We picture everything that makes us happy. Be it people, things or scenes. These pictures give us a sense of contentment that we have such lovely people with us.

Almost every fifth person nowadays has a professional or semi-professional camera. However, hardly any of them knows to use it to its fullest. The camera is there to give us the ability to click good quality pictures of our loved ones.

We, humans, cherish photographs. But we do not photograph with the purpose of putting them in an album anymore. We like to put up pictures on the wall and have a good look at them once in a while and give ourselves a little throwback to the time when those pictures were clicked.

Framing photograph should be a major thing and you should too fill your house with pictures of your loved ones. Ditch those paintings and buy photo frames.

What pictures can be framed?

  • You can put up photographs of your parents in a frame. This way, even if you live them, you will feel their presence every time, everywhere.
  • Picture your partner. Be it your wedding pictures, honeymoon photographs or any other special occasion or holiday. Looking back at your pictures will always remind you of how well time was spent.
  • Kids have a special place in our heart and should on the walls too. You can start from the time our kids are born to their school activities, graduation pictures and much more. This way, you can also create a timeline on the wall of their room.
  • Places you have been to also deserve some recognition. Some places leave a forever mark on our hearts. Be it our first trip or some beautiful scenario you had the chance to see, putting a photo frame of it will keep its memories intact.
  • Our furry buddies are no less than family members for us. For some, they are the only family. They surely deserve a special frame on the wall. It can be the first picture of they came to you or your garden trips, pets should have a frame for themselves.

Anything and everything that makes us happy and has a place in our heart should have a place on the walls. After all, what is our life without the ones worth photographing?