Republic Day 2023 in India: Tuesday, 26 January 2023

Republic day 2023 marks the 74th Republic Day for India and all the Indians. Like every year, all the Indians celebrate Republic day with full passion and patriotism. Being a national holiday, we all visit each other and greet. And it is always auspicious to buy Republic day gifts online from our online portal- eCraftIndia.

Celebrating the freedom of our nation is every citizen's right, and this day is all about remembering our great leaders. Singing the national anthem, gathering with people is all about Republic Day. And hence, to commemorate this day, people usually distribute small gifts and sweets. You can buy Indian wooden handicrafts online as they will be the best gift for all age groups.


India gained independence from British Raj on 15th August 1947 following the Indian independence drive. The independence developed through the Indian Independence Act 1947, an Act of the Parliament of the UK that partitioned British India into the 2 unlike independent management of the British Commonwealth, later known as Commonwealth of Nations. India gained its Independence on 15th August 1947 as representative sovereignty with George VI as leader of the state & Earl Mountbatten as governor-general. The nation, though, did not yet have a robust structure; instead, its rules were based on the revised colonial Government of India Act 1935.

On 29th August 1947, a decision was passed for the placement of Drafting Committee, which was elected to conscript a strong constitution, with Dr. B R Ambedkar as the chairman. While India's Independence Day commemorates its independence from British Rule, Republic Day marks the original into the power of its constitution. An outline constitution was concocted by the committee & presented to the Constituent Assembly on 4th November 1947. The Assembly congregated, in sittings admissible to the public, for 166 days, increased over a term of 2 years, 11 months, & 18 days ere embracing the Constitution.

Following many considerations and some adjustments, the 308 members of the Assembly signed 2 hand-written transcripts of the document, one individual in Hindi and English language on 24th January 1950. 2 days overdue which was on 26th January 1950, it came into force completely throughout the whole country. On that day, Dr. Rajendra Prasad started his 1st semester of the office as President of the Indian Union. The Constituent Assembly grew as the Parliament of India following the transitional procurements of the brand-new Constitution.


The importance of 26th January is that on this day in the year 1929, the Indian National Congress enacted the well-known proclamation of 'Poorna Swaraj' or total individual dominion & Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru mounted the tricolor on the border of the river, Ravi. The date fixed for India's independence was 26th January 1930, & was observed as Poorna Swaraj day for the following 17 years.
Therefore, when the Constitution of India was ratified on 26th November 1949, several examined it important to observe the text on a day connected with national dignity, which was 26th January.


The Indian Republic Day is commemorated all beyond India with much nationality and enthusiasm. At Rajpath, in Delhi, beautiful ceremonies by soldiers of the Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Indian police, and Indian paramilitary forces are observed. India’s defensive courage is on show too, with the most advanced ammunition, aircraft, and defense practices. The Prime Minister of India leading places a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate, in remembrance of all people of the armed forces who contributed up their breath for the nation. Following that, there is the 21 gun tribute, hoisting of the National Flag, and chanting of the Indian National Anthem. Succeeding comes to the awards such as the Paramvir Chakra award, Ashok Chakra award, and Vir Chakra award is granted to valor award heroes.

Lovely portrayals, symbolizing the uniqueness of all the Indian states are also depicted throughout the parade. The ceremony normally concludes with infinite air displays by the Indian Air Forces. It is a day when every association comes collectively and glorifies forgetting past all their disagreements. And presently, India will be honoring its 72nd Republic Day this 26th of January.

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