The purpose of celebrating World Environment Day is to raise awareness of the importance of nature. As we all advance in the field of science and technology, humans have forgotten to take care of mother earth. Modern science has pushed humans to take risky actions against nature, from animal testing to nuclear explosions; the earth is handling it all. World Environment Day reminded us to protect the environment by taking care of it. You can commemorate this wonderful day by hanging beautiful nature paintings in your household and expressing your appreciation for nature.

World Environment Day Date, Theme, History, Significance & Celebration

When is world environment day celebrated?

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June, led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Every year on June 5th, every country holds a conference to discuss how people have affected the environment. It was originally held in the city of Spokane, USA, in 1974. Afterward, it was decided that the 5th of June would be declared World Environment Day. The state of nature is deteriorating day by day as a result of increased human activity. It is a prominent concern that worries international leaders, and they have come out to discuss it.

What is the world environment day?

The meaning of this phrase is simply understood. It is a day dedicated to learning about the value of mother nature. Famous international leaders and political figures have been spotted planting flowers and plants in honor of this day. They are spreading an important message of how to save the earth by growing more trees. We, as human beings, fail to protect our mother earth. It is a place where we live, grow, and die; how unfair would it be if we continued to destroy it like this?

What is the theme of world environment day?

The world environment day theme is "save our mother nature." You can see how every single person is to blame for this act of environmental destruction. There is not a single day when the earth is not polluted. The pandemic provides enormous relief because people had to stay inside. It has been found that India's pollution has been reduced by up to 20%.
The suffering we impose on our motherland, the earth, is inexplicable. You have no idea how much our mother nature is suffering and how unhappy she is. Humans are the reason for climate change, global warming, and forest fires. The irony is that humans sought to create a secure place by destroying our environment.

Why do we celebrate Environment day?

We commemorate World Environment Day to inspire people to preserve nature. If you don't take care of your home, you will get sick; similarly, if you don't take care of the earth, it will become the worst place to exist. Join an environmental campaign, participate in group planting, or decorate your home with plants and tree paintings to show your appreciation for the environment. To honor this great day, it is advisable to stay indoors and get some unique environment-related decor items for your house, such as landscape paintings for your place.

How to celebrate environment day?

All you will need is a variety of seeds, excellent quality soil, gardening tools, and water. Find a nice spot where you can plant flowers and water them regularly. You can gather some people from your society and make posters to spread the message of environment day.
Over the years, World Environment Day has gained in popularity. Every year, a new motif is provided on this day, guiding governments, celebrities, communities, NGOs, and corporations in terms of different events they might arrange and ways to promote awareness for this important day.

What is the significance of world environment day?

On this day, everyone comes together to protect nature by spreading awareness and making posters and slogans for those who don't know about this day. People embellish their buildings by hanging artworks related to saving the earth. You can also purchase some amazing floral paintings, artworks of burning earth, and sunrise paintings. There are written slogans or quotations for preserving the ecosystem that can be found in any online store. By them and join this greatest movement of this year. Many schools and college students prepare collages and posters to circulate the message about how we are irresponsible towards our mother nature.

What can we do on world environment day?

Anything that is related to protecting the earth. You can plant some new flowers and plants or reduce the use of chlorofluorocarbon products. Instead of using petrol or diesel vehicles go for an alternative solution like installing CNG in your vehicles. The earth is our home, a place you will never find anywhere. This is a place for animals and humans, we are glad to live in such a beautiful world.

There are so many beautiful places on our earth, if you ever get a chance, visit those places and you will see what you are missing. From various types of wildlife sanctuaries to national parks and different types of landmarks that will leave you surprised. Due to our inhuman activities, we even lose those beautiful gems before taking any action.

In India, we are experiencing too much heat this year because of our actions, what we did to earth is now paying us back. Deforestation, explosion, throwing garbage anywhere, overpopulation, and many more. These are some serious problems that cause global warming.

What is the slogan of World Environment day?

Slogans like Remove pollution before it eliminates you, save the earth and save a life, Go greener, stop polluting and start living, etc can help to preserve nature. Purchase waterfall paintings with a slogan on them for your places to decorate. The slogan is the medium to tell people how we should stop destroying nature and start preserving it soon. Otherwise, the day will come when breathing fresh air would be difficult. We still have time to come and join this upcoming environment day and support our mother earth.

How to decorate your place with environment-related things?

If you are unable to participate in any environmental activities, you may finish the day by adorning your home with beautiful boat paintings to hang on the wall, as well as beautiful animal and bird figurines to get a vibe of nature in your house. You can go for natural products that do not cause harm to the environment purchasing handmade things can be a great initiative to protect the burning earth.


Every day you must celebrate environment day. The amount of suffering we are giving to our nature is completely unjustifiable. Concerning nature for a single day won't help you to save the earth completely. Everyone must be responsible for conserving the planet. We don't need any particular day to save our earth, instead, it should be done daily. But humans are always humans, they never follow it until there is any particular day to celebrate.

Spread the message of protecting the environment with thoughtful posters, sunset paintings, and sea paintings to show how beautiful our earth is. Check out some environment day-related stuff like artworks protecting nature and animals birds and fishes paintings online. We must daily contribute a small amount of help in saving our mother nature. We are already facing extreme global warming and changes in climate. The day is not far from when the earth turns into a place with no fresh air and water, where you are dying and gasping to breathe.