Hello, 2021! Happy new year to you from us. Celebrating new year's with your close and loved ones is what you all must have done. And with new year's comes new resolutions and goals. We all know how difficult it is to be on track to complete our new year's goals. And to be on track and even help others to be on track, some gifts are specially curated just so you can start and help complete your new year's resolutions and goals. You can buy unique gifts online India that can help you as well as your friends or family members complete the new year's goals.

Motivational Gifts That Will Help You Reach Your New Year's Resolutions
Generally, people make new year's resolutions about staying healthy, eating healthy food, reading books, watching movies, traveling, and much more. But the most important thing is to be on track with your resolutions. At eCraftIndia, you will find motivational gifts that will remind you about your goals and new year's resolutions. Indian handicraft items online are the best for you to buy as they are durable and long-lasting and will also serve your purpose.

New year's resolution and goal ideas

There are many new year's resolutions that people keep. All of those are repeated every year by some of the other people. A few take these new year's resolutions and goals very seriously while a few don't. It depends on the person what kind of resolution he or she wishes to keep. A resolution or a goal can be anything big or anything small.
  1. Exercising
  2. Eating healthy
  3. Traveling
  4. Movie marathons
  5. Saving money
  6. Quit bad habits
  7. Reading
  8. Being more organized
  9. Self-love
  10. Find a new hobby
The above listed and many more can be one of your new year's goals and resolutions. But this year why not purchase something that can help you achieve your as well as your friend's new year's goals? According to what the new year's goals and resolutions are, one needs to bring in commodities that can be helpful to them to complete the goals and resolutions accordingly. You can buy the following things for yourself as well as gifts:
  1. A daily planner
  2. A calendar with everyday routine check
  3. Fitness kit
  4. A variety of books
  5. Water bottles
  6. Inspirational frames
  7. Travel guides
  8. Games
  9. Motivational t-shirts
  10. Wardrobe organizers

Gifts at eCraftIndia

Gifts are meant to be something that will be memorable and long-lasting as well. Something that is unique and will be remembered by the receiver always. Gifts at eCraftIndia are very unique and can't be found elsewhere. We have a separate section altogether for gifts just to make it easier for you to find an appropriate gift efficiently.
  1. Gifts by Recipient: A lot of gift concepts appear with the possibility to personalize them with pictures and messages that will absolutely make the gifting following remarkable. Gift purchasing is laborious and/but you just can't present someone anything. You require to see who the person is to whom you ought to gift. It enhances comfort for one to buy gifts if they remember who the gift receiver is. You need to take into attention that person's preferences, wishes, requirements, and even concerns. It's not that arduous to decide a gift understanding all these constituents and we have executed it extremely more manageable just for you. Our Gifts by recipient segment purveys to gifts for women, men, and couples.
  2. Gifts by type: One can't just randomly choose any gift and present it to others right? This segment of eCraftIndia is primarily for a specific sort of gift one would yearn to present or even crave to get. We at eCraftIndia have provisioned for you segments such as Goodluck gifts, Romantic Gifts, Spiritual Gifts, and Useful Gifts. These gifts are eccentric yet unique in their own way. Now, everyone craves to acquire gifts that are unique and that are nevermore seen earlier. And for that one has to explore a lot but not anymore as everything is simply a click beyond for you! DIY has been in the course but not everyone can do it on their own, and hence, for them, we have a good variety of gifts to pick from. Ganesha idols can be a good spiritual gift for your family members.
  3. Gifts by relationship: Gifts aren't just intended for occurrence or festivals, right? Gifts can be randomly distributed to people who are dear to us as they execute our life much more enjoyable. Gifts by relationship on our portal is a segment where you will obtain gifts for brother, sister, mother, father, husband, wife, boyfriend, and girlfriend. Gifts need to be bought according to everyone's likings and wants and hence, this section helps you to select gifts according to the relationship you have with the opposite person.
  4. Corporate gifts: Each service environment has now grown. Every office requires to keep that casual kind of situation so that they can understand their representatives thoroughly and therefore, the work result would ultimately turn great too. All of this drives to feasting on celebrations in the office and swapping gifts with another associate. It is not plainly the celebrations but numerous other ceremonies are conducted out in an occupation. This is the purpose why we have come up with the Corporate gifts segment. Maintaining good friendly relations with your clients also plays a very important role when it comes to long term deals and business commitments.
  5. Occasional gifts: India being a diverse nation, we celebrate a lot of festivals. And with celebrating several festivals, comes selecting appropriate gifts for all your guests. Occasional gifts are meant to be unique as they are meant to be given at every festival to all your relatives hence, the gifts can not be repeated. And everyone needs to buy gifts that will be fantastic and savored by the receiver. At our online portal, we have a segment primarily for Occurrences only. Occasional Gifts are where we have provisioned all gifts that correlate with different segments of the festivities. Who doesn't yearns to give their mother or father some unusual gifts? We have an awesome compilation for Wedding gifts and Karwa Chauth gifts for all the parents and couples out there.
At eCraftIndia, you will discover gifts that gratify on all occasions. From birthday gifts to baby shower gifts to housewarming gifts we own it all collected for you that you can purchase by just ticking on the commodity which you want. Here you can purchase various gifts for several people. Now choosing a gift won't be a struggle for you as eCraftIndia has it all comprised merely for you.


We all know it is not easy to keep our new year resolutions but whoever does keep them for the whole year knows how great it feels. Accomplishing something small feels amazing to a person. And for you all to keep having such feelings, we at eCraftIndia have a range of gifts that can be given to your friends and family. We assure you that the quality of our gifts are top and you will return considering this very factor. Handicraft items are our forte and each article is handmade by our artisans using different ancient methods. Buy home decoration items online from our portal and gift them to your friends to remind them to stay on track for their new year goals. We hope your new year is filled with lots of good memories and good health!