The world that we live in today is one where we all seem to be constantly occupied – with the rise in the number of people who are now professionals in some manner, there are more working people today than there were a few years back. More women have joined the workforce and there are plenty of job opportunities where you can either work from home or any of the social spaces that have popped up in the recent past. The pandemic forced several people to work from home and this led to the need for spaces within the house where people could work out of, in peace, and without too many disturbances. And then there was the fact that all the children were now having their classes from home! And while not a lot of people would be thinking about handicraft items at a time like this, it might actually make a lot more sense to invest in some!

Make Your Office The Cynosure Of All Attention - How To Decorate Your Office

Studies have shown that when your workspace (for professionals and in the current scenario, even children) has a sense of cheer and looks bright and vibrant, you are able to work better. At eCraftIndia, we offer you such a massive range of decor items that you can use to deck up not only your home but also your workspace.

Here are just some examples of how you can use our décor items to jazz up your workspace:

  • If you work from home: Now, whether the pandemic has forced you to work from your home, you are an entrepreneur or you are a freelancer who is always working from home, it would be a good idea to have a dedicated workspace. There are plenty of people who will work at the dining table or might spend all day long on the bed with their laptop and work notes spread around them. If you are someone who works mostly from home, it would make sense to invest in a small table and chair that can be your “office” and then we can step into help deck it up! How about putting up motivational quotes wall paintings right in front of the work station, so that it can push you to do better, each day! You can also look for small figurines that will brighten up your table – this, however, should be decided based on the size of your actual table. If you have a small table, look for objects that you can hang on the wall, because you would not want to occupy too much of the workspace. We have plenty of wall décor options that are sure to excite and calm you at the same time – whether you want an abundant tree with LED lighting or a spiritual figure that could help you centre yourself, there is something for every wall here!
  • If you have a desk: You are back to the office and all you have is a teeny-tiny desk, does that mean that you do not get to decorate your table? Think again, because, at eCraftIndia, we have plenty of options that are absolutely perfect for small spaces – there are table clocks that you can look for, as these serve a double purpose. You could look at small idols and figurines that would look great on your table, but not take up too much space. You can look at spiritual idols or animal figurines, depending on what you like or prefer; as a matter of fact, you could look at some of the adorable little Buddhas that we have in our virtual aisles, because we are sure that they will win your heart. There are also some intricately handcrafted and interesting looking tealight candle holders and even though you might not be able to light a candle, you can still have something pretty on your desk!
  • If you have a cubicle: Let’s say you have been recently jumped out of the intern category or you work for a company that provides every employee with a cubicle to work out of, you have a little more space to deck up. So while there are plenty of little figurines and idols that you can use to decorate your cubicle, why not look at a photo frame, in which you can keep photo of your loved ones. Or, you could look at a hand crafted pen stand – this would be a great idea for artists or people who need to store a lot of stationery on their desks. A table clock would also work a treat for a cubicle and you have plenty to choose from, when you come to eCraftIndia.
  • If you have a cabin: If you are lucky enough to have a cabin, there is so much that you can do to make the space your own – if you have a large desk, there are plenty of décor pieces you can have. You can have a photo frame with the pictures of your loved ones, you can keep a symbol of spirituality or power – choose an idol of a religious figure you believe in or look for an animal that projects power and strength like a horse or a bull. When you have a cabin, you can also look at other office wall decoration items such as interestingly hand crafted figurines that hang from the wall or pop out of it! Even if you do not keep a lot of keys hanging around the office, you can still look at stunning keyholders and instead of keys, you can look at hanging any other décor items like Christmas baubles or tiny trinkets, which could add charm to your workspace.
But there are those who would say that they are students or homemakers and they don’t have a “workstation” as such – well, we have you covered too! If you are a student, then we suggest that you look at some of the adorable Laughing Buddha statues that we have on offer as these work perfectly for small spaces. Just looking at the big belly and the happy face of this Buddha will dissolve stress away in a matter of minutes. You can also look at cute bowls made with pure silver and these will be perfect for those mid-class snacks or even to keep knick-knacks that you use regularly.

And what if your workspace is the home and kitchen – well then the world of eCraftIndia is your oyster, because there is simply so much to choose from. Start with a wooden wall hanging that certifies the kitchen as being your domain – whether you choose a Mummy da Dhaba or a wooden cut-out wall hanging that speaks your life mantra. If you are lucky enough to have a slightly large kitchen opt for one those statement piece wooden wall clocks and not only will you able to ‘time’ manage at a whole new level, but also have a stylish accessory in place! Within the kitchen, you can choose whether you want a hand crafted spice dabba or a decorative platter with fruits on it. Why not some stylish candle holders, which you can light up should there be a power failure or when you want to have a quiet romantic dinner for two!

It doesn’t matter what space you call an office, if you do work there that you consider important, we can help you make sure that the space feels your own and full of life!