We associate Thanksgiving with an American holiday whenever we hear the word. Thanksgiving is a grand celebration in the United States and Canada. There is an official holiday in the country for this lavish carnival. It's the perfect day to gather with friends and family for a great meal. As in India, we celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm; in the same way, Thanksgiving is a festival of sharing love and gratitude with your loved ones. Some people share gifts with their families to enhance the essence of the celebration. You can buy some table decoration items as a gift for your friends to show love and respect to them.
Thanksgiving Day Date, History, Significance & How to celebrate

What is Thanksgiving?

The meaning of this term can be inferred from the word itself: it means to express gratitude to your nearer ones who have supported you throughout your difficult moments. You have seen in a lot of American tv series that thanksgiving is an essential element that portrays American culture to the world. It depicts how this festival matters in the lives of the people of the USA.

The main part of this day is to cook a giant turkey.
A Thanksgiving without a turkey is like a Christmas without a cake.
It is mandatory to have this turkey bird at the dinner table along with roasted potatoes and cranberry juice.
If you have relatives in the USA, visit them on this upcoming thanksgiving day and cheer them with lovely presents.

What is Thanksgiving's origin story?

There is an interesting history behind this festival. Back before the migrants from the European continent traveled to America and brought different types of cultural celebrations along with them. The pilgrims or the English colonist of Plymouth enjoyed the good harvest while arriving in the native American land. By successfully reaching the land of the USA they acknowledge the god almighty for their victorious journey and organized a grand feast with the native Wampanoag tribe of the country. That is how this festival came to the land of America. On this day, people acknowledge the god for ending the long drought in the 17th century. The Plymouth colonists were unaware of facing such harsh winter after migrating from England, so local natives of America had taught them
The cultivation of corn,
How to grow different types of vegetables to beat the cold weather
In this way, the relationship between English colonists and the American natives grew over time. Thanksgiving has been observed every year since that day.

How will you commemorate this occasion?

You can't celebrate this festival in India so if your relatives are living in America you can visit them and enjoy every bite of turkey. There is no need to go to a fancy restaurant, all you need is your
family and close friends
thanksgiving related stuff
a lot of gossip and laughter
The festival is ten times better when you have wonderful friends and relatives. You won't go empty-handed if you will be traveling so far for this occasion, right? It is always better to take some gifts for your loved ones. Your American relatives are not very much familiar with Indian handmade items and their beauty. It is a good time to show off how beautiful it will look when they have these goods in their home. Check out some best wall decor items online. Purchasing online gives you a chance to explore a variety of objects at a single time.

How is Thanksgiving observed in different parts of America?

It is strange to find out that Canada and the USA celebrate this day in different months. However, in both countries thanksgiving occurs in the autumn season. And having a great meal with their family is the main component of this festival.
Canada observed on the second Monday of October instead of November.
Geographically Canada is situated in the north, so the people can see the harvesting season earlier than the USA, that is the reason why they celebrate it earlier.
However, the historical background of Canada's thanksgiving is slightly different from the USA. Canadians commemorated the day in honor of Martin Frobisher, an explorer who successfully passed the Northwest Passage during the world wars in 1578.
Earlier Canada had not officially fixed the thanksgiving date, it was shifting between October and November. The latter government declared the second Monday of October as a national holiday for this occasion.

What should you do on Thanksgiving Day?

First book a ticket if you are not in the USA because in India you will not get the true vibe of Thanksgiving.
Also, you will not get a turkey for dinner in India.
In the USA, you will get a chance to see a thanksgiving parade which is one of the famous processions of this occasion.
Pay a visit to a friend's house and tell them about the things for which you are thankful. Talk about nice things with them and give them beautiful Indian home decor items. They will undoubtedly appreciate it. This day is very special for Americans so make sure you will enjoy every moment of it.

When was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

The first Thanksgiving was first celebrated in the year 1621 after governor William Bradford organized the grand feast after the success of the first corn harvest in which a group of fledgling colony's Native American allies along with the chief of Wamponag Massasoit. But the pilgrims (Plymouth) never regarded it as the first thanksgiving day. The pilgrims then celebrated thanksgiving, thanking God for putting an end to the food shortage.
As a result, it is given the name Thanksgiving. This is the day you can express your gratitude to someone or God for whatever you are grateful for and enjoy the entire day with your family. You can even write a sweet handwritten note to your parents thanking them for everything they've done for you over the years; they will be elated after hearing it.


So apart from meals and appreciation, the American and Canadian holidays have some unusual factors. Football is one of them. When families gather around to cheer on national or regional teams, this famous sport is an essential part of the celebration. American and Canadian football is similar to rugby, the only difference is instead of using hands, they play with feet. Thanksgiving dinner contains roasted chicken, casseroles, cranberry marinara, and apple, pumpkin, or pecan pies for dessert. Each family has had its collection of ingredients that they acquired from their ancestors. In the United States, the president is famous for pardoning a turkey, which saves one or two turkeys from cooking for a meal.

Do you recall the last time you spent quality time with your loved ones? Have you sent your parents any gifts during this time? If not, do it on this upcoming day of thanksgiving, and thanks to your friends and families for standing with you in your rough times. If you are in India, you may not enjoy the festival this much because it is an American occasion. But you can see your relatives who are living in the USA. It is a wonderful festival of sharing good moments with your loved ones and exchanging gifts with each other. You can buy decorative showpieces online, artworks related to thanksgiving, Photo frames with a picture, and Indian handicrafts goods as a gift for your loved ones.