At home, a variety of energies are prevalent, but the kitchen in particular draws the most positive and negative energy. If you wish to increase the good energy in your kitchen, you should follow a few kitchen vastu principles. You'll get some priceless home decor items and kitchen vastu hints from our website, from layout to minor location adjustments.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Kitchen

The ideal place for your kitchen According to Vaastu

- Southeast or Northwest: The finest kitchen direction as per vastu to install your house kitchen are often thought to be in the southeast or northwest. Since hot winds coming from the S-W to the N-E direction could not set fire to the house, these corners were chosen for cooking on woodfired stoves in the past. Due to the fact that the element of fire rules this direction, the south-east corner is likewise regarded as the greatest.
- Don't put your kitchen in the northeast. An open-concept living room is the best choice since the early morning sun enters the house from the North and East. It is seen to be a waste of space to put a kitchen there.
Best Places for Windows and Doors According to Vaastu
- Kitchen doors should be positioned in the north, east, or north-east direction. Since the South-East is seen to be the best place for the kitchen as per vastu, if the counters are set up along these two walls in an L-shaped arrangement, the entry can only be accessed from the North or West directions.
- Kitchen cabinet doors should open in a clockwise direction. Being right-handed, this is beneficial to the majority of people.
- The main windows in the kitchen should face east. East-facing windows are believed to allow light to pour into the kitchen and help clear it of odors, germs, and gloom. Early morning sunshine is said to be healthy, and UV rays sanitize the cooking area. This sunlight is also advantageous to those who may be unable to get outside to enjoy it.
Color Scheme for the Kitchen according to Vastu
Kitchen color as per vastu has a distinct meaning and should be used in a kitchen just for that reason.
- White colors reflect the sun's natural rays and absorb them, which makes them bright and upbeat. White has long been considered a symbol of purity and a wonderful color to wear in the morning.
- Warm colors that evoke a cozy atmosphere, such as yellows, reds, and oranges, promote hunger. You can also get beautiful serveware according to your vastu kitchen color scheme.
- Food appears appetizing when it is painted in light and pastel hues like orange, soft pink, frosty blue, and green. They alter how people view the food.
Placement of the boiler and oven
- Keep in mind that all cooking equipment are considered fire elements. Therefore, the rules for kitchen stove direction as per vastu are the same whether it's a gas oven or a microwave.
- Similar to the last rule, the southeast corner of the kitchen is where the gas cylinder, Chopping Boards and oven must be stored. You must face east while using or cooking with them, so arrange them that way.
Placing the electronic devices
- You hardly ever encounter a home these days without any kitchen appliances. There are many electric appliances with some drinkware in our kitchens.
- Thus, how they are placed in relation to vastu is important. Toasters, coffee makers, rice cookers, mixer-grinders, and other devices can be placed at the southeast corner.
- Keep them away from the north-east corner of the room because doing so may cause these gadgets to break down.
Location of the water structures:
- According to vastu, it is crucial to have a sink in the kitchen since it symbolizes the water element there.
- Never position in the same area as an oven to prevent them from conflicting with one another. Attempt to avoid placing them parallel to each other as well. This may result in arguments between couples and domestic strife in the house.
- Place them on the northeast or north side of the kitchen for optimal results. Keep a vase or German Silver Glasses between the sink and the stove if they are located closely.
- To reduce the transmission of bad energy, position the kitchen trash can underneath the kitchen sink direction as per vastu. Regularly clean the trash can and dispose of the trash.
- Place the water filter or water storing jar/bottles in the north-east zone as well if you use treated or filtered water for cooking.
- Additionally, kitchen water and drain channels must follow vastu regulations.
Right location for refrigerator
- Refrigerator location is important since almost every home has a refrigerator where food is kept. We store food in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and flavorful, whether it be dairy goods, vegetables, or cooked leftovers.
- Put it in the southwest region to make it vastu-compliant. By doing this, you may remove obstacles from your life. However, except the northeast kitchen vastu, you may also put it in other corners.
Correct storage cabinet arrangement
- We all store some extra food in our houses as a reserve. The south-west corner of the kitchen is where you must keep this cabinet. The citizens' life will be blessed and prosperous as a result of doing this.
- In the event that you don't have a dedicated cabinet for storing food products or Serving Trays, you may neatly arrange the storage containers in the indicated direction.
Utensil placement:
- Vastu shastra usually advises keeping the kitchen uncluttered. Put all of the utensils neatly organized in a cabinet or utensil basket, and then position it on the kitchen's south or west sides.
- Additionally, make every effort to get rid of any broken glass or china as soon as possible. Keeping damaged items around the house might lead to the propagation of bad energy.
In terms of vastu, open vs. closed kitchen areas
- As the name implies, closed kitchens are created as a distinct area of the house. The ones that are integrated with the living area are the ones with an open kitchen.
- Because the kitchen and toilets emit negative energy and toxic fumes, they were formerly separated from the rest of the house.
- However, open kitchens are now encouraged by the majority of building architecture to make greater use of available space.
- From the standpoint of vastu shastra, people frequently ponder which kitchen design is superior.
- The truth is that having an open kitchen encourages the generation and diffusion of certain bad energy. But it may be readily corrected with straightforward vastu treatments.
- An appropriate painting or tiny partition-like structure may be installed to counteract all the negative impacts and create the ideal kitchen vastu.


Which way is ideal for the kitchen?
According to Vastu shastra, the optimal orientation for kitchens is the south-east. The northwest kitchen vastu direction also works, though, if you are unable to locate a good location in that corner.
Where in a kitchen should a gas stove go?
In the southeast portion of the kitchen, the gas stove should be situated.
Is cooking with the west facing okay?
Cooking with your back to the west can cause a number of health issues, thus it is not recommended.
In the kitchen, where should you put the water pots?
The northeastern corner of the kitchen is where you should put your water pots, Spice Boxes, and other equipment.
What location in a kitchen should be used for appliances?
The appliances in the kitchen should be positioned to the southeast since they are fire-related.
According to Vastu, what color should the kitchen slab be?
The kitchen's orientation will determine the response to this query:
- It is advisable to select a green or brown-colored slab if your kitchen faces east.
- Maroon, brown, or green slabs are suggested for southwest or southeast directions.
- For the west, a block of gray or yellow is suitable.
- The ideal color for the north is green.
What way should a trash can face?
It should be put at the kitchen's northwest corner.
Does the open kitchen work well Vastu-wise?
In general, Vastu does not recommend an open kitchen design. However, because the fire element predominates there, it functions best if it is situated in the southeast direction.
You may use these suggestions to design your kitchen according to vastu principles. Kitchen disasters may be avoided if you design your kitchen according to vastu principles. This will not only improve its appearance. It might be challenging to create the ideal kitchen decor in accordance with Vastu when there are so many kitchen design mainstays from which to draw inspiration. Buy Tea Coffee Mugs Online with eCraftIndia according to your kitchen infrastructure. To put this orientation into practice in your kitchen, you might seek the assistance of a qualified vastu shastra for kitchen specialists.