Indian Independence Day 2023: Tuesday, 15 August 2023

Ask any Indian and the chances are that they will tell you that August 15th is India’s Independence Day and that we got it in the year 1947. While there might be those who would be looking for Independence day gifts online, not many will know the tales of the Indian independence struggle. A few might be able to tell you about the main leaders of the independence struggle, but there will be only a handful who will be able to tell you the entire history of the freedom fight. When the East India Company first came to our shores, they came with the intention of trade – there was tea, silk and spices that were coveted by the Western World, but slowly and gradually, they started to spread their arms all over the country and before we knew it, we were slaves in our own country.

The Face Of A Modern Independent India – Why Our Independence Is So Much More Precious Today

Our independence was not won in a matter of days or weeks; it took several years – as a matter of fact, the very first record of the freedom struggle is considered to be the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857. An Indian soldier in the British army, named Mangal Pandey, raised an issue on the new gun cartridges that were coated with cow and pig fat. Since the tops of these greased cartridges had to be bitten off, it caused a religious dilemma for both Hindus and Muslims. This led to the very first uprising against the British government and laid the foundation for a crusade that would last close to a hundred years.

Over the next several decades, there arose several heroes, who fought courageously and tirelessly to win us our country back. There were those who chose the way of the law and non-violence to argue the case of India for Indians and then there were those who felt that the British could be made to listen, with a blast that was loud enough. Thousands of people fought fiercely, many lost their lives, many were tortured and kept imprisoned for years and there were several who were lost without a trace – the blood and sacrifice of millions was what earned us the independence and freedom that we enjoy today and it is sad to see that there are those who don’t appreciate it anymore.

The emergence of a new India:

In the past few years, there has been a rise in a more pure sense of nationalism – more and more people are choosing to return to their roots and work towards creating a better India. There have been a lot more entrepreneurs who are opting to work in the country, creating products and services that can take on the world. A return to organic methods of farming, a revival of traditional forms of cookware, an application that allows you to have cleaning services come to your home – there is so much that is being done right here in India!

In addition to that, the Make In India project has given Indian entrepreneurs and businesses the impetus that it needed! Launched by the honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi on September 25th 2014, the initiative was aimed at encouraging companies to manufacture in India, by offering dedicated investments, providing efficient and modern infrastructure and also opening up more sectors for foreign investments. Another important thought behind this initiative is to generate jobs and enhance skills. Within years of the initiative being launched, India rose several spots in the World Bank’s list of Ease of Doing Business Index.

Today, there are a growing number of businesspeople in India, who are choosing to not outsource their production to other countries and are now looking at doing it in house. While there are several industries that have been adopted into the Make in India initiative including automobiles, aviation, defence, leather and pharmaceuticals, we at eCraftIndia have chosen to showcase something that has been in India for centuries, but was being pushed into the shadows for the longest time.

When you come to our website to buy gifts online, you are not only getting to choose from an array of gorgeous handcrafted décor and home essential items, you are also supporting a Make in India initiative. Over the years, we have collaborated with innumerable Indian artisans, based all over the country and brought them under our umbrella. This has allowed them to keep their traditional art forms alive, given them a chance to showcase their generation old crafts on a platform and of course, offered them a chance to show off their creative side!

Be Indian, Buy Indian:

India has been home to some of the greatest artisans and craftspeople and pieces created in India – from buildings like the Taj Mahal and Khajuraho temple to décor pieces made using materials like brass, copper and wood, there is so much beauty that has been created by Indians. Over time, there was a mad scramble for everything foreign made and people chose to have foreign décor items, rather than something ‘homemade’. They wanted sheets with Egyptian cotton, rather than gorgeous bed sheets that were handmade by artisans in Rajasthan. They wanted wall hangings from some South American country, rather than pretty handicrafts made by craftspeople in a quaint village in Gujarat.
However, with websites like ours, there are a lot more Indian handicraft items online and there has also been a gradual growing interest in home grown crafts and arts. When you come to eCraftIndia, you can browse through innumerable virtual aisles, filled with the most stunning artefacts and handicrafts – from pieces made using fabric, metals, wood and even papier mache, there is so much to choose from.

This Independence Day, rather than choosing gifts that come from some alien country, choose to be Indian and buy Indian. By doing this, not only will you be supporting the Indian economy and the Make in India initiative, but also giving wings to talented and creative craftspeople, who have plenty of talent and creativity to showcase. And just in case you are wondering what to buy for your loved ones, this Independence Day, allow us to give you some ideas:
  • You could look through our range of photo frames – you can choose what kind of photos you want to put in these frames, but it would be a good idea to choose photos from your Independence Day celebrations or the flag hoisting in your building to use in these frames.
  • How about investing in some really pretty and comfortable bed sheets, straight from the heart of Rajasthan! These Jaipuri print bedsheets are made using pure cotton and the prints are completely ethnic, offering your bedroom a dash of colour and a whole lot of comfort.
  • We have a huge range of figurines and decorative showpieces that will remind you of India, every time you look at them – from gorgeous peacocks to adorable cows with their calves; you can have a little piece of India, right in your home.
  • A jharokha, a reminder of the golden days when you vacationed in the home of your grandparents, when you would peep out into the streets – now that same jharokha could hang on your bedroom or living room wall.
There were several people who fought long and hard to win us our freedom and there were several others who strived and sacrificed to build the nation that we live in today. It is our duty as Indians that we continue to support our country and everything that is great about it, including the talent of our artisans and craftspeople.