Four walls and a ceiling make a house, but when you move into it, set it up the way you like and spread the love and warmth of your family within it, you make the house a home. Whether you are buying a new house or are moving to a new city and renting a house, it remains your home till the day you live there with your loved ones. If you are setting up a new home or are just in the mood to redo your existing home, then eCraftIndia is perhaps the best place for you to shop, because we offer some of the finest options for you, when you are looking to buy home decoration items online.

Setting Up A New Home Here’s eCraftIndia’s Ultimate Checklist!

Here are just some tips and tricks on how to set up your dream home, with eCraftIndia:

  • Entrance/foyer – The entrance of your home is not only a representative of you, but also a way to welcome guests into your home. Now, each house will have a different type of entrance, which makes the manner of decorating it different too. if you have an independent house, where you have the entire ground floor to your disposal, you could place plants or even large Ganesha idols, but what if you have an apartment, where you don’t have that much space. Simple – choose a stunning toran from our collection and hang that on the front door. Alternately, if you have a small foyer, you can place a wonderful handcrafted urli with some water and flowers or perhaps a soothing water fountain.
  • Living room – This is the one room in the house that leaves the most lasting impression on your guests, which is why it is important that you decorate it well. while you might not be able to change out the furniture on a regular basis, you most certainly can consider changing the décor items. Look for the most elaborate and exquisite wooden wall clock online that will not only tell you the time perfectly, but also become a statement piece for your living space. At eCraftIndia, we offer several options in terms of figurines, statues, and decor items that will be perfect for any living space – you can check out our Made in India collections and pick the ones that match with your interior design theme.
  • Dining room – The one place in the house where the entire family gets together, at least one time in the day has to be the dining table. This is where the day to day events are shared, this is where at times homework and projects are completed and this is where a heart to heart session can take place, any time in the day. Look for decorative pieces that your entire family likes – if your family likes nature, look for wall hangings that have trees or leaves – eCraftIndia offers you wall hangings with LED lights, which makes for a wonderful dining room addition and adds some mood lighting as well.
  • Kitchen – They say that the kitchen is the heart of the house – most women tend to spend a large part of their day in there and these days, even the men and children are looking to try out their culinary skills, making the kitchen all the more important. For the longest time, the kitchen was designed to be only practical; there was space only for the things that would be needed in the kitchen, but now people are choosing to design their kitchen to be a lot more communal. And with many houses having open kitchens, it has become the need of the hour to decorate there too. There are plenty of kitchen and dining items to choose from – you can look at decorative platters or mouth freshener sets or even a really sturdy chopping boards.
  • Bedrooms – This is the room that is truly your personal space – a place where you can be your own self, and not have to hide anything. So, you need to decorate it in a way that comforts you and allows you to relax completely. Since the bed is the centrepiece of any bedroom, you should look to buy bedsheets online at eCraftIndia that will make the bedroom come alive! There are Jaipuri prints for those who like a little touch of traditional, floral prints for those who like a little nature, and geometric prints for those who like a little structure. You could also consider candles and tealights that will look great, especially when you want to create a claiming or even romantic mood!
  • Study – Whether you use your study for studying or you use it as a workspace or you use it as a place where you can let your creative spirit come alive, this is a space that needs to inspire you on a daily basis. At eCraftIndia, we offer wall paintings online that come with motivational words, making them perfect for a study. In case you don’t want much on your wall, why not consider a little something for your work desk – a brass idol perhaps to give you a sense of spiritual inspiration or perhaps a symbol of power like a charging bull or a galloping horse. You could also look at objects that look pretty but also have a sense of purpose – like a stunning pen stand, a table clock, or even a small photo frame with a photo of your loved ones inside.
  • Pooja room – If you are a believer or are at least spiritual, then you will definitely want to invest in a beautiful handcrafted wooden temple for home. The pooja room need not be a room per say, you could wall mount a temple and you can place some idols to place inside and create a space that allows you to centre yourself. And in case you have a family that believes in prayer and pooja, then this is the space that will allow you to do it on a daily basis! You will also want to look at diyas for your pooja room and if you have a large space, you could consider hanging diyas, which look gorgeous and of course, serve the purpose, especially during those festive days.
  • Balcony – If you are lucky enough to a have a house that has a balcony, then you need to make sure that you do not neglect it. This is a space that you can enjoy a little fresh air and let your creativity burst out. Depending on how small or big it is, you need to choose your décor items with care. Lay out some mats if it is a covered balcony or perhaps artificial grass that will give you the impression of a lawn. You could always buy idols & figurines online that you can use to deck the balcony or place on top of cute patio tables. You could also look at investing in some water fountains that will add a small water feature to your balcony – imagine sitting in your balcony on a cool breezy evening, sipping on a cup of tea, and listening to water trickling in the background.
When you browse through the eCraftIndia website, you will find plenty of options for your home and the more you browse, the more options you will see. So go ahead, make your house a home with a little help from us!