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With all the traditions that we follow, lighting diyas has been one of the most significant. Beautiful brass diyas can be found online at eCraftIndia that are available with different adornments. Decorative diyas online are the best that you can have for your festivities. You can buy diyas & lanterns online that come in various forms, shapes, and make a great home decor item as well.


A Diyas & lanterns is a transportable source of illumination, typically emphasizing a shielding place for the light origin, historically ordinarily a torch or a thread in oil, and usually a battery-powered flashlight in recent times, to get it simpler to move and attach it up, and make it more stable outside. Diyas are innate to the Indian subcontinent usually used in Hindu, Sikh, and Jain holy celebrations such as Diwali. These diyas & lanterns at eCraftIndia are unique and antique and would match your home decor.
Diya is said to stand for knowledge, enlightenment, and wisdom. It is frequently placed in the temple during aarti since it is extremely spiritual in India. India has a tradition of lighting the diya to symbolize happiness at Diwali. It is said to make God joyful. When someone installs a diya in their home, it aids them in their battle against ignorance and darkness. It is also a fantastic way to receive God's blessings. This modest house decoration is lit up in almost every home. The outdated clay designer diya has now evolved into a creative and enjoyable object. It features a variety of styles and forms that you may use in numerous ways.

Buy decorative lanterns online from eCraftIndia for your festive celebrations every year
Our decorated Diyas & lanterns also make a fabulous wall decor item and a gifting option for your friends and family. These diyas & lanterns are accessible in different shapes and patterns. The hues in which these diyas are available are very elegant and add shine and attractiveness to the key holder. You can get the best diyas & lanterns online from eCraftIndia. We can provide you with a large selection of diyas at one location, ranging in size and material. You can specify the goal and select the best option for your house. Let the splendor of the celebration shine even brighter, and use exquisite diyas from eCraftIndia to bring peace, prosperity, love, and happiness into your home.
Shop for exquisitely designed and fashionable diyas to illuminate your home during Diwali and commemorate the triumph of light over darkness. This elegant Diwali diyas are stylish, refined, sophisticated, and discerning. They are carefully made to convey positive, strong, and calming energies that bring the radiance of divinity into your home. eCraftIndia offers a wide selection of diyas in the newest styles, designs, and sizes as a one-stop store for all your holiday needs.

Diya lanterns online at eCraftIndia are available in so many patterns and colors for your choice
People frequently want to increase the amount of light in their homes but don't want to spend a lot of money. The diyas will be the most effective method in that circumstance. It is the most cost-effective approach to take. The original diya is composed of clay and is lit using cotton that has been dipped in oil. Indians give light to the home in this manner. These come in a wide variety of sizes and forms. These are allegedly superior to all other candles. Since their shape never changes, you will appreciate having them over to your place. Do you intend to add the best diya designs to your home, then?
Bring home our valuable decorative Diyas & lanterns and form a favorable atmosphere in your living space and prayer place. These pieces of art are made of marble, that has been hand-enameled applying a vibrant red and golden glow. It works as a magnificent gift, particularly around holy ceremonies and celebrations. Each of these art pieces is diligently handcrafted by our proficient artisans of eCraftIndia applying several ancestral manners. Buy yours now and brighten your home with the best wall decor artwork.


What do a lantern and a diya symbolize?
Decorative Lanterns serve a practical purpose and are aesthetically beautiful, but they also represent light and love around the world. They are seen as a representation of love, fortune, and understanding. Particularly sky lanterns are viewed as a symbol of letting go of your troubles and bringing tranquility into your life.

Which are the best options for lanterns, wall lanterns, or ceiling lanterns?
Although both wall and ceiling lanterns are quite useful, they have various uses. Hanging lanterns are typically used to light up narrow passageways, stairs, and rooms. Larger places can be easily illuminated by ceiling lanterns because of their superior throw. For a soothing lighting effect in the evenings, ceiling lanterns are typically utilized in living rooms.

Where can you attach or keep a diya or a lantern?
These are the ways that you can attach or keep a diya or a lantern:
  1. Next to bed: For a soft light source at night, bedside table lights are excellent. Placing a pillar candle inside the lanterns will light them. If you need a light source for reading, you can also look via the floor lights.
  2. Attached to ceiling: Add some color to your house with hand-painted ceramic or clay lanterns that have rope hanging features. By adding essential oils above the candle source, such materials can also be used as scent lanterns.
  3. Lamps with stand for your corners: This category includes items manufactured by hands, such as terracotta lamps, glass paint, and lamps constructed of copper wire and acrylic crystals.
  4. Hanging from the top of the wall: In a living or dining area, ceiling lamps & lighting create excellent focal points. Hanging lanterns are available made of glass, metal, and even paper mache.
  5. Pendant lights that are attached to the wall space: Maximum light is produced from the casing of these lights thanks to their design. Pendant lights are often associated with minimalism and contemporary design. They are typically built from clear glass or metal cages.
What is the difference between a lantern and a lamp?
Even though they are very different from one another, lamps and lanterns are sometimes confused. The majority of the time, decorative lanterns online and lamps are stationary light sources. They are typically put on desks, nightstands, and floors. On the other hand, lanterns are movable sources of light. They are made with handles, hooks, and other characteristics that allow you to hang them from hooks or carry them around. These can be positioned anywhere, making them more flexible.

Why buy diyas & lanterns online from eCraftIndia?
A wide selection of Diyas and lanterns are available at the cheapest prices on eCraftIndia. You can choose from a variety of patterns, materials, and shapes depending on the situation and the occasion. You won't need to worry about the quality when working with us because we only use the best. Therefore, buy brass diyas and lanterns online right away to give your home a touch of ethnicity.

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