Embellishing your home with home decoration and handicraft items is always a big task to do. A big task because it is necessary to decide how you want your home decor items to be. Every home has a home decor type, and the adornment needs to be done accordingly. Every corner of the home where you need to decorate needs to be looked into.

Tips & Tricks on Decorating Your Home with Animal Figurines
Buy home decoration items online India that are the best fit for your home and also the ones that match your home furnishings. There are different types of home furnishing items that you can go through before you land on one thing. Animal figurines come under handicraft items, and handicraft items are a forte of eCraftIndia.

Animal figurines are statuettes or avatars that represent animals both in decorative pieces or jewels that are made of alloy or different metals. The animal figurines are also made with crystal glass. Animal figures and statuettes present a quirky character to your home decoration. Beautiful yet refined, our animal artwork will present an earthly characteristic to your bookshelves that are complete of travelogues. With a conceptual representation for a backdrop, an animal figurine completes an involuntary character to an excluding synchronized section.

Tips & tricks for decorating your home with Animal figurines

There are many ways in which one can decorate their home with animal figurines. But there are a few points that necessitate being stored in mind. And it also depends on the people, how and where they wish to put these animal figurines.
  1. Statement pieces: Animal figurines act as a statement piece when kept in the hallway or as a decorative item besides your television unit. Animal figurines are a perfect unbiased art piece. You can match with remarkable candle holders, houseleeks, or table timepieces for a cohesive custom.
  2. Choose according to your theme: Choose animal figurines according to your home decor theme. Your home decoration items must go hand in hand with your home interior as it would compliment and enhance the show and feel of your home.
  3. Keep it simple: Do not crowd the empty space in your home with figurines. Jazz up the corner with just one figurine that suits them best. It is necessary to know the size too that fits that particular corner. Use just one big size animal figurine or multiple small size animal figurines for one precise corner.
  4. Seasonal figurines: Always make sure that your figurines are used as a decoration item according to the seasonal requirements. For instance, during the festival of Christmas, one can use Angel figurines and during the festival of Diwali, one can decorate their home with Lord Ganesha's figurines. This would add a different look and feel to your home with every different festival or celebration.
  5. Showcase appearance: You can even show off your animal figurines by making a different showcase for them in the corner or even on a center wall of your living room. The figurines will be highlighted and will be noticed by everyone that comes to visit you.
There are many other ways in which you can keep an animal figurine at your home as a home decor item. You can even gift them to people who are fond of animals. At our portal, you will come across animal figurines that are accessible in different sizes and with various & unique trims and embellishments. All these animal figurines are handmade using various ancient techniques which makes them unique in every way.

Animal figurine- home decor items at eCraftIndia

Furnishing your home with your controls is something you like preparing right? Home decor is what people now have survived preparing it personally to provide it a special impression. Home decor pieces talk a lot regarding your choice in style. Our Home Decor section has quite a range of pieces for thee to pick from!
Animal figurines are a section that comes under the Idols & figurines. You can find many other types of idols and figurines of your choice apart from animal figurines.
  1. Brass Decorative Owl Showpiece: Enhance your home with this elegant brass vintage owl bird that highlights the appearance of an owl bird wing and shows the creative brilliance and combines charm to your home decor. You can install this excellent item of art at anyplace in your home. Style your residence and agency with this item and combine enchantment to the decor. It is excellent to be located in the living space, dining section, kitchen, and dormitory. It could also be an excellent choice to gift someone.
  2. Loving Golden Swan Couple Figurine: Each performance of birds appears to be attractive but these figurines are something more extra than that. You may have not noticed the adorable posture of the birds loving in present but our artists at eCraftIndia have produced this attractive eye-catching moment hereabouts! It works as a fabulous present, particularly to newly wedded duos and colleagues.
  3. Brass Peacock Deepak: Illuminate your residence with this propitious Peacock Diya of ours. Created from brass this astonishing item of artwork will undoubtedly emphasize your spiritual home decoration. It assists as a fabulous gift, particularly nearby sacred observances and gaieties. It can be kept outside your home entrance or even in your puja ghar.
  4. Metal Horse Statue: Give a gorgeous finish to your home decor with our Metal Horse Statue. Highlighting an exceptional polish, this figure seems remarkably classy and beautiful. This magnificent creation of art clearly reveals that how can a simplistic product of art transforms into a masterpiece of craftsmanship. It can additionally work as a transcendent gifting substitute for your cherished ones, relatives, and buddies.
  5. Brass Charging Bull Brass Figurine: Fusion up a corner of your residence or company with our excellent Brass Charging Bull. This figurine and also a showpiece has been handmade by eCraftIndia's artists and emphasizes precise illustrations. This Bull figurine can be kept in the living room or also on a table that is kept in the hallway.
Animal figurines at our online portal are available in various dimensions and can be even located on your core furniture or on the vacant desk that is located in your hall-way or also in your bedroom alongside your bed. These figurines also present as a bizarre gift alternative for house-warming parties or also as a birthday present if your buddy is an animal fanatic.

Animal figurines add a different vibe to your room and home interior as well. They compliment the home interior and enhance the look. It is something that your guests would love to see and adore your home decor for.


Everyone relishes touring the meadows or the woods to observe these unique creatures live but what is more satisfying than possessing animal figurines that seem extremely real at home? Animal figurines at our online gateway are handmade and hand polished by our expert artisans at eCraftIndia. Including animal figures, you can stage all varieties of interactive presentations, providing presence and vogue to a limitation that influences or else resembles too leisurely. Buy gifts online that would make the recipient think of you every time they look at them. This animal sculpture has been diligently handmade by the experienced workers of eCraftIndia utilizing different traditional methods. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and buy animal figurines online India from our portal now!