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Cow and calf statues online are known as the most auspicious divine animal god figurine that you can have at home. At ecraftindia, you can discover the kamdhenu cow and calf idol for home in polyresin, white metal, stone studded, meenakari, brass, etc that will enhance your home decoration. These cow with calf statues are a great gift option around the festive season that lets you & your loved one observe various festivities at home.


The cow and calf statue is the most auspicious in the Hindu scriptures. Hindus admire several animals as God because they perceive an embodiment of God in such beings. The cow is the most divine of all beings for the Hindus. Hence, the cow and calf statue is a traditional Vastu item located in about all Indian houses. Before considering the Vastu tips for putting the cow and calf statue, you need to select the best cow and calf idol for yourself or your friends and family. Kamdhenu cow is also known as Surabhi a spiritual bovine goddess defined in Hinduism as the mom of all cows. She is a phenomenal cow of abundance who presents her heir with whatever he craves and is frequently depicted as the parent of other cattle as well as the 11 Rudras.

Cow and calf idols & figurines come in a wide range of materials and pricing points and are readily available on the market. A silver Kamdhenu cow statue is highly suggested for people who can afford one, especially to keep in your worship spaces. Depending on the size of the silver calf and cow sculpture, it might cost you thousands of dollars. You can choose to have your cow and calf statue fashioned out of less expensive materials like brass or copper. A cow statue made of pure white marble, which is a popular decoration in rural Indian homes, can also be purchased and set at your door. If you position the earthen cow statue according to Vastu principles, it will work just as well.

Cow and calf statues online at eCraftIndia are the best for temple/mandir
The divine kamdhenu cow and calf are said to have appeared during the churning of the sea. The kamdhenu cow and calf are said to fulfill your wishes. You can find the brass cow and calf idol that is definite to bring wealth and happiness into the lives of the beholder. At eCraftIndia, you can find many such amazing cow and calf statues that are available in different forms and colors. You can find these statues in meenakari work, metal figurines, and many more different types. These cow and calf statue figurines are the best home decor items that you can have a hold of. These are also the best suitable for your temple/mandir decor. We bring to you a unique collectible of spiritual kamdhenu cow and calf standing on a metal base. Our cow and calf statue is Metal plated with an antique coating just so it looks very attractive and useful for the idea of devotions and home decoration. It is produced to resemble fabulously stylish and is encouraged by the day’s royal sense, which is presented in white-metal casting with a colorful antique glaze. These are handcrafted items that are used for the spiritual worship of gods and goddesses.

Get cow and calf statues from eCraftIndia in various forms today
The cosmic cow, also known as the Kamadhenu cow, is thought to have originated during the Samudra Manthan, according to Indian mythology. The folklore also states that anyone fortunate enough to obtain the Kamadhenu cow's milk received their wish. Great conflicts are said to have been waged in the past over ownership of the enormous cow. The god Kamadhenu is a representation of wealth, generosity, purity, and fertility. She is described as a Goddess, a warrior who raises armies to defend herself and her lord.

At eCraftIndia, you will get the best cow and calf statues online that are the best depiction of traditional art. All our statues and figurines are handcrafted using various inherited methods by the proficient artists at the house of eCraftIndia. Our shipping facility is the most reliable. We have top-quality products that can also be a great gifting option for your family and friends. Cow and calf idols online at eCraftIndia are the best and the most evergreen figurines that you can have at your home. Apart from this, you can find many other God idols & figurines that make it great home decor as well as a great gifting option for various auspicious events. We at eCraftIndia, hope that you have a great browsing experience and come back soon to our online portal because of the top-notch quality products that we offer.


Who was the Kamdhenu cow?
Hinduism considers the Kamdhenu cow, also known as Surabhi or Kamdhenu, to be a holy bovine Goddess and the mother of all cows.

What is the significance of the cow and calf statue?
A cow and calf statue is thought to bring wealth, happiness, and good fortune into the home.

Can we keep the Kamdhenu cow & calf statue at home?
Keeping the Kamadhenu cow statue is considered lucky in Vastu because it promotes prosperity and happiness.

Where do you put a cow and calf idol at home?
At home, the Ishan Kon or the North-East is the best direction to place a cow and calf statue.

What is the importance of the Kamdhenu (cow & calf) statue?
As a sign of peace, wealth, and sustenance, Kamadhenu cow with calf—also known as Kamadugha, Savala, Surabhi, and Kamaduh is thought to help remove mental tension, money issues, and illness. The Kamadhenu is a Goddess who possesses magnificent attainments and powers, according to the writings of the Puranas, and all the livestock which are there in the cosmos now have descended from the Kamadhenu. The amazing combination of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, Saraswati, the goddess of power, and Durga is known as the Kamadhenu cow, which is regarded as the most effective treatment for all diseases. Therefore, when kept in a household, it improves all elements of health, mental, emotional, financial, and physical.

What are the benefits of keeping a Kamdhenu cow & calf statue at Home/office?
The Kamadhenu cow with calf idol, particularly the one that also has its calf, Nandini, is thought to bring prosperity, good fortune, and a sense of well-being to the home according to the Vastu Shastra principles. You also get the benefit of having your aspirations fulfilled. Hinduism reveres cows as mothers, hence Kamadhenu is seen as having the power to purge your home or place of business of all ailments and negative energy. You can cultivate health, riches, happiness, success, and positivity in your life by putting a cow and calf statue in your home.

What is the best place or direction to keep the cow & calf statue?
A cow and calf statue should be placed in the North-East or Ishan Kon of the house, according to Vastu Shastra principles, as this is where they should be placed for best results. The Kamadhenu monument, which represents all Gods, should be positioned to the northeast since, according to Hinduism, Ishan Kon is a sacred site only for Gods. Keep the Kamadhenu cow facing either the east or north of the house if this location is not possible. When displaying the cow and calf idol at your business, similar Vastu Shastra guidelines must be observed.

Which is the ideal room to place the Kamdhenu cow & calf idol?
If you have a worship area, a Kamadhenu cow idol is ideal for it. Hindu homes frequently contain spaces for worship. The cow and calf idol can also be positioned at the home's entryway. According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered lucky to keep cattle by the entryway in rural areas. Cows are regarded as being prosperous and a sign of the household's affluence.

What are the additional tips for a cow and calf statue at home?

  1. Following Vastu Shastra principles, you should only install the cow and calf idol after knowing its significance.
  2. The improper orientation for the Kamadhenu idol to be kept in could have a bad effect on your life.
  3. The cow statue can be positioned in the office for expansion, success, and prosperity.
  4. For infertile women who want to become pregnant, worshipping a cow and calf idol is said to be useful.
  5. The most auspicious cow for success and personal progress is the kamadhenu cow, which is made of silver and metal.
  6. Those who believe their lives are monotonous or plodding should keep the statue in a pooja room.
  7. Every Monday, place the cow and calf statue in the southwest corner of the room or office to balance out the financial situation of business people whose spending exceeds their income.
  8. On Mondays, place the Kamadhenu idol at the North corner of the room for anyone else experiencing a similar financial crisis where expenses outweigh income.
  9. When there is no peace or harmony in the home, the Kamadhenu statue is thought to be the best cure.

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