Daughters are a significant part of any family. In India, daughters are regarded as the goddess Lakshmi (deity of wealth and prosperity). Unfortunately, the reality is that in many parts of the world, girls are always seen as inferior. No matter how many slogans and messages regarding girls are circulated throughout a country, their situation would never improve. Make your daughter or granddaughter feel special by surprising her with motivational quotes paintings to cheer her up when she is having a bad day.

International Daughter's Day: Date, History, Significance & Celebration

When is national daughter's day celebrated?

Every year, the final Sunday in September is designated as Daughter's Day. This year it is celebrated on 25 September 2022. On this upcoming daughter's day don't forget to make your daughter smile and tell her that you are proud to have her. Just as we honor our mothers and fathers on Mother's Day and Father's Day, we praise all of the world's daughters on Daughter's Day.
This day is also observed to promote the message of the importance of daughters in our lives and to express gratitude to them. Thanks to the founder Archies Limited for introducing this daughter's day to all the lovely female children.

What is the significance of daughter's day?

It is the only day when a female child can be proud of being their parents' favorite. In many countries, many families welcome daughters cheerfully. However, there are still some places where having a girl kid in the family is considered disgraceful. Many women are abandoned by their in-laws after having a female baby. When things go too far, both mothers and daughters suffer in the end. The objective of Happy Daughter's Day is to create awareness about what daughters are accomplishing in various industries and how they are changing the world.

How to celebrate national daughter's day?

Make every effort to put a beautiful smile on your daughter's face by doing things that are special to her. You have a greater understanding of your child's likes and dislikes. Has your kid had a longing for something? If that is so
Arrange a surprise present, cook her favorite meal for the entire day,
Take her to new shopping malls.
Give her a lovely family of mother, daughter, and granddaughter decorative showpieces from an online store.
Purchasing items online will save you both time and money, and why waste time going to different stores in the age of the internet? Your daughter adores you, and if a problem arises, she turns to you for help. She also wanted to be treated special sometimes, and only her parents could make her feel grateful. However, if you write a little poem or a handwritten note, it will warm her heart.

What role do girls play in your family?

The life of a daughter is filled with vivid memories. Even though she only has one heart, it is filled with love, compassion, and care for everybody. Her relationship with each member of the family is unique and friendly. She gets more compassionate, caring, and sympathetic toward others as she matures. If you have a daughter in your life, you are fortunate; many people have warned you about the disadvantages of having a daughter, but as time goes by, you will be proud of your daughter. Do not listen to society, let them talk. They are just like hindrances in your life, whatever they chastise is a waste coming out of their mouth. As their goal is to deflate anyone's enjoyment, it's best to disregard such criticism and keep moving forward.
Be proud of your daughter, a son may change after marriage, but a daughter always remains the same; she never disregards her parents and always chooses first. Don't you want to amaze your darling daughter with something extraordinary?
Buy her favorite dress,
You can make a DIY item that she will remember forever, or
Give her some lovely Ganesha canvas paintings that she can hang on her room's wall.

When is International daughter's day?

International daughter's day is celebrated on the last Sunday of September. Families may consider the day as an opportunity to express thanks for a girl's life. They may grab the opportunity to praise her status as a daughter and the family she has. Many folks are looking forward to spending the day with their families and making memories. You can take your daughter to a famous national park, beach, and jungle safari. Make her feel best that she can never forget the day ever. Daughter's day comes once a year when you will get the next chance to celebrate this amazing day with her? So, take some time out of your busy schedule and plan a lovely family party where everyone has to say a few words about why she is important. We ensure that after receiving so much praise, she will be unable to control herself.

What makes your daughters so dear to you?

Every daughter embodies their parents' image in some way. A daughter can teach you how to be a patient and good parent. The birth of a daughter profoundly alters the lives of families. She provides you with a lot of affection, joy, enthusiasm, and obligations. Her adorable tiny actions and smile take away all the pain and work worthwhile. Every parent's ambition is to take care of their daughter, feed her well, and provide her with the greatest of everything. The role shifts as she matures and becomes self-sufficient.
A daughter continues to look after her parents and provides them with so much love and happiness. She becomes more than a child to them; she becomes a companion and provides the moral support that parents often require as they become older. She makes sure they have everything they need to live a peaceful and harmonious life. Who says that daughters are fragile?
Many young women are achieving their goals by pursuing numerous things and gaining a great deal of respect and reputation.
Women like Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg are fantastic role models for young daughters who have achieved a lot in their lives.
Purchase some beautiful Ganesha idols or home decor showpieces for your brave daughter to promote happiness in her life.


It is sad to know that girls have gone through a lot of problems, it does not matter if they are young or adults. Every day we hear news related to the killing of girls before they take birth. It is simple to make a poster or write a thousand-word essay about how girls are important in our lives but when it comes to implementing those things in real life, nobody comes forward. It is even painful to live in a country where girls are regarded as Lakshmi on the other hand, she is being treated badly throughout her entire life.
Especially in India, still in some villages, daughters are forced to get married at an early age, do you realize how this affects their mental health? When she is young and following her ambitions, there is always someone from her family who wants to drag her down and prevent her from achieving her goals. If the restrictions are removed, daughters can find their passion and work like men as well. On this national daughter's day, acknowledge your daughter by telling her how important she is to you. You can check out some gifts like god idols, handicraft decor pieces, colorful lamps, and many more.