Brass Diyas

Diyas are one of the best home decor items when it comes to enhancing your home decoration when it comes to the festive season. Brass hanging diyas at ecraftindia are available in many sizes and various embellishments. Also, getting brass diyas online is a great gift option on several occasions. Select from our small pital aarti diya for pooja room and make your daily rituals auspicious & divine.


A diya, which represents purity and kindness, is lit to drive out evil darkness and bring about divine light. Human health is also promoted by lighting brass dolis. But have you ever wondered where to locate elegant and perfect DIY hangings? Look nowhere else! At eCraftIndia, a wide selection of hanging diyas that mimic the beautiful polish of vintage paintings are offered. We have a beautiful selection of Brass Diyas Online available. As one of the reliable providers of antique brass diyas and brass diyas, we have a competitive advantage in the business. So there aren't many options if you are seeking an extremely artistic puja diya besides us.
Diyas have long been promoted as a good luck charm. Diyas should be lit on ceremonial occasions. Whether it's Lakshmi Pooja or Ganesh Pooja, devas play a significant role in our culture and traditions. They are linked to the warm and prosperous symbol. Brass Diyas for pooja possesses a natural sense of spirituality. They assist the mid-focus and instill a sense of serenity. This is the reason it's customary in Indian households to light a brass deepam every day. You can get the most ethereal selection of spiritual diyas on eCraftIndia. During holidays, particularly during Diwali, diyas are very popular. Diwali is a celebration that necessitates the extensive and extravagant use of Diwali diyas. Indian homes are decorated with diyas in a variety of sizes and styles.
The festival season is almost approaching. Can you picture Diwali without the lights and ornamental diyas? Of course not. One of the most popular and well-known celebrations in India is Diwali, often known as the festival of lights. The holiday season is all about pomp and circumstance, shopping for new clothing, setting off fireworks, sharing sweets with loved ones, and lighting mitti ke diyas. Yes, it's that time of year when houses are elegantly lit up with decorative clay lamps and sophisticated lights. The most significant role that diyas perform is during festive and celebratory times. Lighting clay or antique brass diyas during rituals, significant occasions, and prayer times is a tradition in practically every Indian home.


Diya, which is a synonym for the goddess Laxmi, illuminates our home. Diyas are utilized for a wide range of other creative tasks in addition to providing light in the dark. Small glittering diyas are used to beautify the space, and when viewed from a distance, they help to calm our minds and souls. Therefore, buying temple diya serves the fundamental goal of offering adoration to the Almighty. Just take a look at our outstanding brass diya statues; they are enjoyable. Adorable peacock Diya and Diya with lovely creeper designs are highly alluring. The designer diya stand crisp finish stands out the most. We also have a selection of hanging Diyas with long brass chains that work well as wall decorations.

In recent years, Indian brass hanging diyas online has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. The attention of people all over the world is being drawn to their vintage and distinctive appearance. Accessibility is the only obstacle in the way of approaching these great designs. Yes, many internet stores offer a wide variety of goods, including Indian lights for puja, but very few of them even come close to offering this selection. Use our Hanging Oil Lamps With Antique Hanging Brackets for Plant Collections to add a modern and vintage touch to your wall.


Look no further; we have an extensive selection of designs, from modern to timeless. You have the benefit of perusing all of this wonderful Diwali diyas on eCraftIndia's collection of online shops and selecting the greatest ones. Each person's preferences can be accommodated by choosing from collections that are plated in gold, silver, or brass pooja items. As festivals get near, you won't ever have to worry about last-minute festival purchasing. These diyas are created by hand for special occasions and social gatherings. To fit your preferences and for usage daily, we also have a selection of straightforward diyas. To prevent being blown off, diyas are now available in a sturdy glass enclosure. To increase the delight this Diwali season, let's use our Diwali diyas.
Shop for exquisitely designed and fashionable diyas to adorn your home this Diwali and celebrate the triumph of light over darkness. These elegant Diwali diyas are stylish, refined, sophisticated, and discerning. They are carefully made to convey positive, strong, and calming energies that bring the radiance of divinity into your home. A one-stop shop for all your holiday needs, eCraftIndia carries a wide selection of diyas in the hottest styles, shapes, and sizes. Let the splendor of the celebration shine even brighter, and use exquisite diyas from eCraftIndia to bring peace, prosperity, love, and happiness into your home. If you're seeking for diyas to use as holiday decorations, on our online store, you can browse from a wide selection of ornamental diyas that are offered. You can get akhand diyas, brass diyas, mitti ka diyas, and a beautiful selection of decorative Diwali diyas to light up your home while buying online.


What does a diya symbolize?
Decorative lanterns are not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but they also stand for light and love all over the world. They are viewed as symbols of love, luck, and comprehension. The idea of letting go of your problems and bringing peace into your life is particularly associated with sky lanterns.

What is the significance of brass diyas?
A decorative brass diya is lighted twice every day, once in the morning and once in the evening, in traditional Hindu houses. Along with the idols, the puja rooms are decorated with brass lights that face either east or west following Vastu Shastra. In addition, a brass deepam should be used because:

  1. While worshipping, these diyas are lit, which cleanses the space and brings positive energy.
  2. It stands for our heritage and culture.
  3. With wall hanging diyas, home decor diyas, etc., a wide variety of designs are accessible.
  4. Use a well-made brass diya for special occasions like poojas and opening ceremonies.
  5. A satisfied smile results from lighting a lamp, which makes you feel better.
  6. DIY wall hangings are a great way to improve interior design.
  7. By purchasing the exquisitely crafted diyas, you can assist the neighborhood craftspeople.

What are the benefits of lighting a brass diya?

When we lighten a brass diya, it provides us with various benefits, they are:

  1. It supplies good health to people.
  2. It helps us deliver positive vibes always.
  3. It removes evil vibrations & shines light in your space.
  4. Lighting brass diyas throughout the night helps limit negative spirits in your space.

What are the uses of a brass diya?

These metal diyas are used to light the lamps in a sacred manner during celebrations, ceremonies, and other unique holy occasions. Our brass diyas can be utilized as interior decorations to add a traditional touch to your home as well as can be gifted to your loved ones on various occasions.

How to clean Brass diyas?
The pooja area is filled with several brass statuettes and deities. Brass is also used to make the lamps, bells, and other Pooja items seen in the majority of South Indian houses. At the end of the day, these lamps often have an oily, highly sticky, and filthy appearance. In addition to oxidizing, brass frequently develops a dull patina on its surface. Here are a few quick methods for cleaning brassware:

  1. 10 minutes should be spent soaking the objects in a pail of hot water with a tablespoon of detergent.
  2. To remove all the oil, scrape the surface with a metal scrubber and lime dish soap. Apply a generous amount of soap and scrub it many times as hard as you can.
  3. Use warm water to rinse.
  4. Grab a tamarind ball roughly the dimensions of lime and douse it in water. Apply this to wash the brass object once more.
  5. Rinse one more time with warm water.
  6. Use some moist soil to scrape the surface once more if it is still sweltering or not thoroughly clean.
  7. Use cold water to wash, then pat dry. Your brass accessories will sparkle.

What are the different types of brass diyas online at eCraftIndia?

At eCraftIndia, you can discover several types of Brass diyas online, such as:

  1. Om & Swastik brass diya
  2. Set of handcrafted brass diyas
  3. Shankha brass diya
  4. Brass diya with tortoise base
  5. Chakra brass diya
  6. Dancing Ganesha hanging brass diya
  7. Brass Lord Ganesha with diya stand & bells
  8. Decorative peacock brass diya stand
  9. Panchdeep diya with wooden holder
  10. Brass urlis with diya and bells

What is the difference between a lantern and a lamp?

Diyas and lanterns are commonly mistaken, even though they are significantly different from one another. Online ornamental lanterns and lamps are typically fixed lighting fixtures. Usually, they are placed on nightstands, desktops, and floors. Lanterns, on the other hand, are portable light sources. They have handles, hooks, and other features that make it possible to carry them or hang them from hooks. These are more flexible because they can be placed wherever.

Brass lamps for pooja are available in special sets from eCraftIndia. Pure brass makes up the entirety of the pieces. The brass oil lamp is supported on a pedestal that lifts the diya off the ground. The cotton ball illuminates this lovely brass lamp. Traditional Brass oil lamps are utilized as a representation of goodness, divinity, and purity. This brass diya will also spruce up the interior design of your house, puja ghar, or temple/mandir. It can also be a nice and considerate gift idea that your loved ones will adore!

Which are the best options for diyas, lanterns, wall lanterns, or ceiling lanterns?
Wall and ceiling lamps & lightings have different applications, even though they are both quite useful. Usually, hanging lanterns are used to illuminate rooms, stairs, and tight spaces. Because of their higher throw, ceiling lanterns can readily illuminate larger spaces. Ceiling lamps & lanterns are frequently used in living rooms to create a calming lighting effect at night.

Why should you buy Diya lamps online from eCraftIndia?
You can add an ethnic and contemporary touch to your pooja by using the many diyas that are offered by various vendors around India. The artists' use of long-lasting materials maintains the elegance and majesty of its ageless perfection. You can upgrade your home décor and lighting needs by purchasing a brass Diya lamp from eCraftIndia online, which offers you the newest trends, materials, design, size, and structure.

Although the prices vary depending on the brand and material used, you will easily decide to get one for your home and office space if there are enough discount offers. We used our ingenuity to present simple diya to you in an artistic manner. It's not past due! Simply click once to summon priceless temple oil lights. Allow your family and friends to notice the unusual style of the day. When lit, the traditional brass Diya lamp makes the entire space brighter and the surroundings more enjoyable. These are highly special collections, making cultural Diya and old designs perfect for giving to special people in your life.

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