The owl statue in Feng Shui is a symbol of fortune, insight, knowledge, and protecting forces. A potent Home Decor Items symbol for attracting success and abundance, the owl is also revered in traditional Chinese philosophy. In Indo-European culture, the nocturnal bird is well recognised to be a guardian, most notably in Greek mythology where goddess Athena is portrayed as taking the shape of an owl.
Hindus consider it to be both lucky and unfavorable. Others hate owls, while some people hang up posters of them in their houses. In Indian tradition, the name "owl" has long been linked to idiots. But you might be shocked to find that in Greek mythology, the owl is considered as a cunning creature. In Hindu tradition, however, only a small portion of people believe that everything is fortunate. Everything is considered lucky in feng shui. It is believed that the owl represents prosperity and good fortune.

Owl Home Decor
Feng Shui reveals several intriguing advantages:

  • To expel unfavorable forces
    The Feng Shui owl sign has the power to both repel misfortune and ill luck as well as turn them around. It should ideally be placed in a spot that needs protection and a lot of good energy. Choose a beautiful Feng Shui Items item like a gold-plated figurine or a charming artwork of an owl family. Place the owl decor towards the street in front of the house. As the poison arrows approach the home, this helps to deflect them.
  • To increase the flow of currency
    In Feng Shui, the owl showpiece vastu represents wealth, which promotes increased money flow. Decorate renown and reputation's southeast or south corner with a lovely bird picture.
  • To increase understanding
    You may surround yourself with positive energies that promote success, wisdom, and understanding by placing the emblem on a work or study table. Not only would owl wall hanging make wonderful wall decorations in the study area, but they would also be the ideal Handicraft Items for academic achievement. They should be put in the northwest or north corner.
  • Yang energy to increase
    Significant yang energy is present in the owl symbol. Place the owl home decor in any corners that need more firm energy support.

Applications for Owls in Feng Shui
Whatever their symbolic value, owls have long been a common subject for home design. Figurines, Wall Decor Items, and artwork all include owl motifs. It may be included into the feng shui of your property, from cute to serious. Try hanging some owl painting vastu in your house if you feel a connection to them or if you want to develop your vision, wisdom, and intuition.

  • Entrance
    Your home's entrance is a metaphor for the entrance of life force energy. Protection and the capacity to discern the invisible are two of the owl's symbolic connotations. To protect against any sneaky disruptive energies that could invade your home, display an owl statue at home. The owl may continue to watch your front entrance with its large eyes.
  • Open Career Area
    You may overlay the feng shui bagua, an energy map used in feng shui, over the floor plan of your property. One section is known as Kan, or the Career area, and it has to do with both the water element and your life's route. The owl vastu symbol may be used to find and activate this spot in your house. As a result of the owl's expert nighttime navigation, your water element will be enhanced, allowing you to function more fluidly.
  • The Altar
    An altar is a designated area in your house where you can keep spiritual reminders and self-cultivation items like a meditation cushion. This is the perfect spot to find a wall art owl if it has special value for you.
    - Place the owl figurine facing the flow of traffic to keep bad energy away from your house. The owl figurine may be used as a window sill decoration or as porch furniture.
    - Placing the owl sculpture on your desk or work table can help you succeed in school and in your career. It should be placed at the table's northwest corner. This will also provide energy for knowledge and intellect when studying.
    - Hang paintings or Owl Theme Key Holder in the corners of your home to draw in yang energy, which is characterized by optimism and activity.
    - In your business or workplace, you might put the owl figurine close to the accounting records or the cash register for wealth growth. To organize your monthly budget, you can even put it on the desk or table where you sit.
    - Place the owl statue for good luck in the lobby of your company to boost sales and draw customers.
    - The southwest or south sides of your living room or bedroom are appropriate locations for the owl to be placed in order to draw development and success.

Where should we store the owl Vastu or hang the owl picture in the house?
If you're wondering whether an owl is excellent for a home and want to have a photo or other display of one in your residence, the answer is that you may place one in any room. It will be a comfortable environment where you maintain the owl display or photograph. When an owl image or symbol is shown, there is no worry about receiving the "evil eye," and the home is a happy place with wholesome connections. According to Feng shui, the Owl Showpiece should be kept on the floor of the room. On the market, there are many various kinds of antique designs that look fantastic in homes. If you like, you are welcome to host an owl or its family.

  • The ideal present is owl as per vastu for displaying on the work desks of student scientists and executives of companies.
  • the most common icon used to encourage academic success on student desks. It is said to enhance academic fortune. In the areas of wisdom and knowledge, the owl sends out strong, favorable feelings.
  • A text from antiquity claims that the owl is the goddess Lakshmi ji's chariot. To achieve success at home, place it on the northwest corner.
  • Position it in the house so that it faces the front door and faces the main entrance to shield the family from harm and bad spirits. An effective deterrent against negative energy is the owl.
  • The owl may help you connect to the night and dawn of fresh beginnings and is very feminine. It also carries moon energy.
  • To draw clients and potential purchasers, put it in the conference room or waiting area.
  • It aids in your success and financial stability and is one of the instruments that will promote your personal growth. People who struggle with money, failure in their job or business, health concerns, or a lack of money coming in relative to their hard work will find it most helpful.

How Can Owls Improve Your Feng Shui Practice?

  • The location of the owl alone won't bring the Feng Shui philosophy to life. Feng shui practitioners who have seen its benefits also suggest making a few lifestyle modifications.
  • These include showing gratitude and appreciating what they already have. Be attentive of your voice and behavior as well as your environment and add these to the list of other things to do.
  • Negative energy may be released through giving to charity and assisting people in need.
  • The advantages should come to you as quickly as possible if you take these steps and have the appropriate owl in Feng Shui placement.


Where should you put an owl statue at home?
Any location of the home where one wants luck and money to flow, protection from evil, or positive energy might be given a Feng Shui wooden owl statue.
How much good fortune do owls bring?
Owls may provide direction or serve as a symbol of excellent insight and intuition. These birds may indicate a threat that may be avoided, or they may portend prosperity or favorable change. Owls are also regarded in certain cultures as gods' messengers or conduits to the afterlife.
Which owl color is auspicious?
Different people have different ideas about the bird. Some believe that seeing an owl brings luck, while others believe it to be a terrible omen. A white owl statue, on the other hand, is said to bring luck, whilst any other owl is said to be a negative omen.
Can we give an owl as a gift?
It is both endearing and respectable to utilize an owl as the Owl Wall Art. Unquestionably, it's one of the best presents you can offer to a friend, family member, or owl enthusiast.
What is the owl's superstition?
As omens of poor fortune and even death, owls have long been considered. One urban legend claims that anybody who hears an owl hoot three times will experience bad luck. The only animals that can coexist with ghosts, according to a strange folklore, are owls.
When installing an owl statue using Feng Shui principles, there are a few considerations to make. To begin with, it's crucial to check that the monument is facing the roadway. This makes it easier to keep poison arrows away from the house. The owl Bird Figurines should also be positioned so that its eyes are level with those of visitors to the house. This encourages attentiveness and a sense of protection. There are a few considerations to make in relation to wall hanging owls and Feng Shui. These straightforward suggestions will enable you to give your house a sense of security and prosperity.