An optimistic outcome comes from keeping a mirror facing the appropriate way in the home. The mirror may alter your luck even if its primary purpose is to decorate the home by being placed in the appropriate spot. Vastu flaws in a home are lessened by strategically installing Wall Decor Items like mirrors in that direction. Mirrors that are commonly used in homes are rectangular and square, which are totally appropriate in Vastu. While it is never recommended to utilize round or edged glass inside the home. An octagonal mirror with eight corners can be used in place of a round mirror direction as per Vastu.

Vastu Shastra Tips For Placing Mirrors

Tips from Vastu for arranging lovely wall mirrors

Mirrors are more than simply Home Decoration Items and workplace. Many people are unaware that when they reflect the places and things, mirrors produce energy. As a result, installing mirrors in random locations is not advised. Mirror placement and choice must be done carefully. Before selecting any lovely wall mirror, bear in mind that all these items have the ability to both reject and reflect good energy. Here are some guidelines for placing a mirror in your house according to Vastu shastra.
Fix Vastu Issues With Mirror Vastu
Mirrors may be utilized to provide the appearance of extra space in addition to being Decorative Showpieces or utilitarian. But according to mirror vastu, mirrors also serve another purpose: when placed properly, they may attract beneficial energies while deflecting or rejecting bad ones. Mirrors should be strategically placed throughout the home to correct any vastu issues. Vastu for Mirrors is used to enhance room or direction in the home since, when positioned properly, mirrors have a tendency to reflect what they reflect and let you see the double of a cut area.
Doubles The Fortune
The quantity of money in a cash locker is doubled when a mirror is placed in front of it. This draws in good vibes and makes sure the wealth improves.
Takes On Negative Energies
According to vastu shastra ideas and concepts, a mirror will absorb all of the bad energy from a "thing" if it is placed in front of it.
In order to be certain that your house or business draws and doubles only good and forward-moving energy, make sure that all of the Wall Hangings mirrors are installed in compliance with vastu norms and principles.
With a genuine Ganesh Puja conducted, you may also banish harmful forces and get rid of impediments in your life.
Mirror Positions on Different Walls That Work Best
In accordance with vastu shastra, let's examine which wall is the greatest location for a mirror.
Mirror vastu on west wall
You can put the mirror upon that west wall of your home if there is a slit in the west section. A square or round mirror is effective in boosting the west wall's zonal strength.
On the east and north walls, a mirror Vastu
The north and the east support the water element, which is represented by the mirror. For walls towards the north and east, a rectangle mirror works well.
Mirror vastu on south wall
A mirror on the south wall can be devastating since it can snuff out the fire factor of the south direction and cause legal problems as well as damage to one's reputation.
South west wall mirror vastu
Vastu prohibits maintaining a mirror on the south west wall, which symbolizes the earth element, because doing so might lead to financial loss and family strife.
Bedroom mirrors
- According to Vastu, mirrors installed in bedrooms can either be free-standing or attached to the dresser. However, there are a few guidelines that must be followed before hanging any lovely wall mirror.
- It is forbidden for the mirror to reflect the bedroom's entrance.
- A mirror should not be placed in that direction. The bed or even the person on the bed must not be reflected in it.
- Consider mounting a mirror on the bedroom's northern or eastern wall.
- A mirror in bedroom vastu next to the bed is a good place to start if these explanations still don't make sense to you. Check to see whether your mirror isn't scratched or discolored.
Wall mirrors and the living room
The areas in our homes where positive vibes and possibilities are most likely to be found are our living rooms. As a result, you should exercise caution when deciding where to place a lovely wall mirror. The following are some things to remember:
- Don't put a mirror up against your main door if it opens to the hallway. All the positive energy and chances will be deflected out of the house as a result.
- If you have a shared eating area in your living room, you should hang a mirror close to the dining table so that it can reflect richness and success.
- The entire family eating dinner together will also be reflected in the mirror, which will contribute to the happiness and tenderness that is emitted.
- After careful planning, the mirrors within the living space must be positioned. Over the accent table in the entryway is another location you may put a mirror.
Wall mirrors and the bathroom
- Because bathroom mirrors are so important, there should be lighting all around the mirror. Make sure the bathroom mirror is mounted on a wall facing either east or north.
- Since bathroom mirrors are easily stained, keep them clean every day to avoid drawing bad energy in.
- To keep them all clear, refrain from applying stickers or bindis to the mirror.
- The mirror shouldn't be placed in front of the bathroom.
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Use a mirror at your office or a store.
A mirror placed next to the locker, as recommended by Vastu, can aid in attracting riches and maintaining order. Additionally, having a mirror in the locker vastu will be a terrific choice since the reflection of the money will attract success. On the other hand, be careful to maintain a pristine mirror. Since a mirror is meant to make your workday more difficult, it should not be placed in front of your desk or in a location where it reflects it.
Find Appropriate Areas
Finding appropriate locations is essential; you cannot just place the mirror wherever in your house. The complete family is reflected in the mirror while it is in the eating room, which promotes wealth and happiness and develops family ties.
Choose the appropriate shapes
The easiest approach to improve a space's atmosphere is to choose the best-shaped interior, therefore you should put this mirror's advice into practice. Due to the uniformly distributed energy, square and rectangular forms are frequently recommended by Vastu Shastra. Think twice before choosing forms like circles and oval shape mirror vastu. However, size may be chosen according to the requirements of the dwelling.
Uphold cleanliness
Correct mirror placement is important, but it's even more important to keep the mirror clean. Keep reflecting stickers off the mirror and make sure it is completely clean and immaculate.
For the interior to reflect the loveliness of the surroundings and improve the mood, cleanliness is crucial.
Maintain a Positive Attitude
As a result, opt to maintain a happy attitude and make little adjustments to get your energies and surroundings in order. You may decide to seek advice from a Vastu specialist to assist you in locating the optimal environment, but it won't work for anybody if you are continuously focused on the environment rather than the energy. Decide to remain upbeat and make little adjustments since doing so will assist the building's cosmos become more balanced.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

What factors should you consider when placing a vastu mirror?
To put it simply, bear in mind these brief suggestions for a vastu mirror for home:
- Keep mirrors away from the stairs.
- Place the mirrors so that they are parallel to the walls and do not slant them.
- Avoid putting mirrors near your kids' study tables since it interferes with their focus.
- Always position the mirrors higher than the ground level.
- Try to hang the mirror on a wall facing north or east.
Where shouldn't the mirror be positioned?
Never mount mirrors on the wall that faces south. The fire element is in charge in the South, which stands for name, renown, and recognition. Mirrors cannot be used with fire because they symbolize water.
Can there be mirrors in front of the front door?
No, as mirrors tend to reflect good vibes away from the house.
Which way should the mirror be facing?
When a large mirror is hung on the wall in the northeast or north, business prospects appear right away.
Does the puja room have a place to hang mirrors?
Never use mirrors in a pooja room because they amplify the ambience and energy of the space, upsetting its serenity.


The positioning of the mirror can be a significant factor in determining the type of energies that enters the house, according to the laws, standards, and principles of Vastu Shastra. Make sure you position the mirror according to the Vastu advice provided in this article to get the greatest advantages. You can get decorative wall mirrors Online from eCraftIndia wall decor items selection. The location of the mirror can play a significant role in determining the type of vibes that enter the home, and mirror placement as per vastu Shastra regulations, principles, and standards. Make sure you position the mirror according to the Vastu advice provided in this article to get the greatest advantages.