Men are considered emotionless living beings, right? Men are regarded as powerful individuals due to stereotypical beliefs that they are competent enough to withstand their emotions. Due to this perspective, most men are unable to express their inner feelings to others. The theme of International Men's Day is the mental health of males and how to support your male friends in their hard times. It emphasizes the difficulties a guy faces throughout his life due to the misconceptions about being a man. Give your male friends a beautiful painting of a famous inspirational character or wooden wall clocks for their studio to observe this day.
International Men's Day Date, History, Theme, Significance & Celebration

When is international men's day?

Every year on November 19th, International men's day is honored. Thomas Oaster initiated the first men's day on February 7th, 1992. He believed that men were not properly appreciated enough. It was successful for a few years before ceasing to celebrate together. Later, in 1999, Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, a professor from Trinidad and Tobago, shifted the international men's day to November 19th, and it has been celebrated since then. The date is important not because of Teelucksingh's father's birth date, but because the Trinidad and Tobago soccer team were selected for the World Cup on the same date in 1989, illustrating their unity.

What does International Men's Day represent?

Every holiday conveys an important message. International Men's Day is a day dedicated to all men who are struggling with their mental health, domestic violence, and gender discrimination. According to multiple World Health Organization reports, suicide and heart attacks appear to be more common in men. Men, in comparison to women, are more susceptible to long-term illnesses like depression, dementia, heart attack.
It's a pity that men are compelled to follow society's beliefs. You have heard of others saying that men don't cry, men are the bread earners of their family, and women should marry a man who has a steady career and many more things. Imagine how much pressure the guy is under while handling all of those things at the same time. We have overloaded men with several expectations that it is difficult for them to follow.

How do you celebrate Men's Day with your male friends?

This day is generally honored by holding conferences, seminars on how men are handling difficult situations, award functions, lectures, and the offering of gifts to men all over the world. There is no official holiday on this day; instead, it serves as a reminder that men are not puppets; they can feel pain, cry, and get frustrated when things are messed up. To make this day memorable for your male guys-
  1. Ask him if something is bothering him
  2. Plan a surprise dinner
  3. You can give him a collection of Indian handicraft items
These small gestures can easily win your friend's heart. They were initially hesitant to respond clearly, but they gradually became more open. You will see why men are so reluctant to express themselves because no one pays attention to them. They have learned to stay strong in any situation due to societal pressure.

Why is this men's day so popular?

International Men's Day encourages men to open up and communicate with others. This day has a major purpose these days-
  1. To draw attention to mental health problems in men also other health and cultural issues.
  2. Old ideas about what manliness means in the community are required to be modified so that men can freely express themselves.
  3. Allow men to communicate and stop throwing a burden on them by saying they can handle it.
  4. Break the pattern of thinking that "man is always a man."
As our culture begins to break down stigma and prejudices, there is an increasing requirement for boys and young men to recognize positive examples who represent the true attributes of manhood; compassion, benevolence, willpower, and clear, healthy interaction are among them. The month of November, as well as International Men's Day, provides a great opportunity in our world culture to represent the exact face of manliness to those who want to see it.

What kind of presents can you give to men?

An online store offers a wide range of gifts. What's the point of choosing online? Because it allows you the freedom that you would not have if you were shopping outside. You also get a lot of discounts that are difficult to come by in other markets. You can give your male guys:
  1. Wall key holders as a house decor items
  2. Stunning brass human miniatures
  3. Watch organiser box to safely store their watch
If you have a large number of male family members or friends, throw a small party and invite the rest of your family to say a few words about their male friends and partners. You could also write your partner or brother a handwritten note conveying your respect and appreciation. Tell them they are not alone in this world and that they can talk to you about any issues.

Why is International Men's Day so important nowadays?

This day raises awareness about the gender disparities that men face. Men are often accused of being unable to feel pain. Some of you may have overheard others say that because he is a man, hitting him is acceptable. Let me assure you that it is not; hitting someone because of their gender is completely unacceptable. We as humans have created a concept that men are supposed to be robust, and the community has created a statement that any male who does not keep his family happy is worthless.
  1. Why is it that men have to maintain all the financial goals?
  2. Why do men have to live their life to society's expectations?
  3. Why should we judge the man just because he was crying?
This international men's day dismisses the stereotypical view that men are capable of everything. Enable your man to speak for himself. Do you know how many men are victims of domestic violence who are afraid to speak up because no one will believe them due to their gender? Imagine the severity of the situation.


Give your male friends the outlet to communicate themselves on the upcoming International Men's Day. If some of them live in different places, express your admiration to them by purchasing decorative showpieces online, a tiny idol for their living room, handmade DIY items, buying tea coffee mugs online, or writing down all of your man's accomplishments and reading them to them. Many people have questioned why there is no special day for men if there is a women's day. This day is not attacking the concept of women's day. Anyone can celebrate this great day, whether the person is a male or female.
Its purpose is to familiarize people with man's complexities, highlight the daily gender issues that men face, and showcase the rising number of suicide cases among men under the age of 45. Women's and men's days have completely different meanings. Yes, men have dominated society for a long time, but convincing them that they are capable of anything is incorrect. Enjoy this wonderful day with your male friends or family members, and don't forget to browse an online store for the best gifts for men.