It goes without saying that most people have a clear preference for the colder months of the year. The months of November, December, January, and February are loved by people who prefer to snuggle up in their cosy bed with a warm mug of coffee or tea and read themselves a book. The very thought of it makes people want to dive into the cosiness of their warm blankets.
India is one country that enjoys warm and sunny summers and equally cold and chilly winters. While there are mountain tops in this country that are covered with snow around the year, cities such as Mumbai hardly witness any winters. Thus, as you move from north of this country to south and east to west, you are bound to witness vivid climactic transformations.

One state of India that is super-hot in summers and freezing cold in winters in Rajasthan. The history, culture, and traditions of this state are a little varied from that of its bordering and contemporaries.
People of Rajasthan have always lived the nomadic life. They travelled from one place to another seeking work, food, and shelter. Since a lot of this state is covered with sand, the state turns into a living freezer at the night. Sand has this tendency of heating up fast, which is why the days are super-hot, and cooling rapidly making the nights super-cold.

Thus, there arose the need for light carriables. Clothes were anyhow scarce and food was always sought after on the go. Thus, the only thing that was needed to go lighter was their protectors such as quilts and duvets. Thus, marked the emergence of the world-renowned Jaipuri Razai or Quilts.
The term Jaipuri Razai is made of two words ‘Jaipuri’ meaning ‘something that belongs to Jaipur and ‘Razai’ that means quilts in Hindi. These Jaipuri Razais are famous all over the world for their warmth and comfort.

What makes these Jaipuri Razais different from normal Razais or quilts?

This one question has at least once sprung into the minds of the people who intend to buy Jaipur Razai. For people who belong to Jaipur already know the answer to this question, it is mostly the outsiders who ask this question.

Well, you do not have to go any further to know the answer.

The difference between the two is minor, and yet it makes all the difference between the two.

While normal Razais or quilts are filled with either duck feather, polyfill, cotton, polyester or a mix of cotton and polyfill. However, Jaipuri Razais are filled with fine cotton. Basically 1 kg of cotton is refined till the point it becomes light enough to weight only 100gms. This process is known as carding.

What are the features of Jaipuri Razai?

Jaipuri Razai, as we have already said, is loved by people from all over the world. Many Indian textile producers directly export their products to all major countries of the world. Many Indians who have their families living in other parts of the world send these Razais there.

Here are some of the features of a Jaipuri Razai and will give you all the more reasons as to why everyone needs a Jaipuri Razai in their life.

  1. Hand Blocked Printed Razai:

Hand blocking is one of the specialities of Jaipuri Razais. This is probably what makes them so different from all of its contemporaries. Superbly lightweight, ultimately soft, and to add onto these, hand-blocked with mesmerising designs and colours.
Hand blocking is a centuries-old technique used in Rajasthan. Wooden blocks are cut out in multiple shapes and unique designs are carved onto them. Then these blocks are dipped in colour and pressed onto the cloth repeatedly.

  1. Reversible:

Why buy two when you can get a quilt that acts as two? Many Jaipuri Razais are reversible. Hence, when you turn the side around you will encounter a completely new pattern, design, and colour. Thus, the benefits of two. So now when you get bored with seeing the same quilt or if it is not going with your bed cover, just flip it over. Also, since the stitching is dual-sided, the durability increases.

  1. Vibrant Motifs:

When you bring a Jaipuri Razai you don’t just buy a quilt, you bring in colours, designs, patterns, and hard work of so many artisans. The colours used by these artisans are mostly natural colours that have been extracted from flowers, leaves, and peels of fruits and vegetables.
The patterns you see are the product of the creativity of minds of these artisans who have been practising the art of making Jaipuri Razais since decades.
The designs and embroidery you find on these quilts are also unique. There are various kinds of prints that Rae famous and sought after when it comes to Jaipuri Razai. People are always searching for the best ones. The most sought after prints are:

  • Sanganeri print design – this print mostly has flower prints on a white or light background
  • Jaipur Mughal print / Mughlai print – as the name suggests, Mughal prints have been famous since the Mughal era and use distinctive hues and designs
  • Jaipuri print – Jaipuri prints are basically dominated by multicolour patterns with prints that are mostly centred on leaves and animals such as elephants, horses, and camels.
  1. Super soft and cosy:

The one thing people from all over the world are so fond of Jaipuri Razai is because of its utter softness. Jaipuri quilts are super soft and cosy.
The cloth used to make the outer cover of the quilt is soft, giving people a good night’s sleep.

  1. Ultra-lightweight:

Well, it is no surprise that being ultra-lightweight is one of Jaipuri Razai’s most sought after feature. As already mentioned, being lightweight is what a Jaipuri quilt different from other normal quilts.
But these quilts are not juts lightweight, they are also super warm in spite of the shallowness of the weight. They are made to keep off the cold nights at bay even with the minimalistic weight.

Wrapping Up

Well is it pretty clear that everyone needs a Jaipuri Razai in their life for the sheer bliss of having a chance at enjoying winters without being burdened by the weight of the heavy quilts that suffocate you.
To truly enjoy the cold weather, buying a Jaipuri Razai would prove to be the best idea.