Raksha Bandhan is being celebrated since times unmemorable. All our remembered generations have been celebrating this pious festival. However, the celebration has changed over the years.

This special bond is no longer about the sister tying a rakhi on her brother’s wrist in return of the promise to be protected always. Why is it a brother’s responsibility to protect a sister? Why isn’t she herself capable of doing it? Well, we think she is. And it’s not just us who think this way.

With the change in the mind-set of people, the way festivals are celebrated has changed too. Sisters too wish to surprise and pamper their brothers with gifts and personalized rakhis.

This beautiful gesture and thought have taken over the world. Everybody everywhere is following it and why not. For all the things your brother does for you deserves recognition and a little token of love.

This is a perfect way of deepening the bond between you and your brother. Buying him a special, thoughtful gift will add sweetness to your love and care relationship.

Buying something he likes and indulges into can turn out to be a delightful surprise for him. Gifts such as books, bookshelves, lamps, the watch he has been eyeing for a long time, his favourite cologne or maybe something handmade.

This is the beauty of gifts, its value is never measured by the cost of it, but by the feelings and thought that went into it. Even a simple rakhi, when bought with love, can be among the most precious gifts for a brother.