamour to your bedroom. For instance, if you look at the collections of swans that we have at eCraftIndia, you will see not only artistry, but also the innate romance they portray. For those who like a little bit of rustic charm in their bedroom, there are bullock carts and those who like a little bit of modern, there are art pieces that are handcrafted.
Whether you are looking for small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget or have a large bedroom that you want to set up in a lavish manner, at eCraftIndia, you will be able to find it all. For your small bedroom, look for small objects that you can place on the cabinet by the bed or maybe even on the window sill and for your larger bedroom, go for those painting sets that will elevate a plain wall to something special. And every time you pick something from our stores, you are not only buying something that is made in India, but by artisans and craftspeople who have been handed down the skills, through the generations!