When the year 2020 started, there was an air of anticipation – it was the start of a new decade and everyone was hoping for good things to happen; but what happened was the pandemic and before we knew it, the world as we knew was changing, right before our eyes. 2020 turned into 2021 and things went from bad to worse and then started to get better.

As we enter the new year, as we enter 2022, it is perhaps time to shed off everything and give our lives a fresh new start too, and perhaps one of the easiest ways to do that is to give our home a new look. When you refresh your interior spaces, you refresh your mind and soul too and while changing a home might not be possible, changing the look of your existing homes is much easier. All you really need to do is buy home decoration items online and then place them in innovative and interesting manners.
Welcome The New Year With A Home That Looks New Too
Choose to shop at eCraftIndia and you have the ease of not only having some of the prettiest and classiest home décor items to choose from, but also have them delivered to your doorstep, wrapped with a lot of care and love! In case you are wondering how to go about giving your home a revamp, here are just some of our ideas:

  • New look entrance: Your home starts at your front door and when you are trying to give it a brand new look, it would only make sense that you start here. If you are lucky enough to have a proper foyer or at least a passage at your entrance, you could look at revamping that old chest of drawers that you had in your bedroom. Give it a distressed look or paint it in your favourite colour and use the drawers to store things and the top of the same chest can be used to display some interesting décor pieces. How about a set of swans that look at each other lovingly or perhaps a cold cast bronze elephant, because these will all look really good on top of the storage space. Alternately, you could look at wall decor items that can add some colour and excitement to an otherwise bland entry wall. Jharokhas are a really good idea as are decorative keyholders, which not only make the wall look good, but also serve a practical purpose.
  • New look living room: The one place in the house which could be the two extremes – either you spend a lot of time here or you keep this space exclusive for when the guests come. Either way, this is the first room in the house that most people see, which means that you need to ensure it looks good. At eCraftIndia, you will find plenty of choices to make your home look wonderful and our collection of showpieces for living room is truly amazing. From small little figurines that you can keep on the coffee table to elaborate painting sets that can deck up your walls, there is plenty to choose from. If you want to create a sense of awe in your living room, you should consider a hanging diya that need not be lit up, but will still provide a sense of traditional glamour to your space. Another great idea is to choose something from our collection of urlis that will be beautiful for any living space – keep them as it is or maybe pour some water and float some fresh flowers or candles.
  • New look dining space: A space where the entire family tends to get together at least once in the day if not more and then this is also the space where you entertain guests, which means that the dining area needs to be the perfect combination of formal and homely. To bring in a breath of fresh air to this space, if possible, why not repaint a particular wall and add a splash of colour. However, if you are in a rental home, painting walls might not be an option, but adding that splash of colour is easy when you have eCraftIndia by your side - look for wall décor pieces that have inbuilt LED lights to add glamour or even some mood lighting to the room. Why not consider some absolutely stunning designer wall clocks that will not only tell you the time, but also become a statement piece of your dining room!
  • New look bedroom: Your bedroom is your private space where you can be yourself; since this is the place where you can unwind and rest, you need to make sure that you revamp this room to be quiet and peaceful. An easy way to do that would be to add some calming paintings to your room – Buddha is a wonderful option or you could even look at some soothing scenic paintings from our collections. You should also check out our collection of pure cotton bed sheets online, because these are maybe the easiest and most cost effective way to change the way a room looks and feels. And of course, there is the fact that when you lie down on these absolutely soft and comfortable sheets, you will get the most wonderful sleep too!
  • New look kitchen: During the past year or so, your kitchen has turned into your best friend – you have had the time and the inclination to try your hand at new recipes and baking and chocolate making and so on. So wouldn’t it just make sense to give your kitchen a little bit of a facelift too! Get some new masala dabbas for the kitchen (you should be able to find plenty of options at eCraftIndia) or perhaps you could look at some interesting looking wall hangings that are perfect for the kitchen.
  • New look balcony: So what if you can’t step out of the house too much, if you have a balcony to call your own, this can be the place where you start your day with a little burst of sunshine or where you end it with a well deserved cup of coffee. It is actually very easy to jazz up a small space like a balcony – you can either spread out some rugs or maybe some artificial grass and lie down as and when you want. Alternately, you could consider some budget friendly patio furniture and make sure that you have plenty of decorative candles and tealight holders all around. You could even consider handcrafted lamps that you can hang from the balcony ceiling to add some mood lighting to your evenings sitting out or you could find a statement Ganesh murti online at eCraftIndia that will add a spiritual charm to your outdoor space!

eCraftIndia takes pride in being a truly Indian company – not only do we offer you a range of décor items that are made in India, our collections are an ode to the talent and craftsmanship that has been handed down over several generations. No matter what you choose, you can be sure that these pieces will add character and colour to your interiors and of course, bring a little bit of India to your home and heart!