Maharashtra Day 2022: Sunday, 1 May 2022

Maharashtra Day, typically understood as Maharashtra Din is a state break in the Indian nation state of Maharashtra, celebrating the building of the state of Maharashtra from the regiment of the Bombay State on 1st of May in the year 1960. Maharashtra Day is generally associated with marches and political sermons and traditions, in an addendum to diverse other crowd and personal affairs honoring the narrative and practices of Maharashtra. It is honored to celebrate the outcome of a Marathi-speaking state called Maharashtra. Monuments Paintings Online are also attached in various museums and homes that remind people of this very day. On this day, the state administration and personal sector undertake new assignments and projects. Liquor sales to Indians are banned on Maharashtra Diwas across the land of the state.

Maharashtra Day: Date, Significance, Celebration & How Was The State Formed?

How was the Maharashtra state formed?

Before, the state of Maharashtra was understood as the state of Bombay with individuals articulating various languages like Marathi, Gujarati, Kutchi, and Konkani. In the mid 1950s, a regional campaign understood as the Samyukta Maharashtra Andolan began madness and opposed requiring a different Marathi-speaking state where the Maharashtrians honor Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Paintings or figurines.

The Bombay Reorganization Act was enacted by the Parliament of India to separate the multilingual state of Bombay into Gujarat and Maharashtra, with Ahmedabad and Bombay acting as their individual state capitals. The ruling came into impact on the 1st of May in the year 1960 with the 1st Maharashtra Day being celebrated.

Why is Maharashtra day celebrated and what is its importance?

May 1st is celebrated as Maharashtra Day to honor the presence of the state. On May 1st, in the year 1960, the Bombay Reorganization Act arrived into impact. This accomplishment was a development of numerous demonstrations and actions that required an invention of a unique state. This request for an individual state was 1st created by The Sanyukt Maharashtra Andolan.
To honor the day, an occasion is yearly classified at the Shivaji Park in Dadar in Mumbai city. During the occasion, Mumbai Police, the Governor of the state, and other prominent characters of the state arrive jointly.

Beneath ordinary cases, different artistic agendas and general assemblages would have been organized to glorify the civilization and practice of Maharashtra. Typically, the day is a general break as all academies, banks, and governance headquarters are closed on this day. Additionally, several organizations furthermore maintain standard affairs to reward individuals like doctors, police officers, academicians, and sports individuals who are creating the state proud with their grants in their respective fields. One can also embellish their door with our range of Decorative Door Hangings Toran that will surely enhance your celebrations.

Why is Maharashtra day celebrated on Labour day?

Labour Day or International Workers' Day is honored every year on the 1st day of May month to honor the accomplishments of the working category. The day, furthermore known as May Day, is likewise attended as a public vacation in multiple nations. Labour Day is a public holiday in India as well, where it is observed as Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas, which is International Labour Day.

This day is also understood as “Kamgar Din” in the Hindi language, “Karmikara Dinacharane” in the Kannada language, “Karmika Dinotsavam” in the Telugu language, “Kamgar Divas” in the Marathi language, “Uzhaipalar Dhinam” in the Tamil language, “Thozhilaali Dinam" in the Malayalam language, and “Shromik Dibosh” in the Bengali language. In North India, nevertheless, Labour Day has failed importance as a holiday.

While most individuals appreciate a holiday, there are a few rare individuals separated from history aficionados who understand about the past and the importance of the day which reaches back to the earlier post-independence period.

On the evening of the yearly festival, city-based chronicler Dr. Shekhar Krishnan brings us down the recollection road with a lecture in the narrative around the Samyukta Maharashtra Movement. He states that it is named Maharashtra Divas because May 1st is Labour Day about the globe and it was the mill hirelings and the groups who showed the action. It was particularly called Maharashtra Day to remember with an employee’s action and not as a linguistic gesture.

How to celebrate Maharashtra day?

Maharashtra Day is observed with tremendous passion and confidence across the land of the Maharashtra state. It is a provincial general holiday for all state and inside government headquarters, businesses, and academic organizations. Different schedules such as protests, lectures, artistic affairs, bright marches, sports contests, art exhibitions, blood assistance camps, etc. are managed by the administration, governance branches, NGOs, academics, other organizations, and regional individuals. Along with the personal sector, the state administration furthermore undertakes different new schemes and projects on this day.

Where to celebrate Maharashtra Day?

Maharashtra Din celebrations can be appreciated across numerous metropolia in India. Mumbai and the different major metropolia of Maharashtra like Pune are mostly understood for their Maharashtra Divas festivals. Lord Ganesha statue is also worshipped on this occasion. The ensuing places are worth seeing during Maharashtra Din:
  1. Mumbai- The capital city of the state of Maharashtra is the intersection of Maharashtra Day festivities. The Maharashtra Divas is celebrated with a procession at Shivaji Park situated in Dadar. There the Governor of Maharashtra offers a lecture, and different actions are scheduled. Other extravaganzas in the city possess artistic occasions such as formal Lavani dance & music concerts, poem narrations, folk melodies, etc.
  2. Pune- This prominent city of Maharashtra is understood for its automobile and IT sectors. The Pune city witnesses a lot of artistic and other occasions to celebrate the anniversary of becoming a state.
  3. Navi Mumbai- Known as the satellite city of Mumbai, has identical circumstances to honor the Maharashtra Din. The residents appreciate and participate in diverse artistic affairs and sports contests.
  4. Nagpur- The lovely city of Nagpur, honors this day with a bunch of confidence. There is a multicolored march, several artistic possibilities, and interest headquarters to celebrate the day and summon the vibrancy of oneness.
  5. Delhi- The Maharashtra state government manages the "Maharashtra Utsav" at Dilli Haat. This is a fortnight extended artistic affair showcasing the standard craft, estate, dance, tune, craftwork, civilization, and nutrition of Maharashtra. There are different other occasions in the city observing Maharashtra Din.


The construction of the Bombay Reorganisation Act abode dwelling on April 25th, in the year 1960, gratitude to the actions of the Samyukta Maharashtra Movement, who followed their purpose for 4 years. The act directed the construction of different states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. With this, Mumbai has furthermore anointed the capital city of Maharashtra and it arrived into impact on May 1st, in the year 1960. We at eCraftIndia, wish everyone a very happy Maharashtra day or Maharashtra din as you call it!