Your home is a reflection of who you are as a person or as a family – it tells a story to anyone who walks in; it tells the tales of the travels you have undertaken or the colours you absolutely love; it narrates your love affair with flowers or how you like to surround yourself with nature. The décor of your home can also tell people whether you like everything modern and contemporary or you prefer things with a touch of the traditional. It doesn’t matter what your tastes lean more towards the modern or the traditional, if you choose to shop for home decoration items online at eCraftIndia, you can be sure that you will find everything you need.

What’s Your Home Decor Mantra – Modern Or Traditional?

Whether you are setting up a new home or are planning to jazz up your existing one, at eCraftIndia, you will be able to find pretty much every décor item you need and it does not matter whether you want a modern looking home or a traditional one, we can help you with it. As a matter of fact, allow us to give you just some ideas on how to set up your house – modern and traditional.

Let’s set up a modern looking house first – something the millennials as well as the younger generation often prefer, when they purchase their first every house:

The entrance of the house needs to make the very first statement and while you might have that little voice of your grandmother, somewhere in the back of your mind telling you that a toran at the entrance of the house is auspicious, your brain does not want to accept something traditional. How about a floral toran that is traditional in ethos, but complete modern in its look – so rather than the traditional marigold, you have more contemporary looking flowers and instead of the traditional yellow and orange, you have shades of pink and pale yellow!

Or in case you are still not convinced, how about wall decor items that you can hang at the main door, welcoming everyone inside. And then there are the options of the very European looking door knockers, which serve more purpose than one – not only are they an elegant style statement, they are also great for when there is no electricity!

Once you enter the house, you need a place where you can hang your keys with care – pick from the numerous incredible looking key holders that we offer. Whether you want something that is abstract with pastel colours or something that has images or words like ‘home’ or ‘hope’ carved into them, we have a huge selection to offer.

To add glamour to your living spaces, why not consider some ultra-modern light fixtures – not only do that add a muted or bright light to your space, they are statement décor pieces on their own. Alternately, you can look at décor pieces that you can place in your living room or any other space of the house – these could vary from mosaic tea light holders to figurines in metal. Or how about investing in some high quality German silver wine goblets that are sure to win you a lot of praise and attention, when guests come over!

Every home needs a clock that not only tells time, but also adds to the style quotient and at eCraftIndia, we bring to you some of the most incredible looking metal and wooden wall clocks – whether you want something that is absolutely minimalistic or something that is incredibly intricate, you should be able to find what matches your décor statement in our virtual aisles. Another way to add charm to your walls is by investing in some really classy paintings – whether you are a nature lover or an animal enthusiast, whether international skylines entice you or you prefer the abstract, we have something for everyone.

After a long day of work, all you want to do is curl into your bed and get a good night’s sleep and when you have some really classy looking, modern print designer bed sheets online, that will be all the invitation you will need. At eCraftIndia, we bring to you an array of high quality bedspreads, all of which have a high thread count, ensuring longevity and comfort.

But what if you have really ethnic tastes and love everything with a touch of traditional; well we have plenty for you to choose from then too!

We have so many traditional looking torans in our store, that you will feel spoilt for choice and you can have your front door looking brand new, every now and then. And who says that you can hang these torans only on the front door – feel free to hang them on every door or even window of your house. Or maybe you could look at the adorable door hangings that our local artisans make by hand – whether you want something with parrots or peacocks, elephants or camels, there is much to choose from.

And then moving onto our traditional wall decor items which include traditional motif door knockers that serve the dual purposes. We also suggest that you look at the beautiful handcrafted jharokhas, which will remind you of the windows of those old home in Rajasthan and Gujarat. That are a wonderful way to add some colour to your walls and make sure that they have a sense of character! When you look through our range of key holders, you will see how talented Indian artisans are – they not only bring so many traditional motifs to life, they also add that splash of colours that you want for your interiors.

At eCraftIndia, you can choose from some of the largest assortments of table décor pieces that you get to see in our virtual aisles is par excellence and we are sure that you will be able to find several options for your home. Whether you want something with Meenakari or something made with papier-mâché, an urli handcrafted from brass or Ganesha idols that add a touch of spirituality, your shopping spree might not end the way you planned! If you are not the type who likes to serve wine, why not look at the stunning silver mukhwaas sets that we offer or maybe a handcrafted wooden masala dabba that you can show off.

Even if your home is traditional, it will need a wall clock to tell the time and at eCraftIndia, we offer an exclusive range of clocks that have a very ethnic look. The colours, the patterns and the motifs are all inherently Indian and will remind you of how talented local artisans are and how vivid their imaginations are. Whether you buy wall paintings online that have been created by local artists or incense holders that evoke spirituality even on the dimmest of days, there are so many ways to add that traditional touch to your home.

eCraftIndia, over a period of time, has become one of the leaders in the field of offering Indian handicraft items that would otherwise have died a slow death. We have not only provided an umbrella to artisans and craftspeople who were trying to find a place to practice their craft, but also given them a platform, where they can showcase their talent and keep their crafts alive. These talented artisans and craftspeople have also understood the importance of changing with the times, which is why you will find the perfect blend of modern and traditional with us!