Wedding atmosphere is one which is full of happiness, love and blessings. Everybody around seems to have a smile on their face. The bride and the groom are probably the happiest in this whole affair. To add to their happiness and shower blessings, the guests give them gifts.

If you are still unable to decide which gift would be the best for the wedding you go to, here is a list of some of the trending gifts for the wedding.

1. German Silver Wine Glass Set

Probably one of the most stylish and good looking gifts for a wedding is this German silver wine glass set.

This beautiful glass set is elegant with intricate design all over it.

2. Handcrafted Iron Wall Clock

Clocks turn out to be very useful while beautifying house at the same time. Every room in the house needs a clock, and hence, we believe, you can never go wrong with it.

This leaf and bird iron wall clock is the perfect gift item for all purposes.

3. Double Bedsheets

Furnishings are a part and parcel of life. Any number of bed sheets and bed covers will never be enough.

Gifting a bedsheet can prove to be a thoughtful and classy idea, especially if the material is a silk blend and rosy shade.

4. Tea Coasters with Gemstones

Talking about utility gifts, this tea coaster set with gemstones can prove to be extremely useful, especially if the bride and the groom are people who like get-togethers.

These coasters are classy with a hint of royal for the people who have a different style.

5. Heart-shaped Tea Light Holder

Tea lights have become the new trend. They are safe and have a much more economical approach. Plus, its cuteness is one perk for sure!
This little tea light holder shaped as a heart is sure to fill the newlyweds’ life with love.