It is written in the Puranas, that once Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu got into a fight about who was stronger and on the behest of all other gods, the Supreme God, Shiva was asked to intervene. Assuming the shape of a flaming linga, he challenged both the fighting gods to find the beginning (the aadi) and the end (the anth) of the flame. While Lord Brahma took a swan to travel upwards in search of the tip of the flame, Lord Vishnu, in the form of Varaha to travel downwards. But even after travelling for thousands of miles, neither was able to find the tip, which is when Brahma made a false statement that he had seen the top. All of a sudden, Lord Shiva appeared from the centre of the flaming pillar, revealing the lie that Brahma had told. Eventually, both Brahma and Vishnu had to accept the supremacy of Shiva. Shiva also went on to curse Brahma that he would never be prayed to be anyone, which is why there are very rare few temples dedicated to Brahma. And because the Ketaki flower assisted Brahma in the fallacy, she too was cursed from being offered in any form of worship. Because all this happened on the 14th day of the Phagun month, it has been considered extremely auspicious and till date, is celebrated as Mahashivratri!
The Story And Significance Of Shiva Lingam – Bring Home The Power And Positivity
Whether you are looking to invest in a Shiva statue for home or a painting that can deck your living room, you need to understand that this is no ordinary god – he is power absolute! Lord Shiva is revered and prayed to in various forms – you will see statues of him, you will see photos and paintings, but the one form that resonates with almost everyone is the Shivalinga. While there has been a lot of sexual interpretation of the nature of the symbol, it being considered a phallus, as per Hindu mythology, it is a symbol of sheer power. The earliest evidence of Shiva dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization – a seal was found during excavation, with a naked man having an erect penis, sitting in a yogic throne position, with animals surrounding him. It is believed that this is the earliest form of Shiva – as Yogeshwara (lord of yoga), Lingeshwawa (lord of the phallus), and Pashupati (lord of animals). In the Vedic Scriptures, he is depicted as Rudra, the one to be feared and in later scriptures, he has been depicted as the supreme Brahman!

In Hindu mythology, linga is an inference to the mark of Lord Shiva and his omnipotence and formlessness. To the Hindu devotee, this is a symbol of creation and represents the Brahmanda or cosmic egg. It is also the amalgamation of the three creators – Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (another name for Shiva) – the circular base or the peetham is referred to as the Brahma Pitha, the bowl like structure is known as the Vishnu Pitha and the elongated and rounded head is the Shiva Pitha. Today, there are 12 Jyotir-lingas and 5 Pancha-bhuta Lingas in India: the Jyotir-lingas can be found in Kedarnath, Kashi Vishwanath, Somnath, Baijnath, Rameswar, Ghrusneswar, Bhimshankar, Mahakal, Mallikarjun, Amaleshwar, Nageshwar, and Tryambakeshwar, while the Panchabhuta Lingas are located in Kalahastishwar, Jambukeshwar, Arunachaleshwar, Ekambareshwar, and Chidambaram.

The Shivalinga is believed to radiate energy that allows you to focus and concentrate – this is one of the reasons why ascetics would always mediate near a lingam. Even today, it is considered to be a source of great power, however, there are plenty of dos and don’t’s that come with having a Shivalinga, especially if you thinking of getting one for your home. With the establishing of a Shivalinga, the necessity of regular prayer and ritual becomes a need. This is why, even though a lot of people might buy a Shiva statue online, they will not consider a Shivalinga. There has to be daily prayer and offering to the Shivalinga, women undergoing their menstrual cycle should not come in the vicinity of the same, you cannot keep the lingam in an enclosed place and you have to ensure that the placing is much above the ground. Not following all these rituals and customs is said to bring great misfortune to the home and the owners, which is why you should not attain one, unless and until you are willing to do everything that is required.

Over the past few years, there has been a growing demand for artwork and home décor items with a religious tint – what is interesting is that not all of them are purchased with the purpose of placing them in the pooja room, there are those who wish to incorporate the same into their living spaces. You might have seen colourful Krishna paintings on living room walls, large Om decals on the walls of study rooms, and Ganesha figurines on the coffee tables! This is actually a great way of including a sense of spirituality into your environment, but Shiva is not one to be played around with – for one, keeping a Shiva picture or idol in the bedroom is considered a no-no! Similarly, an idol of the god in an angry state of mind is not suited for the home, because it is said that it does not invite positive vibes.

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