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Car Dashboard idols at eCraftIndia are the best when it comes to decorating your car dashboard. Buy the best car dashboard idols online that are available in Ganesh murti, Adiyogi Shiva statue, Krishna idols as well as Buddha idols to select from. Also, our unique car dashboard idol showpiece comes with various decorative embellishments in several different colors that can be selected according to your preference.


The question that arises is why keep god idols on car dashboards? So the answer is: One of the most well-known gods is a Hindu god. According to legend, Lord Krishna once summoned Earth as home. He also went by the names Keshav and Pradyumn. Vasudev and Devaki, who were descended from the royal line of Mathura and were exiled from their native town as a result of having an extramarital affair, gave birth to Lord Krishna idols. The god's temple has undergone numerous restorations throughout history. For instance, the temple was reconstructed when Mahmud Begada attacked and destroyed it in 1192 AD during his invasion of India. Each of the five architectural styles used to construct it reflects a distinct period. There are five entrances to the temple, and each one is customarily ornamented differently depending on the era.
Dashboard idols can help you stay focused while driving in addition to giving your car a little individuality. Having a little statue or figure to gaze at while driving can help you maintain your eyes on the road and act as a reminder to be composed and focused. Consider installing a dashboard idol if you want to enhance the inside of your car and make driving more fun. Car dashboard idols are the small, unique icons you install on your vehicle. They might draw more attention to your car and give it a more individualized feel.

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In complement to attaching them up on the dashboard, individuals like to count their innovative indications by swinging them on a mirror or hoarding them out someplace in the car. Dashboard idols can help you stay focused while driving in addition to giving your car idols a little individuality. Having a little statue or figure to gaze at while driving can help you maintain your eyes on the road and act as a reminder to be composed and focused. Consider installing a dashboard idol if you want to enhance the inside of your car and make driving more fun.
Religious idols, images, and other objects should face west, north, or northeast, according to Vastu experts. On the dashboard of their vehicles, some people also keep a Ganesh murti facing inward. On the other hand, the Ganesh idol for car dashboards or images should not be positioned in the south. According to a Vastu Shastra expert, there should only be one kind of god idol on the dashboard. It is thought to bring ill-luck when two or more idols of the same type are put together.

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You can ride ahead without encountering any impediments if God's blessings are by your side. He is the universe's supreme defender and bestows his abilities on everyone who shows him respect. eCraftIndia is regarded as the leading online vendor for gifts and has gained a following among followers all over India as well as abroad. Products from eCraftIndia are expertly crafted by artisans and expertly molded utilizing the most recent technology.
Installing idols of the Car God on the dashboard brings luck and provides us with a sense of safety and security. We are confident that God will always support us through any difficult circumstances when we witness idols of the Car God in front of us. When we see idols of Car God up close, we are reminded of God and experience a strong connection to our thoughts and souls. The Car God Idol heavenly ties to us bestow upon us the courage and fortitude to operate a vehicle even at all hours of the night or in extremely trying circumstances.


What are the benefits of having a car dashboard idol?
Many people might be curious about the advantages of keeping a Ganesha statue in your automobile. Some of them are as follows:
  1. The majority of us are compelled to travel frequently and complete laborious, time-consuming duties. As a result, we might need something to make us feel less anxious or stressed.
  2. It could be helpful in these situations to keep a god idol on your table that you can pray to whenever you're feeling restless. Therefore, it is good for our mental health to put a statue of God on the dash of our car.
  3. God idols have a highly nice aura that alters your mood while driving by fostering an upbeat environment.
  4. Honoring God's idols at the beginning of any trip can assist you to confound any challenges. Honoring them, the remover of hindrances assists you in crushing any unexpected events.
How car dashboard idols can improve your car’s interior?
The addition of a dashboard idol is one approach to brighten up the interior of your car. Dashboard idols are little statues or figurines that may be positioned on the dashboard and come in a wide range of styles. Dashboard idols that symbolize one's interests or hobbies are preferred by some people, while TV or sports teams are preferred by others. Whatever your taste, there is certain to be the ideal dashboard idol for you. They not only give your car a little personality, but they can also keep you concentrated on the road while you're driving.

When to use car dashboard idols in your car?
Unlike other automobile decorations, car dashboard idols are unique. They are not intended to be toys, but rather to be used as a decoration or a reminder when driving. Some dashboard idols are made to serve as a gentle reminder to the motorist to keep alert while driving and to be safe. To ensure that the driver is always looking in the right direction to drive, the dashboard idol circles the steering wheel. If the dashboard idol is still present, it will shift out of the way when the car encounters a bump so that it does not obstruct the driver's vision.

How to choose the right and best dashboard idol for your car?
There are a few factors you should think about when selecting the best dashboard idol for your vehicle. Consider first what interior design you want for your car. Do you favor a more conventional appearance or something more contemporary? You can start limiting your options once you have chosen a general aesthetic. Dashboard idols can be found in a variety of materials, including plastic, wood, and metal. It's crucial to select a material that will meet your demands because every material has benefits and drawbacks. Further, select keeping a few conditions in mind, such as the interior color of the car, the dashboard size, and also the pattern that you like and want.
Plastic idols, for instance, are frequently less expensive than their metal counterparts, but they could not endure as long. Although metal idols can be heavier and more challenging to install, they are typically more robust. The size of the idol is a further essential factor. Make sure it fits in the space on your dashboard without being too huge or little. It's crucial to check that the idol won't obstruct any crucial gauges or equipment on your dashboard. Finding the ideal dashboard idol for your car shouldn't be difficult once you have taken into account all of these elements.

What are the factors that need to be kept in mind while selecting a car dashboard idol?
Numerous individuals select to depict a religious idol on their car dashboard, while others choose to depart it empty. These items can be bought in a shop or online. When scanning for these items online, you must read the judgments given by confirmed customers, as they may be particularly valuable and at eCraftIndia, you can select from numerous top-quality dashboard idols that are surely going to be loved by all. Nevertheless, before choosing any of the items, you must believe the subsequent characteristics:
  1. Smaller idol size
  2. Strong gluey feature
  3. Durable
What are the different types of Car dashboard idols available at eCraftIndia?
Brass, copper, silver, wood, and other options are available; each material has a unique set of benefits and advantages in terms of happiness, riches, and prosperity. Particularly popular with devotees are silver Ganesh idols for car dashboards. You can choose any metal idol you like, but resin is the most frequently used material in family worship. At our online portal, you can discover idols made out of variables that are going to make your car interior look amazing.
If you are examining a method to enhance your car’s interior, belief in counting a car dashboard idol. Dashboard idols are miniature figures or statuettes that can be positioned on your car dashboard, and they arrive in a comprehensive assortment of types. Whether you are scrutinizing for something humorous, appealing, or relaxed, you can discover a car dashboard idol that suits your preference. They are:
  1. Lord Ganesha idols
  2. Adiyogi Shiva statue
  3. Lord Krishna idols
  4. Lord Buddha statue
  5. Lord Hanuman idols
  6. Lord Shiva statue
  7. Sai baba idols
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