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Home decor pieces that we all wish to have at our home must be unique as well as antique sometimes. And the same can be bought from eCraftIndia’s range of beautiful antique brass handicraft items online. You can buy brass handicrafts online that include brass wall hangings, antique showpieces, and much more that are surely going to make your home decor stand out in every way.


Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc. Various fields of brass can be formed merely by changing the balance of these 2 components. Brass has a golden color that is rather comparable to gold. It is likewise relatively immune to tarnishing. The finding of metals caused the energies of a man comfortable as the metal effects demonstrated to be such a tremendous resource for them that they satisfied some unbelievable assignments. India is famously known for its gorgeous brass craftwork, which conceals a broad spectrum of creations, varying from home decoration articles to drinkware. India is one of the most extensive brass articles designers around the globe. The craftwork of brass art has been in effect for nearly 5 million years according to the chroniclers.

If you have ever spent some time in your grandparents’ house, you would have noticed plenty of antique utensils and home decor Items and chances are that many of these were made using brass. There was a reason why brass was considered so important – it is supposed to have positive energy, which can be dissipated into the environment very easily and can help destress too. this was one of the reasons why brass was used as a cooking utensil in olden times – the mineral value of the metal would get combined with the food that was being cooked inside. And while several people were not able to use brass as cooking utensils, they still chose to keep brass handicrafts around their home, to gain the same benefits.

Make your celebrations even more auspicious with eCraftIndia’s brass handicraft items
The art of brass handicrafts has been rehearsed in India since archaic times. The talent in mining, smelting & working of brass was created thousands of years heretofore. This art is an essential element of Indian civilization. Indian brass craft is extremely well-known and believed the most useful around the globe. The standard forms of sand casting & yielded wax techniques are utilized in this domain. The craftsman decays sheets of brass into extraordinary entities of craft. Our beautiful resting Lord Ganesha idol is fabulously etched in brass. This article was radiated in metal. After the mildew is prepared it is intricately carved with adequate instruments. If you take a peek at the display of crafts and art, India stands on top of the different countries because of the wonderful opportunities that the nation carries along.

Brass handicrafts that are available at eCraftIndia are the most unique as well as trendy ones that you can have your hands on. We have a comprehensive collection of brass handicrafts that incorporate Lord Buddha statues, Lord Krishna idols, serveware, drinkware, showpieces, and wall decor items. We guarantee that each item is of the most elevated grade and means, which is the reason why consumers can personalize and tailor the brass vessels with customized names, or configurations to put them separated. These brass handicrafts are excellent motivation for Indian home decor inspiration. The rates are reasonable with prevalence discounts at the most reasonable prices in the demand. Handicrafts of India from eCraftIndia are the most suitable choice.

Get astonishing brass handicraft items online at eCraftIndia today
At eCraftIndia, we have artisans who have been handed knowledge and craftsmanship through the generations and every brass decor piece that you see in our store is made with love and care. And what is great about our collection is that there is something for everyone – if you are a nature lover, there are animal figurines to choose from. Whether you look at the Kamdhenu cows or pair of giraffes or even the quirky bodybuilding frog! And then there are religious idols, including Ganesha and Radha-Krishna, which are great as decor items as well as to be kept in the pooja room. From antique looking gramophones to canons, from animal pulled carts to musicians, there is so much to choose from at our store. There are pieces that you can hang on the wall or you can look at something that will deck up your coffee table. No matter which piece you choose, you can be sure that you are going to get authentic brass products – these are easy to maintain and will look great for a long time. Pick one of these handicrafts today – for yourself or to gift to someone you care for!

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

What are brass handicrafts?

Brass has been understood by the people since the prehistoric era. Brass is a combination of copper and zinc. It is utilized for numerous applications because of its special characteristics incorporating increased resilience, corrosion opposition, and formability. eCraftIndia's complete coverage of brass handicrafts is designed utilizing the best grade brass and includes different standard accessories, home decor items, drinkware, pooja items, and numerous additional articles. These brass handicrafts are praised by our international consumers owing to their universal designs, fabulous craftsmanship, and more affordable costs.

How did brass handicrafts come into being?

The finding of metal by mortal beings drove improvement and evolution in our community. The energies of human beings evolved a lot more relaxed as an effect. Metals are confirmed to be useful for the display of devices and tools that would encourage the realization of unbelievable chores. It likewise helped in the display of wares, statues, and drinkware items. Various territories of the globe are sufficiently famous for their brass handicrafts. India has stretched up prestige for itself as one of the globe's directing manufacturers of brass handicraft items. India is one of the biggest producers of brass and its corresponding items. The items vary from utility ware to handmade items that can be presented as gifts in extraordinary circumstances. More to this the metal is loose sufficiently to permit the artist to stamp it to any desired format.

What are the advantages of brass?

Brass has multiple distinctive possessions that complete it the perfect option for skill and craftwork. Brass handicraft things can have 2 kinds of finishes, that is highly lustrous and antique lustrous. Highly lustrous brass handicrafts are radiant and polished. Antique lustrous brass handicraft items have an archaic impression and are not polished. The advantages of brass handicrafts are:

  1. Brass is a long-lasting metal.
  2. Brass needs little supervision.
  3. Brass pigment, which is equivalent to gold, provides it a very pretty impression.
  4. Brass can be of different capacities of hardness or softness. This causes it pliable, and comfortable to inscribe.
  5. Brass does not stain very smoothly. Brass handicrafts are, therefore, very prevalent in seaside regions.

How to maintain brass handicrafts?

Brass handicraft articles should not be washed with an ammonia-based cleanser, as this drives staining. They must be washed with a bar of gentle soap and warm moistness and brushed with a smooth dry fabric. If the brass handicraft spoils despite holding abstained from utilizing ammonia-based cleansers, it is perhaps steel-plated. Approve with the assistance of a magnet. If the magnet shafts, it demonstrates the existence of iron. The tarnish is then most presumably rust. This is to be scrubbed with steel thread. A brass cleaner can likewise be utilized for cleansing brass handicraft items. Subsequently, the article must be sprinkled with transparent color pigment.

Where are the centers of brass handicrafts in India?

India is known as the center of handicraft items. Every state has its kind of handicraft item that makes it very unique as well as a great gift option. Given below are the centers of brass handicrafts in India:

  1. Andhra Pradesh: The location Pembarthi, in the Warangal neighborhood of Andhra Pradesh state is globally renowned for brass handicrafts. These handicraft items recall the craftwork of the Lepakshi, Orugallu, and Ramappa temples that are located nearby to this place. Flowery motifs, Hindu legend, and the stylized goose have considerably favored sculptures. Tirupati, in the Warangal district, is another significant place.
  2. Uttar Pradesh: In the northern Indian state are 2 of the most senior headquarters of brass handicrafts scilicet, Varanasi and Mirzapur. The pleasingly known place is Moradabad. The craft of brass crafting was presented when Muslim relatives came to Moradabad with detailed Persian techniques and cultivated means.
  3. West Bengal, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh: Craftspeople from these Indian states utilize the antique metal casting process of Dokra. Wax is utilized to create the outcome over a clay substance. Subsequently, a clay paste is involved. When it is dehydrated, the wax is substituted by molten metal. This is accomplished utilizing the concave casting process.
  4. Kashmir: Kashmir handicrafts are recognized throughout the globe. Brass entities decorated with motifs of almonds, chinar leaf, and vines are prominent in this area. The decorative brass stoves of Ladakh are likewise famous. These are prepared by hand and are frequently mixed with copper and silver.

What are the different types of brass handicrafts found?

There are myriad things, both embellishing and reasonable that have been composed of brass or decorated with elaborative designs constructed of brass. Some of these are given below:

  1. Animal figurines
  2. Diya with bells
  3. Wall hangings
  4. God statues
  5. Animal & bird figurines
  6. Vases
  7. Garden additions like planters and pots
  8. Lanterns & Diyas
  9. Serveware & Drinkware
  10. Lamps & lightings
  11. Tea light candle holders stand
  12. Key holders with hooks
  13. Photo frames
  14. Urli
  15. Pooja items such as Pooja thalis, pooja chowkis, diya stands, and holders

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