The scriptures claim that Lord Hanuman seems to be an avatar (manifestation) of Lord Shiva who came to assist Lord Ram, who was a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Ram himself was an avatar of Lord Shiva. Lord Hanuman's devotion to Lord Ram was so unwavering that both Shiva and Vishnu are thought to have been embodied in him. People come to worship Panchmukhi Hanuman Murti in order to pray and obtain blessings.

No plea made to him goes unanswered, and his face conveys friendliness and approachability. Lord Hanuman symbolizes highly evolved prana, or life consciousness. In spite of being brave and strong, he is kind and uncomplicated. From eCraftIndia, you can purchase god idols online. The most popular prayer said in adoration and request of Lord Hanuman's blessings is known as the Hanuman Chalisa.
Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman

Symbolism of Panchmukhi Hanuman
It is thought that one of his virat (giant) forms is the Panchamukhi Anjaneya Swamy or the Panchmukhi Hanuman. Others go so far as to say that Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman exists in two different forms. The first form, which consists of five majestic faces and is all of Hanuman, is the less common one. Five magnificent faces, each of which belonged to a different god:
- Lord Hanuman: He keeps his unwavering commitment to the east. Hanuman worship provides calm, purity, contentment, and fulfillment while also assisting one in purging one's faults.
- Lord Narasimha: The lion form of Lord Vishnu is one of his numerous incarnations. It faces south. To defend Prahlada, a follower of his, Lord Vishnu assumed this appearance. Fear is banished by worshiping Narasimha. The devotee receives benefits in the form of triumph and fearlessness.
- Lord Garuda: The Garuda or eagle is a Panchmukhi Hanuman manifestation that faces west. He provides defense against nefarious forces, dark magic, and demonic spirits.
- Lord Adivaraha: Another manifestation that is said to mitigate the negative consequences of planetary changes is the boar. Varaha brings wealth and prosperity to those who face north.
- Lord Hayagriva: One is blessed with wisdom, offspring, and emancipation when the horse's shape is facing upward.
It is amazing and inspirational to see the Lord Panchmukhi Hanuman. When Vayu Putra Hanuman was entrusted with the duty of rescuing Lord Ram's life at Patala, this form first appeared. It is hardly surprising that this form has access to a variety of weapons, including the parashu (battle ax), chakra (disc), gada (mace), trishul (trident), and khanda (sword).
Significance of Panchmukhi Hanuman
Panchmukhi Hanuman, also known as Anjaniputra, possesses ten weapons, according to Vedic literature in the Hanumath Prakaranam in Sri Vidyarnavatantram. East, west, north, south, and upward are represented by the panchmukhi form of Lord Hanuman, which also represents awareness and control over these directions. Shop the greatest selection of Lord Hanuman paintings at eCraftIndia.
- Sri Hanuman (Original)-East: Cleanses your entire sinfulness and bestows mental purity.
- Garuda- West: Eliminates all lethal effects from one's body and drives out black magic influences, bad spells, and negative spirits. Being the King of birds, Garuda is a vehicle for the Hindu deity Vishnu, who is also known as the God of Death. A Vedic text built on this understanding is the Garuda Purana.
- Varaha- North: provides all eight sorts of prosperity and lessens the problems brought on by the planets' negative influences (Ashta Aishwarya). Another Bhagwan Vishnu incarnation is Varaha, who became this shape and excavated land. Hanumanji may have possessed this visage while acquiring the Sanjeev Mountain.
- Narasimha- South: eliminates the dread of the opposition and grants victory. Bhagwan Vishnu assumed the shape of a lion to become Narasimha in order to save Prahlad, one of his followers, from Hiranyakashipu. It's possible that Hanumanji got this expression while Sri Lanka was burning and he was engaged in combat.
- Hayagriva- Upwards: The face of Urdhva Mukha bestows success, wisdom, a nice wife, and offspring.
Panchmukhi Stotra or Mantra
Every one of Anjani Putra's five forms is praised in the Panchmukhi Stotra or Stotram. This stotra's recitation helps you stay safe from problems and drives away bad or negative elements.
Hanuman Chalisa
Without mentioning the Hanuman Chalisa, no list of Lord Hanuman's prayers can begin. These 40 couplets eloquently encapsulate Hanuman's splendour, his devotion to Lord Ram, his countless virtues, and all the ways he safeguards and enlightens both his followers and Lord Ram's. In the Chalisa, it is mentioned how Hanuman helped Lord Ram in many ways and the rewards he received in return. Any follower of Lord Hanuman, but particularly those who recite this prayer 100 times, are said to be liberated from all bonds and to have attained boundless pleasure.
Hanuman Mantra
ॐ हनुमते नमः॥
Om Hanumate Namah॥
Lord Hanuman is portrayed in the scriptures as being among the nicest and most accessible deities. He is constantly eager to alleviate his devotees' suffering. You may use this straightforward mantra to remove all of your difficulties and hurdles from life. This mantra can help you achieve the success you most want at work, thus it's also a job-fulfillment mantra.
Hanuman Gayatri Mantra
ॐ आञ्जनेयाय विद्महे वायुपुत्राय धीमहि। तन्नो हनुमत् प्रचोदयात्॥
Om Anjaneyaya Vidmahe Vayuputraya Dhimahi। Tanno Hanumat Prachodayat॥
In addition to giving his followers courage and power, Lord Hanuman also instils wisdom and intuition in them. Lord Hanuman is one of the rare individuals who has mastered both Navanidhi, or nine heavenly abilities, and Ashta Siddhi, or eight yogic accomplishments. By reciting the Hanuman Gayatri Mantra, one can acquire the traits that Lord Hanuman is praised for.
Sundar Kand
अतुलितबलधामं हेमशैलाभदेहं
दनुजबनकृशानुम , ग्यानिनामअग्रगण्यं
सकल गुण निधानं वानरानामधीशं
रघुपति प्रिय भक्तं वातजातं नमामि
1. (I bow to Sri Hanuman) Whose enormous body resembles a golden mountain and who is an abode of unmatched might.
2. Who is the most important among the jnanis and is like a roaring fire over the jungle of demons (the wise ones).
3. The lord of the monkeys and a reservoir of all positive traits.
4: I praise Sri Hanuman, who is the son of Vayu Deva and a devoted follower of Raghupati (Sri Rama).
Ancient gurus and masters said that reciting the SundarKand aloud might remove whatever challenges you and your family are now suffering in life and grant you and your family unfathomable blessings.
Hanuman Beeja Mantra
|| ॐ ऐं भ्रीम हनुमते, श्री राम दूताय नम: ||
Aum Aeem Bhreem Hanumate Shree Ram Dootaya Namaha
The root chants, or beeja mantras, are considered to be the most effective chants according to several Hindu scriptures. This Hanuman beej mantra is thought to be the most effective approach to appease Lord Hanuman and get his blessings.
Worshiping Panchmukhi Hanuman Benefits
- Puja and prayer may be used to overcome both internal and external adversaries. By praying Ram Darbar Murti, and wear lockets, and utilizing the mantras, one can conquer their rage, desire, ego, ignorance, hatred, etc.
- To overcome numerous challenges in life.
- To live a long life, be strong, and achieve fame.
- To get rid of anxiety and unfavorable ideas.
- Capable of getting restful sleep.
- To get desired results.
How to worship Panchmukhi Hanuman at home
- Early in the morning, after dawn, or during the pradosh time, the puja should be conducted. Buy Panchmukhi Hanuman idols from our collection.
- Place the Panchmukhi Hanuman idol, image, portrait, or painting on the crimson cloth here on the south side of the home.
- Puja must be done towards the south, and the person doing the puja must dress in red.
- Take a kalash, add water to it, then add some red flowers and sindoor. Mango and coconut leaves are used to seal the kalash. Keep this next to the Panchmukhi Hanuman statue, painting, or portrait. Apply Sindhoor to the Kalash.
- Mustard oil should be used to light a copper lamp. It's preferable to use just one wick.
- A red flower should be used for the dhoop or agarbatti.
- Red flowers should be presented.
– Present Sindoor.
- Use red sandalwood paste to apply a tilak.
- Use jaggery to prepare meals such as prasad or bhog. It should be shared with family and children afterwards. Offer any fruit that is in season if that is not feasible.
- Chant the mantra "108 times" to get the desired effect. On a crimson chandan mala, keep the count.
- The kalash's contents, including the water inside, should be disposed of behind a peepal tree.
What is Panchmukhi Hanuman?
One of Lord Hanuman's greatest forms is Panchamukhi Hanuman, who appears to have five faces, thus the name PANCHAMUKHI. This form is extremely strong and energizing.
Why is Hanuman called Panchmukhi?
Hanuman discovered that the five lamps, which were positioned in a variety of orientations, concealed Ahiravana's life. Only by lighting all five bulbs at once was it possible to put an end to him. Hanuman had to assume Panchamukha Hanuman's form in order to do this.
Where to place Panchmukhi Hanuman photos at home?
An image of Panchmukhi Hanuman should be displayed at the front door of your home. It is thought to be advantageous to hang a Hanuman portrait or painting at the south side of the home.
In Hindu and the Ramayana, Panchmukhi Hanuman is of great importance. Placing Lord Hanuman idols in Panchmukhi avatars and wearing Kavach will shield you from bad energy and grant pleasure, money, and success. Additionally, a Panchmukhi idol positioned in various orientations will fix all of your home's Vastu problems.
Therefore, Hinduism regards the panchmukhi Hanuman as the most lucky deity. He is reputed to shield his followers from evil spirits, foes, and even negative ideas. Since Hanuman is regarded as one of the gods with the most strength and might, Panchmukhi Hanuman paintings are frequently worshiped during difficult times.