Buddha Water Fountains

Water fountains are a treat to the eyes when it comes to having them at the entrance or also in the living room of your home. Buy buddha water fountains online that is available with various embellishments such as led light, smoke cone, glass, etc. Lord buddha fountain indoor are available in a smaller size that can be kept as a living room home decor item as well as can be gifted to family and friends.


Indoor water fountains for home that tinkle might help you create a calm and harmonious atmosphere in your house or place of business. Any location can benefit from these distinctive water features' aesthetic appeal. You can bring a piece of nature indoors with such lovely and simple-to-maintain water bodies, creating a peaceful and calm ambiance that you will be happy to return to. Locate and buy Water fountains online at eCraftIndia that are available in a variety of types. A sitting Buddha water fountain may bring peace and tranquility to any area, whether it is inside or outside.
Vastu Shastra as well as Feng Shui places a lot of importance on the light. Good lighting is relaxing, upbeat, and improves one's mood. The northeast represents the sattva corner of a property, which is for wisdom and uplifting energy. Therefore, installing lighting in the north and east walls will bring luck and wealth into your home. Choose water fountains that have white and off-white lighting instead. For a waterfall fountain for home that flows in time with beauty, trickling water can be timed with music, illumination, or both. The lights enhance the serene appearance.

Decorate your entrance space with eCraftIndia's Lord Buddha decorative water fountain indoor
Water that is in motion is considered to be extremely auspicious in Feng Shui and Chinese culture. Fountains with moving water represent development, vitality, prospect, and wellspring. Having flowing water in your home gives it a sense of luxury, and installing an indoor fountain is the finest method to do it. Although having a fountain in your home may seem excessive, this is not the same as the large water feature you would find in a garden or park. A far more compact home decoration item that nonetheless needs water is an indoor waterfall fountain. Any space is made more lively and interesting by the appearance and feel of a gorgeous, flowing indoor water fountain.
According to Vastu, place the water feature in your living room close to the front door of your house to entice good energies. By doing this, you can keep bad energy out of your house. If you want a waterfall or indoor fountain, make sure it's positioned such that the water flows into your home rather than away from it. It is seen as lucky to display decorative objects or paintings of water fountains in the workplace. According to Vastu Shastra guidelines for good energy in the home, water features draw riches and ensure good energy flow. According to Vastu, avoid placing the indoor water feature in the center of the property because this could block the flow of energy and prevent it from achieving its full prospect. The maintenance of the Buddha water fountain must be taken into account just to keep it active and like a new one for a longer time.

Buy home center buddha fountain online from eCraftIndia available in different forms
A house's design reveals something about the residents' personalities. Therefore, it becomes crucial to thoughtfully design your home as the atmosphere can greatly affect your mood. Every property needs to have a fountain, which is one of these influential elements. Simple or aesthetically pleasing home decor water fountains can soothe the atmosphere in the entire house. Additionally, it has an unrivaled visual appeal that transforms any space. According to Chinese customs, the water current in them purifies the home's negative energy. As a result, they are for living rooms since they receive the most visitors.
Anywhere you set your Buddha fountain, the picture of the Buddha doing meditation blends nicely with the gentle flow of water to create a peaceful environment. Water features have always been a significant decorative component. It is believed that the water element infuses the environment with uplifting energy. Follow the Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui suggestions if you intend to install a water feature in your house or place of business to attract wealth, luck, and fortune. Further, visit our website and select the best Buddha water fountain showpiece for your space online.


Is the water fountain lucky?
The feng shui water fountain may bring good fortune, joy, and positivity to your home and vicinity, but you should be careful where you install it and make sure that it is in a location that supports the things you want to bring into your home.

Is a water fountain good as per Vastu shastra?
According to Vastu shastra, indoor water fountains' constant flow is a representation of the flow of prosperity and luck. Small and lightweight, our fountain can be positioned in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else you'd like to add a little calm and harmony. With this illuminated cascade floor fountain, you may transform a room or an outdoor area and add a timeless moment to the surroundings.

Are water fountains good feng shui?
A water fountain placed in the doorway of your home will also draw prosperity to the family since according to feng shui, the entrance of any house is regarded as the mouth of qi, which is the entrance for possibilities and energy in the home and our life.

Where should a feng shui fountain be placed?
The orientation of the fountain should be east for family and health, southeast for wealth and abundance, and north for career and route in life.

What does a Buddha water fountain symbolize?
The Buddha water fountain's flowing water represents the flow of money, happiness, and love, according to Vastu Shastra. Therefore, if you keep it in and around your home, it might offer you luck and positivity.

What does it mean when someone gives you a Buddha water fountain?
Buddha statue with water fountain sculptures can offer harmony, good vibes, health, and prosperity to your home. Shakyamuni Buddha, also known as the Happy Buddha, is one of the most well-known statues and is said to bring luck and abundance. Buddha idols can occasionally be purchased in sets of two or even three.

Where to keep a buddha water fountain?
According to Vastu, if you purchase a Lord Ganesha water fountain or a Lord Buddha water fountain for your home, you should not place it immediately on the floor but rather on a little table above eye level. The best place to add a water feature is on your property's north side. The northeast and east get along well with this water element. However, you shouldn't place the fountain in the south, southeast, or western areas of your home.

What to consider before buying a water fountain?
Before buying a water fountain be it online or from the store, the following factors must be kept in mind:

  1. Space is the most important factor to take into account. Planning the location of other furniture, such as tables or storage boxes, is necessary if you intend to purchase one.
  2. Next, try to coordinate the fountain's color with the hue and tone of your current home's furnishings. For instance, choose the ones with a darker tone if your walls are neutral in color. By surrounding them with picture frames or coasters in the same color, you may also give the room's aesthetic some weight.
  3. The size of the fountain should also be taken into account. The measurements must be accurate if you intend to use them indoors. If it were too small, it would blend in with the other decorations, and if it were too big, its aesthetic appeal might be lost.

Can we gift a Buddha water fountain?
Yes, you can. A Buddha statue, on the other hand, represents joy, fortune, health, love, safety, and healing. Giving a lovely Buddha statue to a loved one as a way of wishing them all this beauty is a nice gesture. It is thought that purchasing a Buddha statue for yourself is hapless.
What are the different types of Buddha water fountains available online at eCraftIndia?
At eCraftIndia, you can discover a variety of Lord Buddha water fountains online that depict various forms of Lord Buddha. Given below are a few types available on our online portal:

  1. Golden Textured Lord Buddha With Round Base Water Fountain
  2. Decorative Buddha Steps Water Fountain
  3. Meditating Lord Buddha With Round Base Water Fountain
  4. Oval Textured Lord Buddha Water Fountain
  5. Black Textured Lord Buddha With Crystal Ball Water Fountain

You can also get Lord Buddha water fountains for home that comes with LED lights that further make a great gifting option for your friends & family during various celebrations or festivals.

Why buy Lord Buddha water fountains online from eCraftIndia?
You may choose from a fantastic selection of indoor water fountain designs online at eCraftIndia. From tiny single-tier pieces to big two-tier indoor waterfalls, we offer a variety of unique water features. Indoor small mini, big fountains for home, and fountains with LED lights that change colors are also available for purchase. With our simple product policy and free home delivery in India, there is nothing to worry about when you shop. To make things as easy as possible for you, we also provide a selection of simple payment alternatives. On our website, you may also find Buddha canvas paintings and Buddha statues.

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