You have been buying bedsheets for your home and to gift to family and friends for the longest time, but how many times have you taken the effort to go beyond the colour or print and pattern? You might have heard the term 144 TC bedsheets or something with a similar number, but the truth is that you really don’t know much about what 144 stands for and what TC stands for. In the simplest of terms, TC stands for thread count and that is what determines how good or average your bedsheet or other similar fabric is. Now, there is a notion that higher the thread count, the better it is, but the fact remains that there are several other factors at play that decide how long a bedsheet will last for you and how good it will look! It would be wise to learn a little bit more about thread count before you actually go bedsheet shopping.

Why The Correct Thread Count Of Your Bedsheets Is Important

What does thread count mean?

Thread count is a reference to the number of horizontal as well as the vertical threads that you can find per square inch of the cloth or fabric. Generally, you will see that higher the thread count, the softer the fabric is and chances are that the more you wash it, the softer it will become over time. In theory, thread counts between 200 to 800 is considered really good, and while you might see numbers such as 1000 and above, there is no actual guarantee that those bedsheets will be as good as you expect. As a matter of fact, there are several ways by which the thread count can be inflated and that is not something that will improve the quality of the fabric.

Is a higher thread count better?

Let’s say, someone tries to sell you a bedsheet with a 1000 thread count, it need not mean that you are getting really high quality bedsheets – it simply means that there is some high level marketing at play. Multiple yarns of 200 thread count will be woven together and that will be sold to you as a 1000 thread count. So at the end of the day, what you are getting is something that is just a concoction of 200 thread count and perhaps a larger price tag. While you might not want to necessarily go for a really high thread count and maybe higher price tag, you will not want to purchase double bedsheets with a very low thread count either.

However, of late, there are several big brands that are now using higher certification standards to give lower thread count fabrics, a better finish. This means that even though the thread count might be less, the quality and the look will be on the higher side, giving you greater value for your money. These days, you will also be able to find bedsheets that are finished using lesser chemicals and more sophisticated processes that give you bedsheets that will last longer and feel gentler.

What is a good thread count for bed sheets?

Most experts will tell you that the good thread count for bed sheets would be between 300 to 500, but then the weave also plays an important role. So there is quite the chance that even though you are picking a bedsheet that is within this thread count, you are getting something that is not up to the mark. Within this thread count, you should look for weaves that are softer and thicker, which would ideally make them a lot more durable. This means that even if you wash them several times, you will be able to continue using them and over time, they might actually become a lot softer.

Now, one would obviously wonder about the types of weaves – there are mainly three types:
  • Sateen – This is generally a cotton fabric that has been made with a satin weave. This offers the fabric a soft and very lustrous feel, but this type of weave is normally not very durable and might start to tear after some washes or due to rough handling.
  • Percale – This crisp and durable plain weave is normally the most common choice for bedsheets, because it is a lot stronger. Most 180 TC bedsheets will be made using this type of weave.
  • Combed cotton – In this type of fabric, the cotton is combed to remove all the short fibres, leaving only the long ones. This is one of the strongest and softest fabrics. Also known as long staple fibers or extra long fibers, this weave offers some of the highest quality and the softest sheets you can generally find. Some of the most popular certified long-staple cotton includes Egyptian and Pima cotton.
However, any fabric that has a good finish and a reasonably high thread count, can give you a soft and comfortable bedsheet, even if is it not certified cotton.
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