Who we are as individuals are defined by so many factors – ranging from our beliefs to what we practice on a day to day basis. For many of us, especially the younger generation, religion is not really high on the list, because either we don’t understand what religion truly means or because we consider it unfashionable. The fact, however, is that religions often transcend the lines of what has been written in scripture – for those who truly believe in religion, it is often more about being spiritual, finding that inner centre, and of course, pursuing a life that stands firm in the deep tenets.
Why A Temple Is The Heartbeat Of Keeping The Indian Cultural Ethos Alive
Our country is a melting pot of religions, which brings with it a range of cultures – and while each religion has a different style of prayer, there are some things that remain the same – step into any Indian home and you will find one corner dedicated to prayer. Some homes might have an entire room devoted to the religious photos or artefacts, while others might have a quiet corner for the same – either way, chances are that there will be a dedicated space in each home. Whether you are deeply religious or consider yourself a lot more spiritual, there is nothing wrong with setting up a small prayer area in your home.

When you are considering setting up a pooja room or temple in your home, it need not be a place that is meant for only religious festivities or prayer – there are those, who like to use the same space for meditation, yoga, or their personal time for reflection. Without a doubt, when you set up a sacred space like this in your home, it will generate an aura that will permeate your entire home and even within you! These days, it has become very easy to buy temple online, especially with online stores like eCraftIndia, wherein you can choose from a wide range of options. When you are buying a temple for your home, do remember that at the end of the day, it is only a frame or space, that you can use as a foundation to create your own sacred space. Whether you use this ‘temple’ to keep a picture of Lord Krishna or the Quran Shareef, whether you want to keep an idol of Jesus or you want to place a photo of Guru Nanak Devji, this is a space that you can customize to match your religious or spiritual leanings.

Choosing a temple for your home needs a little bit of contemplation – look for a piece that not only fits the space you have but also the overall ethos of your home décor. For instance, if you have a huge room, you can look for a bigger sized option, but if you live in a studio apartment, you will need to choose something a little more compact. Similarly, the design and colour scheme of the temple needs to match the colour scheme of your interiors or at least the overall theme. A bright myriad coloured temple might seem a little out of place in a monochromatic room – however, there will be those who will consider this a bright spot in the room too! If you are a lover of colours and want to invite that traditional Indian brightness and rainbow of colours into your home, we suggest that you look at eCraftIndia Papier Mache and Wooden Handcrafted Temple or the eCraftIndia Wall Hanging Kundan Mandir(Temple). These brightly painted temples are ideal for all kinds of spaces and can be wall mounted easily, saving a lot of floor space. Moreover, it also helps with the Vaastu requirement that a mandir not be kept directly on the floor.

In case you are looking for a more traditional styled temple, might we suggest that you look for a wooden temple for home online at eCraftIndia. Options like eCraftIndia Brown MDF Pooja Temple/Mandir or even the eCraftIndia Brown & Red MDF Pooja Temple/Mandir with Additional Shelf are not only more traditional in their looks, but also a lot more understated, making them a hit with those who prefer to keep their sacred spaces simple and sophisticated. Most of these pieces are designed to require minimal care and maintenance – in most cases, simply wiping clean with a slightly damp cloth will suffice and are suited for those who have a fast paced or demanding lifestyle.

Now that you have invested in the temple, you need to ensure that you understand the rules of Vaastu and install the same in accordance. While there are many who dismiss the value of Vaastu, this is actually a science and has been in existence for centuries. Even today, you will be able to find texts that wax eloquent about the importance of directions, the position of certain elements inside the home, and also the placement of the place of worship or meditation. Once you are done with all that, you can look to buy god idols online in India; at eCraftIndia, Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha happen to be the highest sellers and we offer a huge range. In case you are a practitioner of any other religion, you should still be able to find something that meets your requirements.

There are those who will ask why there is a need for a temple in the house – the truth is that there is a need for all of us to make a conscious effort to stay in touch with what makes us inherently Indian! Our being Indian lies in combining the modern with what is traditional, effortlessly and seamlessly. So many times, we see wonderful examples of this – there are so many women who head corporations and companies, but on every festival day, they take the effort to follow all the rituals. There has been a huge resurgence in ancient Indian sciences and arts such as Ayurveda and yoga and a growing number of people are now choosing to meditate to release their stress or increase their focus. Having something as simple as a temple inside your home could allow you to connect to your Indian self. This could become that place where you start or end your day, leaving all your pain and conflicts with the almighty!

And more than us, we owe it to the next generation, our children – with the world that they are living in, it is imperative that they understand what India is all about, why there are so many rituals, and what their purpose and meanings are. Having gained that confidence about how wonderfully vibrant their culture is, they will be able to walk into the world as more well-rounded human beings. Doesn’t it feel absolutely wonderful when you see youngsters having a small prayer set up in their dorm room in a foreign university or when they want to celebrate their festivals with the same fervor as their grandparents did as children? For all you know, it might all start with you investing in a small temple for your home, today!