Indian Paintings

Indian paintings have very long folklore and archives in Indian artworks. Indian artworks have been appreciated for ages now and have always been in trend since then. Paintings are a part of Indian artworks. Paintings are found in many different styles and sizes.
Vernacular Indian paintings are modern art based on the history of traditions and religions. This type of painting is based on the memory of groups. It consists of Tribal paintings (Bhil, Warli, Gond, etc) and Rural paintings(Madhubani, Kalamkari, etc).

Indian Paintings

History of Indian Paintings

The pre-historic Indian paintings were usually performed on stones and these stone carvings were known as Petroglyphs. These Indian paintings commonly depict animals like buffalo, beer and felines, etc. The most traditional Indian paintings are stone art in caves that are around 30,000 years old, such as the Bhimbetka cave Indian paintings. The account of Indian mural paintings commences in classical and early antiquated times, from the 2nd centenary BC to 8th – 10th centenary AD. There are identified more than 20 places around India comprising murals from this era, mainly original caves and rock-cut rooms. The most important accomplishments of this era are the caves of Ajanta, Ellora, and many other caves.

Indian Murals from this era represent essentially religious ideas of Buddhist, Jain, and Hindu mythologies. There are places where Indian paintings were created to enhance ordinary axioms, like the antique drama room in Jogimara cave and potential royal shooting lodge circa in the 7th centenary AD, the Ravan Chhaya stone shield. The design of great scale wall painting which had ruled the picture beheld the appearance of diminutive paintings throughout the 11th and 12th centenaries. This unique technique was understood first in the structure of figures engraved on palm-leaf scripts. The contents of these writings included writing on Buddhism and Jainism. In easterly India, the major centers of aesthetic and cerebral actions of the Buddhist religion.

And many other ancient paintings can be found in the archives. India is famous for these as people from across the world come to see these amazingly done ancient Indian artworks. Indian paintings are also famously known across the globe. Listed below are the 10 different types of Indian paintings that you can find buy paintings online India and can also gift them to your friends and family members.

These kinds of paintings are all available on our online portal. 10 different types of Indian paintings are:

1. Landscape Paintings

Landscape paintings, also recognized as landscape art, is the source of landscapes in the formation of art that is original scene such as mountains, fields, trees, rivers, and forests, particularly where the main theme is a wide display with its elements arranged into a united construction. These paintings can be hanged in your living room or your dormitory or your studio room as it would cause you a sense of calmness and the strength to imagine faster and in the correct way. This also stands as an excellent choice for a housewarming gift, birthday gift, etc.

2. Miniature Paintings

Miniature Paintings or art is a variety that focuses on painting, representation, and modeling with a sufficient archive that reports back to the writers of classical times. Miniature paintings have been created for over 1000 years and are appreciated by experts. Miniatures are conducted on a very little scale for publications or reports on perishable elements such as writing and cloth. A few Miniature Art Institutes hold annual shows around the earth.

3. Figurative Paintings

Figurative paintings are a sort of art where the theme in the painting relates to real-life figures like human beings, etc. They are driven by real-life examples or humans. Many artists are well-known and appreciated for their figurative paintings. These paintings give a feeling of authenticity in one's home decor. Figurative paintings at our online portal illuminate art that is taken from real receiver sources and so is, by description known as representable.

4. Still Life Paintings

A still life is a description of artwork depicting basically stagnant stuff matter, typically normal objects that are both physical or fabricated. A still life is a painting highlighting a grouping of stationary, regular features, whether original items such as creepers, salad, seafood, and entertainment materials, etc or designed items such as books, vessels, earthenware, etc.

5. Radha Krishna Paintings

Radha Krishna is collectively recognized in Hindu culture as the combined appearance of the feminine as well as the masculine deities of God. Radha and Krishna are the primal forms of God. People favor to have Radha Krishna framed paintings in their home or to be more specific in their puja Ghar, living room, or corridor. Buy Radha Krishna Paintings online from eCraftIndia for your home as well as your office.

6. Canvas Paintings

Canvas Painting is also generally utilized by specialists as painting exterior, generally extended beyond a wooden frame. Canvas has developed the most prevalent sustaining agent for oil painting, capturing in wood insets. It was practiced from the 14th century in Italy, but only rarely. These canvas paintings can simply do a lot to your place by uplifting the vibe.

7. Religious Paintings

Religious paintings of divine art is an elegant representation utilizing religious motive and ideas and is usually intended to uplift the spirit to the divine. Religious art includes the practice and rites orders and working and powerful traits of the path of the pure perception inside the artist's religious painting.

8. Abstract Paintings

Abstract paintings at our portal utilize a visible language of form, shape, hue, and elements to create a sequence that may remain with a degree of liberty from the visible mark in nature. Abstract painting is a modern art that does not represent the spectacles of our regular life. It has color, lines, and forms, but they are not required to illustrate features or living things. Abstract art is seen in paintings and sculptures.

9. Folkart Paintings

Folkart is rooted in faiths that come from a community and archives that signifying artistic situation by delivering shared citizenry interests and aesthetics. Folk art paintings comprise a range of realistic and beautiful determinants, including material, wood, journal, clay, ingredient, and more. Folkart paintings at our online store include all sorts of optic art created in the sense of folk production. Specifications change, but frequently, the objects have a moderate value of unique practice, slightly than referring especially delicate.

10. Ganesha Paintings

Lord Ganesha is understood to be one of the most important and most revered deities in Hindu culture. It is said that Lord Ganesha draws success and victory in one's life and also the reverer of eliminating barriers. As the god of ceremonies, Lord Ganesha is worshiped at the start of ceremonies and traditions. Lord Ganesha is also pleaded as a source of information and education through work sessions.


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